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Keep fit, keep fit

Tuesday 31 March 2009 @ 5:42 pm

I forced hubby to do exercise at home when he is back from work every day since few months ago. Guess what, he was so keen to do it, but just for a month. When he is doing exercise, our little boy also followed. It’s so happy to see him doing exercise, he is so cute. Just imagine little kid is doing sit-up. LOL!!! I should snapped some photos but I forgot about it. *slap head*

Hubby is so busy with his work, most of the time come home late. He is so tired and lazy to do it. Gosh, his tummy looks like those pregnant women who are in second trismester. He is double my weight now. I’m thinking to get him try colon cleanse. Anyone try it before?

Anyway, I’m sure my hubby won’t take it. Even if he takes it, also not every day, so no use to buy for him actually. Now, I keep telling him keep fit, keep fit whenever he comes back from work.

Hong Kong – Day 3

Monday 30 March 2009 @ 5:55 pm

@@@ 24 March 2009 @@@

Mummy, I want the soft drink…..Please get it for me from daddy

All of us woke up late at 9.30am after the tiring day tour.  After having breakfast in Mcdonald near the Tsim Sha Tsui pier, it’s about 15 minutes walk from our hotel, we took the Star Ferry ride over to the Wan Chai ferry pier, HK Island. Actually I purposely planned for Marcus as he likes to ride on ferry.   

We’re going to stop at Wan Chai Pier

View of HK Island

We then walked again to Times Square shopping mall at Causeway Bay. It’s great to walk around than taking MRT or taxi since the weather is so nice that day with temperature about 20 degrees.

My mother and mother in law enjoyed coffee in the mall while I’m walking around. I really can’t shop there as all are branded stuffs with shocking price. Besides that, Marcus pulled me back to have a cup of coffee. He didn’t want his daddy’s pocket on fire. LOL!!! But at last, I got myself a new design of purse from Esprit. :-P  


As for our lunch, I brought them to have wanton noodle. I read a review from a blog that said about this Wanton noodle restaurant at Causeway Bay. It’s called Mak Kee’s at Jardine Bazaar road. The wanton noodle is different from what we eat in Malaysia. Just see the wantoon with big prawn. Oh, yummy!  

Then, we went to Tsim Sha Shui by MRT and back to hotel for a rest. After dilly dally, we headed to Avenue of Stars again. It’s also 15 minutes walk from our hotel, which is near Tsim Sha Shui pier. We can’t watch the Symphony of Lights show on the first day, so I decided to go there on the second day. Luckily no raining that night. The Hong Kong skyline at night is so beautiful.  

After the show, Marcus decided want me to snap some photos for him. He was so excited and happy even he does not have enough sleep.

I like this photo much…..

Marcus with po po and mah mah

After that, we went for our dinner at New World Centre shopping mall, which is near to the Avenue of Stars. We shopped around for some snacks then back to hotel. That’s all for our third day in Hk. Stay tune for more updates about HK Disneyland. :-)

More pics HERE…..

Hong Kong – Day 1 & 2

Friday 27 March 2009 @ 11:23 pm

Yes, we’re back from our Hong Kong trip yesterday. Marcus is so happy and he keeps telling me that he wants to go again especially to Disnelyland.  Well, the weather in Hong Kong is just so nice with the temperature around 20 degrees.

@@@ 22 March 2009 @@@

We got on a flight and arrived in Hong Kong at 8pm. We’re glad that we can arrived at HK International airport 15 minutes earlier as schedule. This was the second time Marcus taking the airplane. He was so excited when the airplane taking off as he knows that he will be in Hong Kong soon.

We thought to take our dinner in the airport, but our one day tour guide in a rush to transfer us to Kimberley hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. It tooks 45 minutes drive from the airport. After we checked in, we took our dinner nearby the hotel. Of course we walked around after dinner as most of the shops close late. That’s all for our first day in Hong Kong.

@@@ 23 March 2009 @@@  

We started our half day tour at 8am. It’s so early, right? That’s why I like free & easy trip. We had our breakfast at one of the dim sum restaurants at Tsim Sha Shui. The dim sum was disapointing. Then, we visited the Golden Bauhinia Square, situated outside of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Bauhinia is actually a type of flower, and this is also the city flower for Hong Kong.

With my mother and mother in law.

Marcus and mummy

Next, we went to the Repulse Bay. The bay was also called Tsin Shui Wan or Shallow Water Bay. I was told by the tour guide that it is the best feng shui place in Hong Kong. The beach is clean and the environment is so relaxing. I think that is why many HK entertainment celebrities like to stay there.  

Nice beach with relaxing environment

Besides the beach, there is a temple with a Giant buddha. Of course it’s not the Giant Buddha in Tung Chung. Leaving Repulse Bay, we headed over to Aberdeen, home of Hong Kong’s famous floating restaurants and the floating fishing village.

Can you see the Jumbo floating restaurant? This restaurant is huge and beautiful at night when it’s all lit up, but the food isn’t spectacular and very expensive too.

Hubby insisted to take the optional tour which brought us to Ladies market, The Avenue of Stars, The Peak, entrance fees for Madame Tussauds after the half day tour. It costs HKD370 for an adult and HKD290 for a kid including a dinner.   

It was about 5pm when we reached Ladies market. Marcus is extremely tired and he just sleep in the stroller. My mother and mother in law felt tired too and they take care of Marcus while hubby and I walked around to crave some famous local snacks.   

Taking nap

 Ladies market

The weather was pretty cold and windy at The Avenue of Stars. We spent only half an hour before we go to one of the HK restaurants for dinner. We were unable to watch the Symphony of Lights, as it starts at 8pm.

Faster, we want to get into bus, it’s so cold here….

Jackie Chan’s hands print

After dinner, we headed to Victoria Peak by bus. We went to Madame Tussauds wax museum of course.  My mother was so excited to see all her favourite celebrities in wax. She took many photos with them.

Photo with Jackie Chan ??? No, it’s a wax model at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum :-P

Bee Yong Joon – Korea famous artist. Someone asked me to hug him and snap photo like that…don’t jeolous, dear, it’s just a wax model. LOL!!!

 Daddy wants to fight with Bruce Lee ??? Nah, don’t play play….

We were unlucky that day as the sky was not clear to see the Hong Kong night view from the peak. Back to hotel at 10.30pm. We were extremely tired for the whole day trip.   

Holiday End

Friday 27 March 2009 @ 5:54 pm

We’re back from our vacation yesterday. We were tired but enjoyed the trip a lot especially Marcus. He learnt much things after the trip which cannot find it in the books. It’s definitely a good experience for him. He told me that he wants to go Hong Kong again.

Holiday is end and he will back to school again next week. Hopefully he can wake up early and not late to school.  It’s actually good for Marcus goes to school as he won’t sitting in front of the TV every now and then.

Talking about our trip, I’m going to update it soon and each post will be quite long and full with photos. Hope you don’t feel boring to read it. Phew!

We walked quite a lot during the trip and luckily we brought a stroller for Marcus or else we have to carry him whole day. We did shopping but not grab many things as the stuffs there are too expensive especially those branded one of course even they are having sales or discount for us.

When we’re shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui, while we brought Marcus searching for his favourite toy cars, hubby went to look for some iphone accessories, I wonder if he wants to get me an iphone. Of course he is not as he knows that I’m not fancy in those stuffs. :-P

No school holidays ?

Wednesday 18 March 2009 @ 5:50 pm

It’s school holidays now. I thought I can wake up late, but I am not. Marcus is going to school during school holidays. No, not that I force him to take the one week school holiday programme, but he is the one who wants go to school. Since he goes to school, I have some time to accompany my friend to look for discount sofas. She will move to a new house soon.

Hubby and I thought to let him enjoy the holiday, but our boy keeps telling me that he wants go to school. :-P May be he still don’t understand what is mean by holiday. He is the one who can’t sit quietly to do homework (coloring and tracing), so I know he wants to play and have fun with his friends. Well, I’m okie with his performance in school even though his teacher said that he is the slowest in the class. LOL!!! He is still young to do homework. Just let him enjoy his childhood life, no point to force him.

I run my tuition centre before, there are parents who send their children, only 3 years old, some of them are below that age to my centre. Of course we accepted them as the course is suitable for that age. I felt very pity with the children too as they went for school the whole day, and night time came to my centre for tuition. Sigh!

Some of my previous students more worst, they are in primary school, but attended many courses, like computer class, art class, mental arithmetic class, piano class, swimming class, school tuition and centre tuition. They are not interested in some courses, but their mother wanted them to join, hoping that they can have something extra skills besides getting good result. There are few students who very closed to me told me about their busy life. Luckily my centre is not teaching them in the old fashioned way, but learning while playing technique. They’re happy when came to my centre.

Anyway, we will have our holidays next week. :-)

My stuff, his new toy

Thursday 12 March 2009 @ 6:39 pm

Daddy and mummy bought a new luggage bag last week. Guess what, it is a new toy for my little boy. He likes to pull, stroll here and there, busy with it and tell me that it is same like his friends. Yes, some of his friends are bringing school bag strollers to school and he treats it as his school bag like his friends too. *slap head*

At first I thought he does not know what is the use of the luggage bag. But he took it and told me that he wanted to go Hong Kong, and asked me to put all his clothes inside the bag. LOL!!! Oh, we will go Hong Kong for vacation soon.


Mummy, I want to go Hong Kong…..

Marcus knows that if we need to go Hong Kong, we have to go by aeroplane. That is why he tells me that he wants to go Hong Kong every now and then, so that he can fly in the aeroplane again.

Matta Fair will start tomorrow, I’m sure they are many cheap flight tickets and tour packages on sale. If you are busy to go to PWTC, you can call up toll free.  

Bento Fun #26

Tuesday 10 March 2009 @ 6:19 pm

I’m so slow in my bento post as I was too busy for the past few days. I didn’t think of making bento for Marcus today but he is asking for it when I fetch him back from school.   

I decided make a simple bento for him before he takes his lunch. I checked through the fridge and just got sausage, ham and fruits. Mummy will go for groceries shopping tonight.   

The simple bento I prepared for my boy once he is back from school – sausage, chicken and pork ham, jackfuit and banana

It took me less than half an hour to prepare. Marcus was so happy and walloped all the food. I’m not going to buy any sausages and hams this month even my hubby likes it much. He is 80+kg now which is double of my weight. Sigh! Should I get him the best weight loss pills ?

Our anniversary

Wednesday 4 March 2009 @ 6:14 pm

It’s our anniversary yesterday, nothing special, no flower nor gift, but I’m glad that we celebrating it together with Marcus. I thought to enjoy our dinner at home since it’s raining, but hubby insisted want to dine out. So, we went to Josephine, a new cafe & bistro at Ipoh Garden South which I want to go on Valentine’s day, but it’s fully booked that day.


 Delicious dinner


Funny pics for mummy before the food served :-P

Boy, what are you looking at ? Dreaming your girlfriend ? LOL!

My kid was happy that he can go out. He thought we just go for a dinner, and can’t understand what anniversary means of course. All he knew was he can enjoy his food. I supposed want to snap a family photo, but when food is served, we are so hungry to eat. Once back home, hubby was busy with his work and I totally forgot about it.  

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