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A Ben 10 Gun

Saturday 25 April 2009 @ 6:29 pm

Hubby got Marcus a new Ben 10 gun when we travelled to Penang last week. It’s one of his favourite toy nowadays as he can use it to shoot people that he does not like. LOL!!! I don’t know when he starts to love the toy gun, may be influenced from his schoolmates? I don’t think so as school is not allow students to bring their own toys and won’t think the principal will buy toy guns for students to play. Then I knew it’s because of my friend’s son who we met for dinner last month.

Marcus’s cousin sister, Noel came to our home this afternoon. Once he took out the Ben10 toy gun, Noel came and grabbed it. They almost fight with each other if my mother in law wasn’t there with them. Sigh! But they hugged each other after that. My mother in law can’t see clearly and thought they kissed each other. LOL!!! She will go for her eye operation end of next month, may be she should take up Colonix now and after.

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday 25 April 2009 @ 6:19 pm

Hubby was on his business trip to KL two days ago. He called me that he was at 1U shopping mall with his colleague to avoid traffic jam before headed to Kepong to have dinner with customers. I thought they will find a nice place and enjoy a cup of coffee. Even though there’re many sales person introduced them about new insurance policy, of course not from Florida auto insurance companies, but they just ignored them and go shopping. LOL!!! 

Hubby got Marcus new clothes and pant from Pumpkin Patch. There are many nice shoes available at Pumpkin Patch too, but hubby worried if he buys the wrong size. My hands so itchy and can’t wait to get a pair for Marcus. He said that he can’t find nice clothes at Guess and Gap shop. Don’t know, may be he saw the price then run away? I asked him to bring me go, so that I can see whether the clothes nice or not. LOL!!!  

Bento Fun #28 : KungFu Panda

Thursday 23 April 2009 @ 5:56 pm

My kid started to like Panda when hubby and I brought him to watch his first movie in cinema last year. Still remember the movie cartoon, KungFu Panda?  Even though he likes it, but I didn’t get him any Panda toys but a small jigsaw puzzle.

He took out the puzzle and sorted it few times yesterday. Because of that, I prepared a bento lunch for him with panda. LOL!!!    

Fried rice with egg and mix vege, broccoli, chicken ham, soy sauce fried chicken and a small cute panda biscuit.  

Marcus finished all the food even the nori too. For what I know, he does not like it but he ate today. It’s a new pack of nori that I bought from Jusco last two weeks. May be it’s more tasty? I don’t know as I don’t like to eat.   

Diaperless during naptime

Wednesday 22 April 2009 @ 6:19 pm

If I’m not mistaken, Marcus has been diaperless except for naptime and sleep at night more than a year. I see his diaper is either dry or slighty wet when he wakes up every time for the past few weeks. He drinks quite a lot before go to bed most of the time. Too waste just to throw the dry diapers away. Mummy cannot be lazy anymore, so I started train him diaperless during naptime only since last week. 

I ask him to pee before he goes to take his nap. Of course I did remind him that he is not wearing diaper, so he has to get up if he wants to pee. Besides that, I put a rubber mat under him, just in case he pees on my bedsheet. LOL!!!  

Throughout the week, he only wet his pant once. It’s a good start, right? He was shocked and stand up as he knew that he pees. I told him it’s fine and I changed for him. He then back to sleep again. Normally he will nap for 2 to 3 hours, so it’s possible that he will wet his pant.

I won’t train him diaperless at night first. It will be a big challenge to me than looking for some sales manager jobs, and other mummies too, right? But if you have a maid, then of course no problem. 

Weekend in Penang

Tuesday 21 April 2009 @ 5:01 pm

It was Perak state holiday yesterday. We spent our weekend in Penang. We started our journey after breakfast on Sunday.

Hubby chose to stay at Bayview Beach Resort in Batu Feringgi. Upon arriving the resort, Marcus can’t wait to jump in a pool. We don’t care about him of course but go check in our room first.  

He took some chocolate biscuits from our room’s fridge and enjoy it on bed while watching cartoon movie….

As soon as he finished his snack, we went to have buffet lunch. Since we can view the swimming pool from our dining area, Marcus can’t wait anymore and wanted to jump in. :-D He didn’t eat much and keep his eyes to other kids who are swimming.

Wait, wait, daddy, let me warm up first! Hehehe…. :-P

It’s been few months that we didn’t bring Marcus goes to pool, so he’s a bit scare and need time to warm up. LOL!!!

Mummy, see, I can swim…I am not scare already

Finally, he jumped in the baby pool on his own. Mummy didn’t join them as she’s busy snapping photos and lying on a lazy chair to take a nap.  

Mummy, the aunty borrowed me this deer float. I’m 100% safe in the pool now.

After swimming, we headed to the beach. Since it’s very sunny, we found a place to have a drink and rest. Marcus totally exhausted but he still want go to the beach. Daddy enjoyed a stress relieving foot massage while I brought Marcus to walk around.  

Hubby asked me to take the massage too, but I’m so kiasi, scare of pain. :-P

When daddy and mummy bring me to the beach, I want to play sand….

We finally reach the beach. This is Marcus’s first trip to beach. He is so excited but scare to step on the sand. I don’t know why, he told me it’s so dirty. Aaaaargh!  

Crying when daddy carries him go in the sea, but naughty daddy still laugh.

Daddy makes these turtles and shells using sand molds, so nice hor ?

Don’t know why daddy snapped this photo but still ok right?


Para sailing, I dare not to go for it, I am so kiasi, same with hubby too. LOL!!!

Managed to snap a family photo before go back to hotel

After shower, we thought to have dinner in the resort, but it seemed no people, so hubby decided drove down. Since Marcus is calling hunger very much, we just stopped by a food court, just few minutes from the resort.

We didn’t have much to do after dinner, we went back to our room and enjoyed watching tv as Marcus was totally exhausted after the long day in the pool and beach.

The next morning, we went to the pool again. This time daddy brought Marcus to the adult pool with jacuzzi after some swim in the baby pool of course.  

Yeah, daddy, go go go!

Bye bye swimming pool

After checking out, we went to have our lunch near Gurney. Hubby was so happy as we didn’t go shopping this time. He really scare that his pocket will on fire. LOL!!! It’s a nice trip and we enjoyed a lot at the beach. Hubby said that we will come again. There are many nice beach vacation rentals in Penang, but I hope to stay at Shangri-la resort for our next vacation.

Weekend is here

Saturday 18 April 2009 @ 12:33 pm

It’s going to be a long weekend as Monday is a holiday for Perak State. I will off again for a vacation in Penang. Hubby and I planned to take Marcus there and stay at a resort with nice beach and pool. It’s a short and relax trip. We will dine at the resort most probably, and I’m going to miss Penang food. Hopefully the resort served delicious food. :-P

Besides enjoy ourself at the beach and pool, I think we will only eat. LOL! Hubby is the one who easily gain weight, this is what I always worry about. He is not a health fellow in term of his eating habit. I should search for more health information for him on how to loose weight. 

Puzzle time

Thursday 16 April 2009 @ 5:39 pm

I bought these puzzles to Marcus months ago. He can sort them well by himself after I taught him few times. He is bored with them after a week as they are too easy for him. Since then, I didn’t buy him any puzzles until his grandfather bought him two sets of cartoon puzzles recently.  

New jigsaw puzzles from his Gong Gong

This two puzzles, with 20 pieces per set, quite a challege to him. May be some kids at his age know how to sort more than 20 pieces, but hubby and I quite shocked and amazed that he can sort most of them by himself after we taught him few times.  

He is so concentrate with the puzzles

Now, he plays the puzzles before he goes to bed every day, but I have to sit beside him. I cannot go anywhere as he wants show off to me. :-D

Toy cars collection

Wednesday 15 April 2009 @ 6:09 pm

After dropping by at Ryan mummy’s blog about toy cars collection, I decided to post about it as Marcus is very fancy with CARS too. He can play with them alone for hours by arranging his toy cars here and there. Lately, he wants us to make a tunnel, using a cartoon box for him so that the cars can move in and out from the tunnel. He is enjoying playing with it when all of us feel nothing special. LOL!!! Kids are kids, they are so cute and creative too.  

Here are the toy cars that he plays every day. Actually there are some other cars at my parents house. There are somemore toy cars which I didn’t snap and group it as they are missing some parts like wheels and doors which were destroyed by my little king. Anyway, I am sure there are more new toy cars coming in from his grandparents. LOL!!!

See, mummy, cars line up to pay money at the toll.

He will put back all the cars in the drawer or table after played, but depend on his mood. As you can see in the picture, there are not just cars, but tow track, motorcycle, tractor and trains too. :-)

Complaint to school principal

Tuesday 14 April 2009 @ 5:54 pm

My mother in law and I always asking Marcus whether teachers in school beat him. He told me his teacher did beat him. I know sometimes he might makes his teacher angry. I accept teachers beat students’ hand or buttock when they’re naughty, but not on face or head. Yesterday when I asked him the same question, I got the same answer from him again.

Me : Are you a good boy in school today?
Marcus : Yes…. (don’t know if it’s true)

Me :  Did teachers beat you today?
Marcus : Yes

Me : Teacher beat you where?
Marcus : (using his hand and beat his head hard)

Me : Ohhh, teacher really beat you like that?
Marcus : Hmmmm….

Me : Which teacher beat you?
Marcus : Teacher Jaya (he always tell me this teacher beat him)

Me : Did Teacher Jaya beat your friends too?
Marcus : Yes

It’s not just the first time I got this answer. Last week, Marcus cried and he wanted to stay at home instead of going to school, but he is fine in the end. I know sometimes my boy will show his moody look and do his work slow, but the teacher cannot beat him like that. He is just 3 years old. I am sure other students also become victims like Marcus.

When we’re on the way go to school this morning, I asked him whether he likes all the teachers and principal. He said yes except the teacher who always like to beat students’ head. LOL!!!

Actually I don’t believe that the teacher beat her students like that, as I always see her treat students nicely and friendly. May be just in front of parents? I talked to the principal about it this morning. The principal told me that she never seen the teacher beat students head. Does that mean my boy tells lie? I believe that kids won’t tell lie. May be that time the principal won’t around, so she can’t see it ?

Anyway, I got to know that the teacher has her knees problem and went through operation before. She will go for another operation soon. She hardly bend and walk. Since she needs to teach 3 years old class, she has to walk around to check students homework. Is it because she has difficulty to bend and beat students hands or buttock, so she beats on students head?

The principal told me that she planned to transfer the teacher to 5 years old class when a new teacher comes. I got to know Marcus improved a lot in colouring, singing, and etc. I can see it too as he likes to “perform” at home. I am not worry that Marcus will not perform well in school. I want him to have fun, make friends, explore around himself, these are the purpose I send him to preschool at such early age. :-P

Don’t tell mummy

Monday 13 April 2009 @ 4:40 pm

My mother in law and Marcus went out for lunch with my brother in law, his wife and daughter just now. I didn’t follow them as I have something to do at home. Somemore if I want to go, I need to drive, no seat for me.

When they came back, my mother in law told me about Marcus during their lunch section. My brother in law gave him a sweet, and Marcus asked him not to tell me.

Marcus : Shhhhhh (using his finger too)…..don’t tell my mummy, ok ?

All of them are shocked looking at him.  I think he is worry if I scold him. I seldom buy or give him eat any sweets unless he is doing well like keep all his toys after played, finish his food and etc. My sweet for him is more than a gold.

Marcus and Ladybird

Wednesday 8 April 2009 @ 5:12 pm

I like buying stuffs for my kid especially clothes and story books. My kid won’t choice clothes to wear, he will wear it whatever I take for him. But as for story books, he will choice it for me to read. He has many series of Ladybird books and others, some of them I took from my previous tuition centre. LOL!!! 

I have to read to him twice every day before he goes to sleep. I can’t remember when I started to read book to him every night. He likes books but toys the most of course. He is a good listerner and his observation is strong.

Most of the time I will be the reader, but now he can read the books to me since early this year. He can’t recognise the words but pictures. He can read in full sentences for most of the pages with correct vocabulary and pronouciation. It’s not just a book, but books. I really surprised. Kids are good in memory. :-)

He can read by himself now. Even after he reads all the books he knows, he still want me to read. Gosh, it takes at least 15 minutes just for reading before I can ask him to go on bed.

Last time before I become a mummy, I enjoy read magazines and books before go to sleep. Since I have my kid, I didn’t have time for it unless my kid is sleeping. By the time he sleeps, I’m also feel tired and sleepy. Hubby took some rv books from his friend and asked me to have a look if free. Till now, I think it’s one week already, but I still haven’t see a single page. LOL!!!

Bento Fun #27

Monday 6 April 2009 @ 5:52 pm

I have been lazy and busy for the past few weeks, so I did not do any bentos for my boy. I went for holiday with my family. Some of my friends asked me where is my next destination. I think we won’t go travel oversea this year. But if I get a free stay at New York City hotel, I definitely will go.

Anyway, I am back again for my bento post. Looking at some of the blogger mummies’ bento post, I am still far away. I wonder when can I reach my #100th bento post. LOL!!!

I know my kid likes to eat sausage and ham, so I went to buy them at Jusco supermarket yesterday, just for today bento. I allow my kid to have these “unhealthy” food once a month, the most twice per month only. Oh, I also made a ham and sausage sandwich bento for hubby and Marcus as breakfast today. I did not snap a photo as the bentos are so simple, but hubby said so cute. I can’t understand why he said so though no cartoon and no decoration. :-P

Today lunch bento : Rice with ham and carrot on top, steamed broccoli, star shaped carrot, sausage, fried longbeans egg omelette, baby corn which is under the sausage.

Marcus’ eyes rolled big when he sees the sausage again. He walloped the sausage and ham before eat others. Actually I have two sausage cutters, flower and crab shaped, but I still can’t success to make a nice shape sausage using the cutters, so I just use a knife to cut a cross on the sausage. I will try it again next time.  

Marcus can’t finish all the food. I know it’s too much for him as he has taken some fruits and biscuits when he comes back from school.

Hong Kong – Day 4 & 5

Thursday 2 April 2009 @ 2:12 pm

@@@ 25 March 2009 @@@

We had our late breakfast at Tao Heung Dim Sum restaurant, Tsim Sha Shui which recommended by our hotel receptionist. Supposed there was a bus fetched us to Disneyland at 9.30am, but hubby decided to walk around again before go to Disneyland. So, we left our luggage bags to the driver and asked him to help us passed to the Disneyland Hollywood hotel. Yes, we stayed there for a night and got a second day free to Disneyland.

With his pillow and bolsters on the way to Disneyland in MRT

Our room for five of us

Then, we took MRT to Disneyland. After checked into the hotel, it’s about 2.30pm. After rest a while in the room, we began our journey in Disneyland.  We walked past Main Street, USA. We took photos with some Disney characters before we headed to Fantasyland for rides.

With Goofy….

With Mickey and Minnie…

Marcus likes Mickey Mouse more than Goofy

Marcus really excited with the ride

Marcus likes to ride on this Cinderella Carrousel. We went several rounds on it. We’re lucky as the queues weren’t long for most of the rides though it’s not a peak season.  

Marcus wanted mummy to snap photos for him :-D


We had some snacks while waiting for the fireworks which in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s so cool and windy but no raining that night.

We had dinner in the hotel. On the way back to our room, I decided to let Marcus to have fun in a kids’ playroom. There’re many children and parents, luckily I can find a nice place for my boy. 


Playing kitchen sets and colouring….

There’re two boys who are in their aged 6 grabbed Marcus’s toys while he is playing. He didn’t cry but keep playing his other kitchen sets. Again, the boys took his toys. Gosh, this time he can’t control himself and cried. I told him we have to share toys with others. My mother in law took some colour pencils and a Mickey’s colouring paper for him. He stopped crying then. Guess what, the boys’ mother was around us but yet to scold or teach her kids. After few minutes, we asked Marcus to leave the room.

@@@ 26 March 2009 @@@  

Second day in Disneyland

We had our late breakfast in a chinese restaurant at Adventureland. After the breakfast, we went on Jungle River Cruise for a ride. Marcus didn’t like to go on this ride as they are some shocking scenes appeared.

We then proceed to Tomorrowland. Hubby brought Marcus went for a car ride. The queue was long and they waited for more than 20 minutes.

After we had our late lunch, we back to Main Street, USA as to catch the parade. The parade starts at 3.30pm. After that, we shopped at Disney shop. Marcus so excited when he sees those toy cars, trains. In the end, we got him a Disney train and a box of toy cars.  


It’s a small world

Last, we went on a sail to enjoy scenes with mini costumed dolls and Disney characters singing the classic tune in Fantasyland again. We missed this on the first day in Disneyland as we rushed to catch for the train ride. It’s almost 5.30pm. We back to hotel and waited for the driver to transfer us to the airport. We arrived in LCCT at 12.15am.  That’s all for our 5 days 4 nights trip in Hong Kong.  

More pics HERE…..

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