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Dining out

Thursday 25 February 2010 @ 11:26 pm

I noticed that my son likes to have outside food these days. I know that it is common that we dine out when family and relatives get together during the festive season, but not every day.  My mother in law seldom cook and she does not like to cook especially during CNY. I understand as I also don’t have mood to cook too and prefer to dine out with my family.

If I cook at home, my cooking style is less oil, less sugar, less salt, less soy sauce, everything less for me. LOL!!! I am glad that my son eat what I cook for him. May be we had been eating a lot outside food these days, he seems no appetize on home meals these days.

Of course outside food is more tasty because of more salt, sugar, pepper, oil, somemore with MSG seasoning too. I feel very thirsty each time after I dine out. My friend recommended me about colon cleanser. You can click here to learn more if you seldom eat at home.  

CNY is almost over, it’s time to get back to normal life and I will back to a cooking mummy soon. :P

Losing weight

Thursday 25 February 2010 @ 6:00 pm

Hubby is so happy that I recommended him about lose weight cum health product. He is not gain any weighs during the festive season but lose weight even he’s eating much. LOL!!! Yesterday, he screamed out and showed me that he can wear his old trousers finally. He likes the trousers much, but just wear for few times then keep it in the wardrobe for years.

I think he also need the best supplements for building muscle too. Wow, I can’t believe if he can back to his size, 70kg when we started our relationship. He used to be fit and can wear those tight t-shirt. :P I am sure he also hope for a fit body.

So, wish him luck. ok.

Slimming centre for hubby

Thursday 25 February 2010 @ 5:43 pm

Chinese New Year is where everyone enjoys eating and playing around. Hubby and I enjoyed a lot during this festive season, so did Marcus. We ate and ate non stop with all kinds of cookies, biscuits, cake, snacks and etc. Besides that, we dine outside almost every day. I dare not to cook during the holidays. LOL!!!

We’re not worried to eat outside food during the festive season as we’re having Herbalife, a cell nutrition product with 42 vitamins that we need every day. Daddy is happy as he can wear his old trousers back again. His tummy is getting smaller and smaller.  If he still the same, with big belly tummy, I would recommend him to go for slimming centre. But I am sure he won’t go for those slimming body wraps like other women. :P That’s why he is so hardworking, drink Herbalife every day. LOL!!!

New born is coming soon

Tuesday 23 February 2010 @ 10:53 am

My sister will give birth end of next month, we are so excited welcome this coming new born baby. Marcus will have another cousin to play with. My parents’ house sure ‘kelam-kabut’ when we all back to her place. My sister always complain tired and sleepy, and she still has to take care her kid. Poor pregnant woman.

She is having some prenatal vitamins given by her gynae. Hopefully she’s fine. Guess most pregnant women having the same problem when come to 3rd trismester of pregnancy. Looking at my cutie niece, make me want to have a daughter. LOL!!! No, hubby and I confirmed to ‘close shop’.  

I gave most of my kid’s stuffs to my sister as I don’t need it anymore. Hubby said if really we accidentally have another baby, we buy new again.  Gosh, don’t play play. Men always say different things.

Happy Eating

Tuesday 23 February 2010 @ 10:27 am

Kids are happy when come to Chinese New Year as they can receive ang paos besides enjoy eating snacks, cookies, mandarin oranges, soft drinks and etc. Argh, all unhealthy food, but once in a year, just let them as their parents also the same.  :P I am glad that we didn’t gain much weights.

Marcus and his cousin, Zhi Qi. They’re eating apples.

But I make sure my kid drinks lots of water and take more fruits. Don’t know why, the weather is super hot during the festive season.  Marcus takes shower few times every day, and sometimes I just let him naked at home. LOL!!!

We’re still in holiday mood, eating and eating. Tonight, we will attend a dinner with friends. I am sure hubby gains some weights these days. He promised me that he will back to his balance diet soon. I hope he keeps his promise. May be he should invest  in one of the best treadmills if he really have time for it.

All with panda eyes

Monday 22 February 2010 @ 8:54 pm

We are back to our normal life today. We hardly wake up this morning even we slept early last night. We slept late during Chinese New Year especially hubby when he’s out for gathering with his friends. Marcus didn’t get exhausted after a day long played with his cousins. Guess what, we all having panda eyes now.

It’s definitely unhealthy lifestyle for three of us during the festive season. We slept late and ate lots of snacks, less water and exercise. Hubby is worried about if he needs to have natural arthritis treatments when he gets older. Argh, he is too much worries. :P

Warm greeting

Friday 12 February 2010 @ 6:51 pm

Before I picked up Marcus today, I knew that I’ll receive something from him. Yes, I am right. There’re two cards for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year in his school bag.

This time I’m so sure that he did most of them like colouring, tracing words, and paste. When compared to last year, his teacher did almost everything. LOL!!!

A lovely teddy bear with loves…….

He told me he coloured all, even tracing the words, “Mummy Daddy”


A red lantern….

I am so glad when I heard him singing some CNY songs like ”Chai Seh Tau” in front of me. You will forget all the sadness, pressure when your kid doing something that you can’t imagine it, and you will definitely laugh from bottom of your heart.   

I haven’t show hubby about the cards. He is real busy and attend his customers, friends’ annual dinners almost every night. Frankily, we haven’t do any CNY shopping, so I don’t hope that he will help me to buy a copper tile for the kitchen. I still not understand how the part time maid can break the kitchen wall tile. *shake head*


Year 6 for primary 1

Monday 8 February 2010 @ 6:36 pm

I heard from my mother in law that all 6 years old children will start their Primary One next year. Is it true? I am not sure as I did not hear or read any news from newspapers, but she did. Argh, that’s mean our kids will graduate from Secondary school one year earlier. So, what do you think if this policy really start next year?

Wow, they, I mean our kids will graduate in University and look for their own careers earlier. And we, parents can retire earlier too? Anyway, I still don’t think it’s a big problem, but just don’t know why the government always like to change this and that.

Argh, make me change my mind and think about International school for my kid.

CNY cookies

Monday 8 February 2010 @ 6:20 pm

I am so excited waiting for the day comes, Chinese New Year. It’s just few days to go. I am in the CNY mood, so does my kid. We start to have CNY cookies, given from my mother and sister in law. We really can’t wait for it until the first day of CNY. We, really eat all we can these days.

I don’t need to go for CNY shopping except hunting for new clothes as hubby’s friends given us those CNY cookies, drinks, mandarin oranges, hampers and etc. LOL!!! We can save a lot there. :P

Hubby still yet to have any cookies. He is so busy attend dinner with customers, supplies, friends almost every night, starting from last week. I hope he won’t get drunk and vomit into the new Franke sink that we changed last month.

The spy next door

Friday 5 February 2010 @ 9:50 pm

“The Spy Next Door”, it’s an English movie showing in cinema now. I wanted to watch this movie for so long. Well, it almost end and yet I still can’t go for it. Don’t ask me to buy Dvd as I prefer watch great movie in cinema. :P  Blame to hubby with his busy work.

My friend just watched it with her hubby yesterday. She told me that I must go and watch it. While we chatting about the movie, hubby called me from KL and I told him we better go for it this weekend. He is more “kan cheong” than me, took out his new ipods and checked the available time fot the movie.

Ok, I just think if I should bring along Marcus. Argh, I don’t think he will like it unless it’s a cartoon movie that he likes. I hope my parents not go anywhere and help to take care of him, so hubby and I can go out “pah tor” for awhile.

Shopping weekend

Tuesday 2 February 2010 @ 5:47 pm

Hubby supposed to meet his friend, an insurance agent to upgrade his life insurance policy. Hubby cancelled the appointment as he wanted to bring us go KL earlier so that I have enough time to shop. LOL!!!  After dilly dally, we reached KL at noon.

Checked into hotel, which is so near to Pavilion shopping centre.

Swimming pool and Pavilion view from the hotel room

Just about three minutes walking distance to Pavilion shopping mall.

The CNY decoration. I didn’t snap much photos of it as I busy to shop after we had lunch at Pavilion.

Marcus and daddy.

I can’t shop much that day as my kid wanted to go back hotel and swimming. After changed, Marcus can’t wait to jump into the pool, but too bad, no baby pool for him. Hubby has to carry him and pretend to swim. :P

At night, we had Korean food for dinner. I love it so much. My friend recommended me to this restuarant. It was raining cat and dog when we wanted to go back hotel. We were exhausted and knocked off early.

The next morning, we had late breakfast at Pavilion’s food court. I tell you, I want to order all the food I saw, too many choices. Hubby laughed at me as I ordered Korean food again. LOL!!! Next, shopping time for us. We met up with my brother and sister in law, they also came here for shopping. We’re so crazy to shop as we got some great discounts vouchers like Guess, Jaspal, Dome, and etc from Pavilion.

We thought to back home earlier to have dinner with my parents, but we had dinner at Pavilion before we started our journey back to Ipoh. I had a great shopping weekend in KL even I just shopped at the same shopping mall only.

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