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Marcus’s 4th birthday

Friday 29 January 2010 @ 6:21 pm

We didn’t throw him a birthday party this year, but a mini cake for him to bring to school. Since Marcus asked me if I am there with him for the cake cutting session, so I went to school during his recess time.

Just see where the kids looking at? They can’t wait for the cake or want the mini toy cars ?

They liked the cake I bought, but Marcus just ate a small piece only.

At night, we went out for dinner with my family members only. Yes, with another huge cake for Marcus too.

I asked him what cartoons he likes to have on the cake, so the Mickey & Minnie mouse. I thought he wants Ben10 or Transformers. Argh, from here you can see he is still like a baby. :P

A family photo.

We went home after the dinner as hubby had to meet up with few business plan consultants. At first, I wonder why can’t they meet day time but night time? Now I know, as they want to have beers.

Going to be 4

Tuesday 26 January 2010 @ 6:33 pm

Marcus will turn four tomorrow. We won’t throw him a birthday party this year as my FIL had just passed away not more than three months. We would be going out for dinner with my family members only. I ordered two birthday cakes for him. He will celebrate his birthday at school as well, just for cake cutting. He seems so excited and happy even it’s not a big party for him.   

Hubby and I have no idea what to buy for him anymore. He has many toys at home. Hubby suggested to bring him for a short vacation in KL this coming weekend. How I hope if it’s one of the Orlando vacation packages. LOL!!! It’s great for hubby to have another relax family trip again after too much of hardwork.

Arabian night party

Monday 25 January 2010 @ 11:10 am

I had a great weekend with my friends in KL. This was the first time I attended such a grand seminar and party at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Even though it was a tiring trip but I enjoyed myself a lot. I left Marcus to hubby to take care of him. I am glad that he didn’t cry for me for the last two days.  

At night, we needed to dress up in Arabian costumes, but my friend and I didn’t wear it. It was last minute planning, so we hardly find any nice costumes, somemore we don’t want to waste money just to rent or buy it.

Deng, deng, deng, deng, my friend and I wore simple clothes but we still look pretty, right? Hehehe……

I saw many women and men dressed up nicely in Arabian costumes at the party. They really keep their body fit. Thanks to Herbalife. Some of my new friends told me they do always visit to for more knowledge too.

p/s : more pics in Facebook soon……do check it out.

Nose bleeding no more

Friday 22 January 2010 @ 6:16 pm

Marcus used to have nose bleeding once in a while since last year. I did bring him to see ENT specialist and the doctor said he’s having sensitive nose, no big problem. So if he rubs his nose, then he is easily get nose bleeding. Argh, but I still very worry about it.

He has no more nose bleeding for months, but mucus with little bit blood when he gets flu. It’s because his nose easily get hurt when he rubs it. Doctor did give some medicines for him, just a course. Anyway, I don’t want him to take too much medications if possible after the course.

I boil fish soup with black beans for him once a week. My parents and friend heard that it will help to heal nose bleeding. No harm to try as it’s just soup which we can have it too. does nutrisystem work besides the fish soup? I should let him try Herbalife, a nutrition product which hubby and I having it every day.

Weekend is here again

Thursday 21 January 2010 @ 6:53 pm

Time flies fast, but when my kid and hubby are not around with me, then I can feel a minute just a day long. LOL!!! Hubby is away to outstation and will back tomorrow. I will very busy when Marcus is with me. I am glad that my parents always come and take us out for dinner when hubby is outstation.

Yes, my parents will come and pick us up for dinner later. While waiting for them, I just do my assignments. Since weekend is here and I won’t be in Ipoh, hopefully I can finish them by tomorrow. I will update what I do in KL when I am back.

Actually I am busy searching for more info about Arabian costumes last few days. Hubby thought that I am searching for cholesterol medications info. He is so ‘kiasi’ by now. He has cholesterol, just above the border line, and doctor said no need to take any medications but take less red meat and seafood. I warned him better not to take at all.

HK drama series

Thursday 21 January 2010 @ 5:28 pm

I used to addict to two HK drama series months ago. I am glad that finally I can finish watched all the episodes even though it’s slow like a turtle. Hubby and I always can’t use the tv as Marcus occupies it. How I wish I can finish all the episodes in one short.

It’s so hard to wait for the latest episodes when you’re addicted to the series. I know many people watching it online and give lots of comments. Well, I don’t have much time to submit those web directories like them. LOL!!!

I keep waiting if any great HK drama series out these few weeks. I don’t think I have time for it sinec CNY is just around the corner, may be I should start to watch after the festive season IF I am free.

Blogs diarrhea

Monday 18 January 2010 @ 5:48 pm

Mummy is so busy rushing to complete some assginments before the date line. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw so many assignments poured out for me in the list from one company last week. I still remembered last time I stayed up late just to do the assignments. Hubby scolded me but I ignored him and continued my work.

I won’t do it now. I can’t sleep late as I have to wake up early. My health is more important. LOL!!! Age is catching up and I think it’s time to start apply anti wrinkle cream. :P I try my best to do as much as possible and hopefully I can finish them in this two days.

I better not to go for CNY shopping until I finish my assignments. I have to stop now and prepare for dinner.


Monday 11 January 2010 @ 6:33 pm

It’s not homework from school that I need to coach Marcus to do it. I will headache if the school give it to him. I am glad that his school no homework to bring home at his age now. LOL!!! This mummy really lazy huh?

You thought I am so free being a SAHM? No, no, no, hubby wants me to work 24 hours per day. We went to Popular bookstore in Jusco yesterday, and I bought some new story books for Marcus. But hubby asked me to find some pre-school exercises books too. Argh, I need to coach him to do it. @#$%^&*

He can hold pencil very well by now….

I can’t believe that he’s so concentrate doing tracing line…..but only for 2 minutes…..hahaha

Those exercises book that I bought mainly for tracing, counting, coloring, crossing. I am sure his school did teach him last year. This time is to repeat the work in different way only. Well, I think most 4 years old kids can’t sit quietly for more than 3 minutes, so one page per pay is more than enough for my kid. :P

Speechless night conversation

Friday 8 January 2010 @ 11:10 pm

After saying good night to daddy, mummy and Mah Mah, Marcus didn’t forget to say good night to his Yeh Yeh on his bed. I was shocked when heard it, hubby quickily answered him, yes, good boy, Yeh Yeh can hear that.

Suddenly, he asked me that he wanted to see his Yeh Yeh. O..o…

Marcus : I want to see Yeh Yeh.
Me : Yeh Yeh had passed away and he’s at a very far place now.

Marcus : I go and find him.
Me : No, you can’t find him. *sob sob*

Marcus : Why? He is in the cupboard. (He thought the coffin is cupboard)
Me : No, it’s coffin you see, not cupboard. That one is for dead people.

Marcus : Why?
Me : (lazy to answer him la, so sleepy) Yeh yeh is at a very far place now.

Marcus : Where is the place?
Me : Errr, he’s in the sky (heaven) now.

Marcus : How he goes there? 
Me : (mummy really don’t know how to answer him) Yeh Yeh can ‘fly’ there.

Marcus : Why?
Me : (speechless)……..because of his soul.

Marcus : Why soul?
Me : (speechless)……

Marcus : Why he wants to go there?
Me : After someone died then go there.

Marcus : Why?
Me : Arghhhhh…….(speechless)

By the time I wanted to pass the so many ‘WHY’ questions’ to hubby, he fall asleep. Now then I throughly understand why some mummies will get headache when their kids keep asking them ‘WHY’ questions every day.

Dinner gathering

Wednesday 6 January 2010 @ 4:42 pm

My best buddy invited me if I want to play “masak-masak’ with her as her hubby came back for dinner yesterday. Her hubby seldom back home for dinner and she, as a good wife, wanted to show off her cooking skill. I can’t promised her at first as my family and I are ”not allow’ to go people house within this three months because my FIL had just passed away few weeks ago. Some people ‘pantang’ of it, but since they’re so open minded, and so we went to their house.

Nah, busy cooking but still have time to take photos, better than the first time, no more ‘kelam-kabut’…..

Deng, deng, deng, deng…..our simple and healthy home cook dinner

But too bad that my friend’s hubby worried about that we can’t cook the dinner meal in success, so he bought some extra outside dishes, just in case that we’ll ‘fail’ :P 

Marcus was busy watching cartoons while hubby discussed about the new fitness equipment that my friend’s hubby bought the other days.  I, of course cooking in action in the kitchen. After dinner, they just moved their buttocks and of course we, mummies did all the washing.  Kids went up to room to play game boy. Marcus does not know how to play it. Frankly, it’s better not to learn to play it, and I am glad that he didn’t ask me to buy one for him. LOL!!!

Addicted to CNY songs

Monday 4 January 2010 @ 6:04 pm

I heard Marcus sang Christmas songs all day long few days ago, but now he’s addicted to Chinese New Year songs. Kids can change their mood very fast, huh? With the CNY approaching in few weeks time, his daddy bought him a new CNY vcd. Marcus likes to watch it so much. He even can sing after watched for few times, but pronounciation is not that good in Mandarin.

See, he switched on the tv once he’s back from school today, the first day of school. Gosh, this is really a bad habit. I let him watch for a while, so that I can go prepare him lunch. Don’t think that I have time to read some adipex reviews or newspaper unless he takes his nap.

This is the dics that hubby bought for him. I did watch it, not really a nice one. I think CNY songs with kids more joyful.

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