A great weekend

*This is a backdated post*

My mother’s cousie brought her two daughters all the way back to Ipoh from Kuantan last weekend. Marcus was so excited as he can play with two jie jies again. As usual, he pretended to be cool at first, but then no one can stop him to play after he warmed up.

We gathered at my parents’ house after dinner. Kids played crazily together and there’re no age gap.

My niece….she is a sweetie pie 

The next day, we went for a late breakfast. Marcus’s cousie wanted to join us too. Argh, another playmate and I had to take care two kids, of course my hubby was with me. Then, we met up with my mother, her cousie and daughters, sister and niece at Ipoh Parade. We had a short shopping. My auntie actually wanted to find a weather pack for her house, ended up nothing. You know, with five kids together, how to shop peacefully even there’re five adults there? :P  

Then, we had KFC for lunch. I purposely chose the KFC outlet with slides, so kids can have fun there.  We’re so lucky that there was no people when we’re arrived. I thought Marcus must be very tired, but he was not. Gosh, he only took his nap in the late evening.

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