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Are you looking for me?

Thursday 28 May 2009 @ 5:57 pm

I have not been into this blogging world for almost a week. Some of my friends asked me with “Where are you wor, missing in action ah?” Anyway, I am back now. Well, not that I’m sick (touch wood) or go travel again, but blame to my modem and the streamyx. My modem burnt and I bought another new, but streamyx is upgrading their system till end of this month, so I hardly go online. And now, I am using Celcom broadband. Phew!

Since I can’t go online, my friend asked me to accompany her to visit to furniture shops. She will move in to her new house soon and now busy looking for home furnitures. Being kepoh like me, I just followed and gave her some opinions.

I wonder what is the best thing for her as house warming gift. Since we’re so closed to each other, I mean both our hubbies too. So, I can’t simply get her a set of plates and glasses, right? A sleep number bed? Argh, too expensive. Any suggestions, please?

Anyway, it’s school holidays next week but not for Marcus as I will enrol him to join his school holiday programme.  I find it is better to let him join the programme, if not he will just sit in front of the TV the whole day or keep asking for snacks from his grandparents. He is spoilt by them.

Bento fun #29

Wednesday 20 May 2009 @ 6:16 pm

Most of the time I will let Marcus to eat home cook food instead of eating out. Since my maid was back to her country few months ago, my mother in law is the chef at home. Well, sometimes I did help her, wash and cut vege but not cook. I am not good in cooking. My mother in law cooks almost every day except Saturdays and Sundays.  

Due to my laziness, I have not been prepare bentos quite some time. LOL!!! But I decided to fix a bento as lunch for Marcus today. Gosh, when can I reach my #100 bento post, still far away.

Top : fried mee hoon with bean sprouts, swiss brown mushrooms, vege with baby corn and butterfly cheese on top.
Bottom : grapes, strawberries and banana.

Marcus ate the fruits first. Anyway, he still can finish all the food at last. Before he takes his lunch, he had a bottle of vitagen, mini cone ice cream and a cup of orange and apple juice.  

This time I’m not doing the cooking but decoration. Oh yes, the strawberries are not from Korea or Cameron Highlands but USA, they taste sweet and juicy.  

School sports day

Monday 18 May 2009 @ 12:52 pm

It was Marcus’s school sports day yesterday. I am glad that my boy didn’t cry throughout the event and performed well that I expected.  The event started at 9.40am with welcome speech by the school principal, Mrs Ong. Then, all children and teachers sang National Anthem and TTMC’s school song.

Prizes and trophies for children

Parents seats

Can you spot where is Marcus?

March Parade

My boy is not the shortest among all the 3 years children, but he was arranged to stand in front. I got to know finally that he is the red team leader. It’s good as I can easily find and snap photos for him among the crowd. LOL!!!  

The 3 years old started off the event with “Lollipop Race“. I did record a short video on how my boy ran fast and put the “Lollipop” himself without teacher’s help. They are so cute, but finally the blue team won the race. :(

Marcus gives support to other teams by blowing the whistle

My parents and in law also came to give support to their grandson.

Other events include hophop fishing race, tricycle & stacking race, hop scotch & picture matching race by 4 to 6 years old. All these activities cultivate the children’s motto skills and body development.

Prize and trophy given to my boy by the principal.


Photo sessions with other mummies and kids

After the prize giving ceremony and some photo sessions, we all headed to have our late breakfast. The mini sports just took about 90mins.

For mummy and daddy as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. :)

My kid couldn’t wait to take out the present and play with the toys. Guess what, there are  gifts for all mummies and daddies too. I think this successful sports event is the perfect gift to all parents. :)

Weekend again

Saturday 16 May 2009 @ 10:05 pm

It’s weekend again but hubby is having meeting with his boss from early morning till afternoon. As for me, busy entertain with kid as usual. I can only have my ME time when Marcus taking his nap. Most of the time I will update my blogs and visit to natural health forum, if not take a nap.

Oh, Marcus is very excited about his school sport day tomorrow, so am I. Too bad that it’s raining non stop now. I hope the activity will go smooth. My parents and in law will attend and give support to their grandson. After that we will go to my parents house. And hubby and I will have our time since my mother will take care of Marcus. LOL!!!

Music video

Thursday 14 May 2009 @ 4:53 pm

This is the music video that Marcus likes the most. I recorded part of it, not in full when we were enjoying the firework in Hong Kong Disneyland in March. Marcus will ask to see the video every day. Well, I myself also like it, the music too. :-P

Saturday night outing

Monday 11 May 2009 @ 6:43 pm

We didn’t have anything special on Mother’s Day. My mother in law is just recovered well and she didn’t has much appetite. As for my mother, she prefers cook for us at home instead of eating out. LOL!!! Anyway, we will go out for a dinner this weekend as to celebrate my mother’s birthday. I’m still thinking what to buy as birthday pressie.

Since I’m also a mother, we went out for a dinner with my friend and her family as to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a simple dinner but Marcus is the happiest among us as he can enjoy yummy ice-cream after having one week medication. I didn’t get anything from my kid. Actually I should have get something like Mother’s Day card, but he was absent from school a week. Anyway, his recovery from sick is the best gift for me this year.  


After the dinner, we went for a movie. My friend bought the tickets for us. Thanks! But the movie is totally not suitable for kids. It’s quite violate, X-Men Origins : Wolverine.

I have the sense that Marcus will scare and don’t want to see before the movie starts. It’s true. Once the movie started, he told daddy that he is scared and wanted to go home. He didn’t want to be seated. Thus, daddy carried him and standing at the back of the cinema. Sigh!
So, what do you think next? Hubby called his parents and took him home. We continued to watch the movie till the end.

The movie is not related with any drugs or alcohol, but killing and fighting. It’s definitely not suitable for kids and youngsters. Nowadays we can see newspapers about youngsters involved in drug abuse, murder case and etc. It’s good to have drug rehab centres here or government help centre to direct them into new life.

Happy Ending

Monday 11 May 2009 @ 5:12 pm

We are all get well finally. Gosh, it had been a hard time for me last week as I also down with fever and needed to take care of Marcus who is just recovered. My mother in law did help me, but she is also the one who just recovered.  

Marcus is too scare of having medicine throughout the week, who doesn’t? But he needs to complete the antibiotics. I’m glad that he still willing to take the medicine after a sweet is given to him.

Since daddy also got virus attacked, they both took medicine together. It’s a good idea to feed each other medicine as I didn’t need to give Marcus any sweets anymore. Surprisingly, he takes medication obediently now.

Open your mouth…..

Daddy, your turn to open your mouth….. 

Daddy lost so much weight these days. This is what his friends told him. But I can’t see much different. LOL!!! He asked me not to search on diet pill reviews anymore as he promised that he will keep fit. I heard many times and let’s see if he really can keep his promise.   

The Hacks lover

Tuesday 5 May 2009 @ 6:11 pm

Hubby and I brought Marcus to see his paed this morning as he still having slight fever. We had been rather worried about him though he had visited two doctors within few days and yet fully recover. Anyway, he is much more better after took the medicine and slept for few hours just now.

Since Marcus asked for a sweet from his grandfather few times after woke up from his nap, he finally got a hacks sweet, which is good for sore throat and cough. I seldom give him sweets, so he won’t ask from me. My mother in law and I thought he will spit out after few sucks, but suprisingly he can eat the sweet which I myself find very spicy.



Ready to eat…..


Yes, I can eat it even though it is spicy…..

He knows that we don’t have other sweets except the hacks, but he still want it. Argh, he really a sweet lover.

I am glad that his appetite is almost back to normal. He’s just drink milk as meals few days ago.  Hopefully he will fully recover as soon as possible so that he can back to school.  

Our weekend in KL

Monday 4 May 2009 @ 3:13 pm

The weekend took us to KL again. At first, I thought to cancel the trip as Marcus is still having slight fever, cough and flu, but he wanted to go badly. WHY? No, not interested in shopping, but dinosaurs.  Actually my father in law not allowed us to bring Marcus goes travel. But hubby insisted to go after seeing his son waited for him so long at home. Anyway, it’s not a big problem. We, of course brought along his medicine too.    

Waiting his daddy comes back from work and bring him to KL….

After checked in the hotel and rest a while, we headed to the Backyard Monsters & Dinosaurs exhibition at Mid Valley.

Can’t wait to go in…..

Once Marcus saw those giant dinosaurs, he refused to get down and wanted to carry. LOL!!! May be his own dinosaurs in his mind are full of colours. He has a set of colourful dinosaurs puzzle. Anyway, he is not feeling well that time. There are not much dinosaurs and bugs in the hall, and we can finish our visit in less than 30 minutes.  


Carpenter ant

Bug’s eye view – what you see through may be different from what a bug sees.

It’s quite boring actually but hubby and I did learnt something there. As for Marcus, he was interested on the bug’s eye view ONLY! He said that he can see many mummies out there. LOL!!!

The next day, we took Marcus to One Utama shopping mall after checked out. He had a great time on the rides.

Next, Toys’R'Us is a must go place. Again, Marcus chose his favourite toy – TRAIN this time. We also met this cartoon man.

Argh, these machine toy balls are introduced by my friend’s son. Hubby decided get Marcus a mini thomas train for him.  

We met another giant cartoon on the way to car park. We supposed go Ikea with our friends but Marcus started to throw tantrum, very sleepy and having bad running nose, we decided to go back Ipoh. You can noticed that daddy carried Marcus most of the time during the trip. It’s better than taking weight loss pills. LOL!!!

Not a good day

Friday 1 May 2009 @ 5:25 pm

The weather is getting bad these past weeks. With a hot sun in the afternoon and rain in the evening, make us easy to fall sick. My mother in law is unwell for three days. Visited two doctors and she just sleep the whole day on bed. And my father in law is having cough yesterday.

Marcus is also unwell with slight fever and cough this early morning. We wanted to bring him see doctor, but most clinics are closed. Huh, even the 24 hours clinics also closed for public holiday. Luckily we have cold syrup and paracetomal stand by in fridge.  Hope he gets well soon as we will travel to KL tomorrow.  

Besides that, I’m having slight running nose. Gosh, peeling skin on my feet too. It’s affected on small area. I think it’s time to go for pedicure before it gets worst. I don’t want to spend more on top acne treatment. We didn’t go anywhere today but stay at home for rest. Hopefully all get well as soon as possible.

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