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Bento fun #31

Friday 31 July 2009 @ 6:10 pm

My boy requested me to prepare a bento for his lunch today. I have not do it for more than a month. LOL!!! My kid does not like to eat rice but pasta. I bought many types of pasta before like alphabets, shells pasta and this time vege spiral pasta from organic shop.

Since it’s a last minute bento making and I didn’t buy any extra food, so it’s a simple and healthy pasta bento for my kid’s lunch. I just prepare small portion for him as he had ‘chu cheong fun’ before that.  

Spiral pasta with some olive oil and chicken sausage on top. I use organic mushroom and tomatoes pasta sauce most of the time when I prepare pasta for my kid. He loves it much. :P

It’s more delicious if we add cheese and cook together with the pasta sauce. I’m not mix it for today’s bento but to have a word of “LOVE” cheese on top of the sauce. My boy had a very full stomach after taking this bento with a cup of apple and orange juice too.

Popping vitamin C as candies

Thursday 30 July 2009 @ 6:38 pm

Marcus always asks for candies from his grandfather these days. Guess what, because my father in law did give him few times and he knows where to find for those candies now. 

Since he likes candies very much, I went to pharmacy the other days to buy a bottle of vitamin C for him to replace those candies. Hopefully he won’t ask for candies from his grandparents anymore.

He was so excited and didn’t want to let go even though the sales person needed it to scan the bar code. Unfortunately, we needed to wait for about 15 minutes to pay the bill as their system was down. The cashier got angry too as this is not the first time. She told me that her boss should look and compare with other POS systems. LOL!!!

Marcus took  5 pastilles once reached home on that day. Gosh, recommended 2 to 3 pastilles per day only. Yesterday when I was changing my clothes in my bedroom, I heard my mother in law shouted at Marcus. I rushed down and got to know that he ate almost 20 pastilles in one short. I was angry and threw the bottle outside. Luckily it’s just vitamin C and not other supplements or else I think he might get nose bleeding. :P

No more pacifier

Tuesday 28 July 2009 @ 5:33 pm

I always hope that Marcus wean off his pacifier when he was one year old. It’s unsuccessful and sometimes he’s having it in day time too. He likes to bring his pacifiers whenever we go out since last month. Lately, he punctured one of his paficiers. Ok, he likes to suck one and hold another one in his hand. :P

Again, he brought his darling pacifiers went to my parents’ house last week. He asked for his darling when I was loooking a Blue Advantage plan flyer before we go to bed.  Argh, I forgot to bring them back home. I was rather panic as it’s 11pm. How is he going to sleep without them? Hubby was outstation and I was lazy to drive. I quickily called my mother and glad that my brother willing to be a postman and send back the pacifiers. LOL!!!

I explained to Marcus that’s because you like to bring them out and left at PoPo’s house in the end. I took this opportunity and brain wash him that we will go and take back when we go to PoPo’s house next time. So, no pacifiers! Of course I kept them in other place in case he really needs during midnight. Surprisingly, he did not play tantrum or fuss for his pacifiers throughout the night and slept very peaceful.

Guess what, he has been pacifier free for four days. I am glad that he still takes his nap even without his pacifiers. And of course he did asked where are the pacifiers. I did not bother him much and said we will take it next time.  I really hope that he can wean off his darling pacifier this time.

Protected: More of My Little Boy

Thursday 23 July 2009 @ 5:50 pm

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Our little king

Wednesday 15 July 2009 @ 5:55 pm

We had a dinner with friends last weekend. Hubby decided to ask my mother to take care of Marcus, so that we can have some couple time. LOL!!! I thought Marcus won’t follow his po po, but I was wrong. He waved goodbye to us when we’re about to leave my parents’ house. Guess what, he knows that my parents and brother will bring him to Jusco for kiddie rides and buy him toys.  :P

As told by my mother, Marcus is totally like a little king and of course is a clever kid. He chose the expensive tractors toy instead of just a car toy. My mother asked him to buy the toy car, but he insisted the expensive one and yelled. O.0, they have no choice and bought him the tractors toy finally. If I were there, he won’t get it so easy.

Well, when they passed by sweets corner, this little boy quickily search his favourite sweet. Argh, those mint and spicy sweet like hacks and halls. Again, he won and got what he wants. My mother is so clever that she took and kept some sweets, or else Marcus can finish it all. LOL!!!  

My parents can’t wait to go home cause their grandson spent money like water within few minutes. On the way to car park, Marcus spotted a set of mini gazebo kits toys and it costs over two hundreds ringgits. Luckily he’s not asked for it and he knows his limit. :P

I think by now my mother is scare to be with my boy more than a minute without hubby and me around. LOL!!!

Mummy goes shopping

Wednesday 8 July 2009 @ 6:49 pm

Mummy must say that she is one of the shopaholic too. I went to Jusco with friend, after fetch my kid to school early this morning. Sound crazy? No, many people also like me, some even on leave just to go Jusco today and tomorrow. It’s Jusco member day! LOL!!!

Yeah, of course I did shop for my hubby and myself too, but most of the stuffs are belong to Marcus. My friend and I got the long bills before stepped out from Jusco. Argh, my hubby will get shock when I show him the bills tonight. I won’t need to buy apidexin for him as he will definitely loose weighs this coming weeks. LOL!!!

Both of us shopped till we drop and almost forgot to take our kids from school. We’re about one hour late. :P We might go again tomorrow. Poor hubby that he has a wife just like me. May be I should back to work so that I can spend what I earn to buy my stuffs next time? Frankily, I won’t, if I were back to work. :P

Fun time in bathroom

Saturday 4 July 2009 @ 5:16 pm

Marcus likes to play water especially when he is taking bath. He doesn’t like to have shower as he can’t play water in a big bowl. I have no idea who teach him, he likes to take along his toys when I call him to bath recently. Just imagine how am I going to bath for him with a big tractor toy in the bath bowl? :P

With his big tractor toy…..Arghhhhh

I don’t think he is clean even after he takes bath. Normally I will shower him before he comes out from the bathroom. He is into terrible three. For kids, sure they have lot of fun taking bath while playing in this way, but for mummies, really need to knock head to the wall. LOL!!!

No more this happen again these days. Guess what? I don’t have to shout, scream, beat, or take cloth hanger, I just have to tell him that I will snap a photo and show it to his class teacher and friends the next day. Then, he automatically pass the tractor to me.  

If my hubby is around, no such thing will happen as Marcus is scare with his daddy. Daddy is the one who takes bath for him if he is free at home, while I can read Colonix review book or doing other stuffs. It’s great if hubby can be at home bath for him every day. LOL!!!

Kid fond of computer

Friday 3 July 2009 @ 5:42 pm

Mummy can say is so fond of computers as I studied in that subject. My kid is influenced by me, I think as he always see me sitting in front of my laptop doing something. He likes it too. Whenever I’m doing my work, he would climb onto my lap and ask me open this and that websites, videos and songs. Luckily I’m yet to introduce him games in internet. LOL!!!

Sometimes he pretends that he really knows how to type like mummy. He still can’t type anything yet, but his action just like us typing on the keyword. Guess what? He even teach his daddy how to switch on and off the laptop. He thought he is an expert but actually not. LOL!!! We all give him a clap each time he shows off to us. Then, he just like he is flying up to the sky. 

I’m going to introduce him some education games in internet. I have the instinct that he will be crazy with it. Hubby thought to buy him ipods, just for videos and games. I think he is still young to use it, let me use it first. :P

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