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Monday 31 August 2009 @ 11:16 pm

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Annual concert in school

Friday 28 August 2009 @ 6:49 pm

I received a notice that Marcus’s school annual concert will be held in the school in October. They suppose to have it in public but due to the seriousness of A(H1N1) these days, all people are advised to avoid going to public places especially kids.

Anyway, all children are being trained to perform and the school will take videos on it, of course with costumes. Marcus seemed to be very excited with the concert as he always shows us his talent in front of us. LOL!!! I hope he won’t be scared when he really on the stage one day.

I can see that my boy starts to love music these days. Hubby and I promised to get him some kids’ music instructments. We will bring him to a wholesale toys shop soon. I can imagine how he react once he reached the shop. I guess he will choose toy vehicles than others. Gosh, he has more than hundred of them at home now. I wonder if they give us rv extended warranty for kids’ toy cars. :P

Keep on waiting

Wednesday 26 August 2009 @ 6:26 pm

Little updates about my boy after blog break for few days. He just recovered from sick yesterday but still looks very tired. Poor boy, his weight gone down as he didn’t eat solid food for almost three days. He is much more better today as he can talk a lot with us and sing songs too compare to other days where he just slept most of the time.

I didn’t let him join his school holiday programme even though I have paid for it. I’m thinking where to bring my boy goes before he’s back to school next week, of course not shopping malls and crowded places. My parents advised me not to bring their grandson go out more often especially during night time as it’s a ghost festival this month (seventh month in the chinese calendar). :P

I’m waiting for next month, I mean eighth month in the chinese calendar. I have received few wedding invitations from friends and excited to celebrate the coming Mid Autumn festival. So, I’m keep on waiting, waiting and waiting for the month comes.

Bento fun #33 : Funny dog

Friday 21 August 2009 @ 5:41 pm

Today’s the last day of school. Well, we’re not going anywhere during the school holiday. How I hope I can go for a vacation with my hubby and kid. Argh, blame to A(H1N1).

After take Marcus back from school, I started to prepare lunch for him. I bought few organics potatoes and broccoli days before, so I think it’s time to eat them. LOL!!!  

Steamed carrots and broccoli, sausage, a fish ball cut into half, fried meat and mash potatoes…….

This is my first time to make the meat and mash potatoes. Frankily, it’s not easy to do it and need time, but I was happy with the result. I saved few pieces for hubby as dinner and hope he can give me his comment.

I should have to snap photos on how I make the meat and mash potatoes. But my boy’s waiting for the bento, so I have to rush, no time. :P Marcus walloped all the food.  I can see he eats more vege whenever I prepare bentos for him. Funny, I just steamed those vege without adding any ingredients like butter, oil or salt.

Of course my lunch also the same with my boy, but not in bento look. I don’t like my family to eat much fried food, it’s definitely not good to our health. Once in a while sure can. I’m thinking to buy a bottle of colonetix for hubby as he always eat outside especially those fried food.

Bento fun #32 : Mini car

Saturday 15 August 2009 @ 1:12 pm

Marcus likes cars very much. I think he has over hundred of toy cars at home by now. LOL!!! I always want to make a car bento for him and I did it today. I didn’t bring him out for breakfast, so I decided to give him a surprise. But he ate it as tea time as my MIL bought us “chu cheong fun” as breakfast.

I can’t recall where I got this car bento idea but I changed a bit with my own idea. It’s so lovely and I myself want to have it too actually. :P I didn’t have time to add other decoration as my boy standing beside me waiting while I’m preparing the bento.  

It’s so easy to prepare. I used wholegrain bread, cheese, sausage, seaweed and honey stars only. My MIL was shocked as Marcus can eat all after taking his breakfast.  Good digestion I guess.   

No day and night out

Friday 14 August 2009 @ 6:20 pm

Hubby is very busy with his coming new business. Nowadays he comes back for dinner then go out again to entertain customers or meeting with his partners. Or sometimes he just comes back late before we go to bed. I am not complain him thought he wants to work hard and let us to have a better living lifestyle. He told me that he wants to retire before fifty years old. LOL!!! Let’s see if he can do it or not. :P

Even daddy’s not at home with us and we can’t go out, we don’t feel bored. My little boy can play by himself or look something else to play with me. I enjoy the time when we’re playing and reading books in my room before we go to bed together every day.  Last night, he took my camera and played around. Argh, he snapped photos in front of my wardrobe mirror!

Then, he wants me to snap a photo through the mirror while he’s kissing my cheek. The photo looks so blur, I wonder if hubby can get me a new DSLR camera. LOL!!!

Hubby planned to bring Marcus to Zoo Negara this weekend, but because of rapid increase of death cases of A(H1N1), we decided to cancel our trip. Kiasi of this disease.  Somemore my parents and in laws not allow us to bring their grandson go anywhere these days.

If we go to KL, I am sure hubby needs to take diet pills when we come back as I have few famous restaurants which I want to dine in my mind.

Funny sleeping position

Wednesday 5 August 2009 @ 5:36 pm

I’m glad that Marcus still takes his nap for at least two hours every day. I can have some ME time, mostly go online. Most of the time I won’t bother how he sleeps until my brother told me. Oh, he took his nap with his kao fu (my brother) together when we’re at my parents’ house last Sunday. Don’t know why, my little boy likes to stick with his kao fu these days.

My brother said that Marcus has a very funny sleeping position. I told him most kids are like that normally, what so funny. Anyway, I checked on him when he’s sleeping last two days and nights. And here is his sleeping position : 

He likes to sleep on pillow or bolster. Funny?

He likes to take my pillow or bolster, now I know why he wants it. I wonder if this sleeping position can be used like fat burner? If so, I will definitely push my hubby to sleep like that every night. LOL!!!

Mini concert rehearsal

Monday 3 August 2009 @ 7:15 pm

I went for breakfast with hubby after my yoga lesson this morning. Normally I go for it with my best buddy, but she’s fall sick for few days. I went with my mother, but hubby called me and he also wanted to join us too. I was shocked as he had his breakfast, which I prepared for him to bring to work every day. LOL!!!  And he still can have a bowl of noodle soup.  Argh, which weight loss pill that works for my hubby?

Anyway, I picked up my kid on time for the first time today. Most of the time I late for at least 15 minutes, because mummy is so dilly dally with other things. I think I’m the first parents who picked up my kid. I didn’t know actually they’re having their mini concert rehearsal after school. Well, teachers didn’t inform me either. I was so excited that my kid will be going to perform with his classmates in the coming mini concert for his ever first time.

So, I waited him outside. When Marcus get into car, he asked me why I pick him up so early and he still haven’t play toys. O.o…he likes school or toys? Anyway, I’m thinking what costume he will wear during the concert, too excited and can’t wait for the day comes. Hopefully he won’t scare or cry when perform on stage.

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