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Baskin Robbins ice cream

Monday 29 June 2009 @ 5:08 pm

I missed the promotion sale of Baskin Robbin ice cream last 31 May. There is discount up to 31% on every 31st. Marcus loves ice cream very much, who doesn’t like it especially kids. Well, baskin robbins ice cream is too sweet where I prefer more on Haagen Dazs.

Marcus knows some of the ice cream logos very well. If there’s ice cream stand in a restaurant or shopping mall, he sure want it, unless he can’t see the logo.  He will not ask us to order for him, but tol call the waiter and order it himself. :P

Let’s see if hubby is free tonight so that he can bring us to enjoy baskin robbins ice cream even if today is not 31st. I can’t wait till another month.

I want mummy happy

Friday 26 June 2009 @ 5:57 pm

Yes, this sentence always come out from my boy’s mouth recently. I have no idea where he learnt it from, but I’m quite happy with it when I heard. :P

He tells me, I WANT MUMMY HAPPY when he knows that I’m angry with him.

Mummy : You faster drink your milk, want to reach school already. Every day want mummy and teacher wait for you to drink milk.
Marcus : I want mummy happy.
Mummy : Ok, then you have to drink your milk faster next time. (but still drink very slow)

Mummy : Faster come out, later get cold. (when taking bath)
Marcus : I want mummy happy. (almost want to cry out)
Mummy : Ok, ok, mummy happy.

Mummy : Hey, come and keep all your toys first. (with my angry look)
Marcus : I want mummy happy.
Mummy : Come here now, mummy helps you to keep the toys together.
Marcus : *sing song while keeping his toys* clean up clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up clean up everybody do your share.

Mummy : Boy, if you want mummy happy, then don’t want to suck your ‘chu chu’, ok?
Marcus : Cannot. (faster go and take his ‘chu chu’ and put it in his mouth)

Argh, I think he is more happy than me. :P

Protected: Our weekend

Tuesday 23 June 2009 @ 6:25 pm

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No overseas holiday

Monday 22 June 2009 @ 5:18 pm

H1N1 is getting badly now in Malaysia. Some schools in KL are closed for a week due to this virus. We better stay at home and avoid go to crowded places in the meantime and watch out if there’s any outbreak within society.

I love trvelling. I think our family trip to oversea need to be postponed till next year. Hubby said that we can travel locally. It’s fine if there’re no such case happened here.  So, I don’t need to get any travel insurance quotes at the meantime.

Bento fun #30

Wednesday 17 June 2009 @ 5:50 pm

 Argh, it’s been almost a month that I prepared a bento. It’s time to take out my bento gadgets and work it. As I promised to my boy that I will make him a bento with sausage inside. He likes to eat sausages but I just let him to eat once in a while except vegetarian sausages which I buy from organic shop.  

Sausages, his favourite, carrot, a heart shaped nugget bun with cheese on top, some grapes and a cup of apple & orange juice which I didn’t shown in the photo.

This is the tea bento that I prepared for my boy when he’s back from school yesterday. At first, I boiled the sausage, but it turned out weird. So I fried it for a while.

He can finish all the food and asked for sausage again. I didn’t cook for him anymore as he had two sausages. I don’t think he can take his lunch, but he did after an hour.  He had fried mee hoon as lunch. :P    

I guess he has do lots of exercises and activities in school that make him gain appetite. My boy of course doesn’t need to look for the best fat burner information, but his daddy must. LOL!!!

Password leaked

Monday 15 June 2009 @ 5:36 pm

I set a password for my protected post recently. It’s for safety. Well, I received a comment from a unknown reader. It cannot be as you can only leave comment for that protected post with my password given to you. I think may be someone who is in my mailing list has leaked the password to others who I don’t know.  

Anyway, I will set another new password again for my next protected post. I hope my lovely friends and bloggers won’t mind. :P May be I will also reduce my reader list too.  

My friend joked with me may be there is a ghost in my blog. Huh, don’t scare me even I know it’s just a joke. I don’t want to use AED machine. LOL!!!

Protected: Genting Highlands Again

Wednesday 10 June 2009 @ 5:48 pm

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Password protested post

Friday 5 June 2009 @ 6:26 pm

I think I will set password for post which include my kid’s photos soon. It’s because of privacy and safety as well.  I found that many people can easily find my blog, who I don’t know them through search engines. I don’t feel nice that getting more and more strangers visit to my blog. Some even simply left their comments.

I am not the one who care about traffic and adsense, so it totally won’t affect me if you don’t visit my blog. But for my lovely bloggers and friends, you have to key in the password that I will give you soon when you visit my blog next time. :P

It’s my blog, I have the right to write what I think it’s right. Somemore most of the posts are related to my kid. It’s time I set my kid’s photos in private. I can save more time to check on Colonix reviews instead of read those unwanted comments.  

So, if you are interested to read and see photos, please drop me a comment or email me your email address. I would very much appreciate that.  But I won’t give the password to those unknown readers.

First trip to Sungai Petani

Tuesday 2 June 2009 @ 6:12 pm

It was our first trip to Sungai Petani last Sunday. We went there in a car with my childhood friend and her family. Never ever thought that this place is so small that I will bore to die if I were to stay here. It was about 2 hours drive from Ipoh. We stopped at my friend’s grandmother house for a rest before visit to my another childhood friend.

This swing caught the kids’ attention. Even though it’s so hot outside, they don’t bother but keep swinging for fun. The main purpose we went there was to visit our friend’s newly open shop.  


Marcus keeps running around with SL, my friend’s kid once we reached the shop. Gosh, they even “help” to rearrange those small plastic containers there. We’re extremely hot in the shop, so you can imagine how’s the kids look like that time with their red cheeks. LOL!!!

Next, we headed to Queensbay Mall for our late lunch.  

This is Marcus most favourite ride…..

Hardly snap a nice photo with the kids, I think this is the best…. :P

Why daddy looks so unhappy? He is very hungry…. 

After enjoyed our good food at Dragon-I, we shopped around. Marcus can’t wait anymore as he wants to go for kiddie rides. This time we’re not go in Toy’R'us. I know my kid sure will grab his favourite toy cars. He really has a lot at home. If he is not with me, I definitely will get him a kitchen toy set and some mini toy copper kitchen sinks. He likes to play masak-masak.  He likes to “make” fruit juices for me just like what I did for me almost every day.

I was so surprised that he’s not tired at all throughout the day. But he slept at last in the car after we took our dinner at Bukit Tambun. :)

Happy school holidays

Monday 1 June 2009 @ 6:39 pm

Supposed Marcus will have two weeks school holidays, but I let him join his school holiday programme.  Argh, no school holidays for him. Not that I force him to go, but he himself wants to go to school. Ok, he told me that he wants go to school today, but he can’t wake up this morning even though I talked loud, pushed and rolled him. I know he is too tired after came back from Penang yesterday. I just let him skipped a day.

If I let him stay at home, he will watch tv non stop and keep asking for junks food. I hardly do my things too. Once he is back from school, I will have to entertain him until he goes to bed at night. My friend borrowed me a book regarding mesothelioma a month ago, guess what, I’m yet to see a single page. Gosh, I have to find time to read through the book and give it back to my friend.

So, how’s about you with this two weeks school holidays? Fetch kids to school just like me as usual?

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