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Welcome Year 2010

Thursday 31 December 2009 @ 5:05 pm

Back to school soon

Tuesday 29 December 2009 @ 6:17 pm

The long school holidays almost come to the end. Most parents are get ready and well prepared in terms of buying new uniforms, shoes, school bag, books and etc. As for me, I am yet to get any new stuffs for Marcus. I am so dilly dally, or blame to my laziness. :P

We did go to shopping centre, but hubby and I just looked for other things, and we ‘kepoh’ with the sales person who introduced their new POS systems, accounting and stock systems and etc. Gosh, they might think we’re business couple. LOL!!!

I should go to get those new stuffs for my kid before New Year. Hubby does not like to go shopping during weekends or public holidays. Yes, my kid is going to kindergarten on next Monday, no more nursery.

A great weekend

Sunday 27 December 2009 @ 6:11 pm

*This is a backdated post*

My mother’s cousie brought her two daughters all the way back to Ipoh from Kuantan last weekend. Marcus was so excited as he can play with two jie jies again. As usual, he pretended to be cool at first, but then no one can stop him to play after he warmed up.

We gathered at my parents’ house after dinner. Kids played crazily together and there’re no age gap.

My niece….she is a sweetie pie 

The next day, we went for a late breakfast. Marcus’s cousie wanted to join us too. Argh, another playmate and I had to take care two kids, of course my hubby was with me. Then, we met up with my mother, her cousie and daughters, sister and niece at Ipoh Parade. We had a short shopping. My auntie actually wanted to find a weather pack for her house, ended up nothing. You know, with five kids together, how to shop peacefully even there’re five adults there? :P  

Then, we had KFC for lunch. I purposely chose the KFC outlet with slides, so kids can have fun there.  We’re so lucky that there was no people when we’re arrived. I thought Marcus must be very tired, but he was not. Gosh, he only took his nap in the late evening.

Merry Christmas

Friday 25 December 2009 @ 12:48 pm

We don’t have any plans to celebrate Christmas this year. Hubby suggested that I should cook roast turkey at home and enjoy red wine. Gosh, I am not good in cooking, I better go and buy instead. :P Anyway, we ended dine outside last night. LOL!!!

Most restaurants are having Christmas promotion meals. The price is not cheap and I wonder if they are any promotional items given as gift. Nah, no.

Well, my kid enjoyed the christmas party at school yesterday. He told me that there was a Santa Claus given sweets to them. Wow, this was a great surprise for kids. I just wonder who’s the Santa Claus, may be the principal. Too bad that I forgot to pass my camera to teacher.

So, how you celebrate your Christmas? Hope you enjoy your holiday……

Hoping for next vacation

Wednesday 16 December 2009 @ 5:33 pm

Mummy is so busy lately. I let my kid to have lunch in school before take him back is definitely my right choice. I need to wake up early than usual where others still having their sweet dream. Get prepare for myself before wake my kid up to school. Then, rush for a week training. LOL!!! Luckily the training is so relax and not make me feel bored at all.

After the training, I have to rush to take my kid back home. Argh, I cook lunch at home normally and dare not to dine out. Even my kid having lunch in the school, but he still can eat again. Amazing! Good appetite, huh? Anyway, by the time I finish my cook, it’s about 2.30pm. :P

Then, I have to do some house chores, shower my kid and dilly dally before I have some ME time for blogging. Since my father in law passed away, my mother in law feel so sad to cook anymore as they used to cook together. So, I responsible to cook for dinner too, but most of the time, we dine out.

It is definitely not an easy to be a stay at home mummy. I am hoping to have my next vacation. Geee….I like traveling. I am not putting much hope to go winter park for skiing even though it’s my dream, but another local trip could make me feel good.

Lunch meal for a week

Monday 14 December 2009 @ 5:44 pm

This week I decided to place Marcus at school for an extra hour with lunch as I’m busy with a nutrition health training. Today is the first day and he is doing well. Didn’t hear any complains from him or teachers. He seems so happy and excited as he can have lunch together with his friends. Teacher told me that he finished his lunch by himself.  

Actually I want to let him have a try first if I really place him for full day in school when the school reopens.  I still considering. So far, I can’t see any security cameras at the school compound. May be I should suggest to the principal. :P

Marcus likes his school. He is in this school since August 08′, but I have registered him to another new school, it’s better and cheaper.

Protected: Rocking day at Hard Rock

Saturday 12 December 2009 @ 6:12 pm

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Multi occupations

Thursday 10 December 2009 @ 11:25 am

If you are my frequent reader to my blog, you might know that I seldom update it lately.  Lazy to write except with m*ney posts. LOL!!! I like to visit other blogs than update my blogs now. Well, I am busy to get more info on hard drives for my hubby’s new office.  So, not much time for me if I can’t visit your blog.  

I still considering and yet to make any decisions on my future job. Argh, it’s too hard to decide with two different jobs that I like. But for Marcus, he has multi jobs in hand. Recently, he likes to be a doctor, nurse, singer, policeman, fireman and even hairstylist.

He really pretend to be very professional even he does not have tools. He will take other things to replace like a torchlight become his mic. My mother in law and I become his patients, customers and audiences. Playing with him quite tired than doing house chores. LOL!!!

If I can’t do what he wants or make him angry, he will do this to me.

Marcus : Hello, police, come and catch mummy, ok, bye bye.

Me : #$%^&*(@#$

Back to school

Friday 4 December 2009 @ 7:00 pm

Marcus is back to school since yesterday.  He didn’t make fuss even though he’s off at home for a week. At first, I thought to cancel his holiday programme and spent more time with my mother in law, but hubby decided to let him continue as he has nothing to do and just watched his favourite cartoon movies when he didn’t go to school. Phew, mummy has some personal time back in the morning now.

I was the last parents who got back my son’s final year progress report card, art works and books back the other days. I didn’t attend the report review day with his teacher and principal as I was attending a seminar in Genting Highlands. Marucs showed off all his books to his father and grandmother. Well, I can see his improvement in academic and language development throughout this half year.  He is not so interested in painting and drawing only, other than that, all noted GOOD.

I was told that Marcus is well discipline, self independence, good manner in school. I am very glad. But he is not so self independence at home like I still have to feed him during meal times most of the times, wear shoes for him, ask him to drink water until sore throat. Gosh, he will pretend to call a police and catch us when we scold him.  May be he is spoilt by us. :P

Well, like my father, we’re not encourage to beat children, but to give advise first. So far, we haven’t use our weapon like stick or cloth hanger to beat Marcus, but to scare him only. I don’t hope to use it one day. I usually using my hands if he really makes me angry. Marcus scares when hubby and I open our eyes wide to stare at him. He knows that he’s wrong and standing quietly. Of course he will forget everything after that. :P  I am sure if he really very naughty, I think hubby is the first who will beat him ‘kuat-kuat’.

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