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Bento fun #25 : His favourite lunch

Thursday 26 February 2009 @ 5:59 pm

I know Marcus is bored to have rice, porridge or noodles as lunch lately. Even if he can finish his meal, but he takes very long time. Sometimes he watches cartoons while having his lunch. It is a very bad habit and I hate it a lot. He is so stubborn and refuse to sit on high chair and eat.

Since I’m free after fetch him to school this morning, I went for groceries shopping and make a lunch bento for him. Before he has his bento, he took a stick of yogurt ice cream, a bottle of yakult, a cup of fresh orange & apple juice and some papayas after back from school. I think it’s too much for him, no wonder he want to poo after that. LOL!!!

It is a simple lunch bento with corn, pork ham, chicken ham, sausage, nori, carrot, sweet Japanese potatoes and strawberries.

He walloped all except the nori I placed on the sausage. I also served him a bowl of vege soup which is not in the photo. He showed me thumb up and sit in the high chair to finish it. He does not like nori/seaweed and spilt out once he taste it. He told me that he wants to vomit to eat this. LOL!!!

Saturday fun

Monday 23 February 2009 @ 5:51 pm

It’s another Saturday and I thought to bring Marcus to my parents house, but I was not. We stayed at home while waiting hubby comes back from work.

I don’t need to shout when I bathe for him nowdays. He likes to brush his teeth after I brain storming him about his tooth decay. LOL!!!


 Finally, he brushes his teeth twice a day

Household products from Neways – toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent

I have changed my family personal care, household products to Neways. Hubby, Marcus and I are using these products for months. Do you really care about the ingredients in the products you are using now? I do really care about it as most products are made from harmful ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which we can see in most shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste.

As the number of cancer cases increased day by day, we should take more precaution. Prevent better than cure, right? I don’t hope to look for a Mesothelioma lawyer later.

Ahhh, I know may be you are boring about it. Let’s change topic. LOL!!! Marcus wants my camera after bathe. He wants to look like mummy. Ok, let him try to snap some photos for me. And this is the best photo he snapped.

This photo taken by Marcus, not bad huh?

Then, he wants me to snap a photo for him.

 I just spend my time with Marcus without doing my things when he does not go to school.

Mummy goes shopping

Sunday 22 February 2009 @ 5:58 pm

I’m too lazy and my mind is completely blank to think of what to write about conversion rate optimization. I’m thinking about my family trip to Hong Kong next month. For more information and updates, you can check through my travel blog.

It’s just about two weeks after Chinese New Year, but I did shopping for Marcus again. My mother in law even told the sales girl that I can open a kid boutique. LOL!!! Actually I thought to buy some long sleeves clothes as March is the beginning of Spring in Hong Kong.  

I better save up more money and hopefully I can get some new stuffs for Marcus when we’re shopping in Hong Kong. I wonder if they’re still having sales that time? 

Complaints from teachers

Thursday 19 February 2009 @ 5:35 pm

Gosh, It’s just few months that Marcus attended school, but I received complaints from his teachers today. Actually his class teacher told me that he is very slow in term of coloring and tracing line, well the slowest in the class days ago. LOL!!! I did explain to him and hopefully he will improve later. Though he is still young, why so rush if not I will make myself in stress

Today, when I fetch him to school, I have a talk with the school principal and his class teacher. What I got from them are :

- He has lot of works yet finish in the class. He wants to get attention from teachers, that is why he always tell teacher that he does not know how to do.

- He is not concentrate while doing work like coloring and tracing line. He wants teacher to hold his hands or else his soul will fly to other places.

- He has lot of demands, like to ask for sweets and snacks from teachers even his friends too.

Well, I still can accept these complaints from school. Even the principal told me other students (same class but came in Jan) also faster than him and know how to trace line. I’m glad that the principal told me that his communication and singing improved a lot. He likes activities instead of sitting in the class doing homework.

At home, he likes coloring these days. May be he heard too much complaints from his teacher to me. LOL!!! He even asks my MIL to sit beside him and coloring together. Guess what he talks to my MIL before start coloring?  

Marcus : Come, come, I ask you to sit down here and coloring, ok? You color this and I help you to color that. You don’t play and faster color your work. You don’t finish, I scold you later.  

OMG, he follows what his teacher says in the class. LOL!!! Should I worry, angry, laugh or excited with him ??? He doesn not want my MIL goes anywhere even toilet while he is “teaching” her coloring. Frankily, with an active and talkative kid at home, we really don’t need any weight loss products.

Bento fun #24 : Valentine’s gift

Sunday 15 February 2009 @ 4:51 pm

I had a special surprise for hubby and kid on valentine’s day this year. No, not that I have bought hubby a valentine’s gift, but a lovely valentine’s bento.

When I received a Valentine’s card from Marcus on Friday, I thought of making a bento for him, but accidentally I got an idea to make a valentine’s bentos for them. I even suggested it to my friend as well. LOL!!!

Here is hubby’s bento :

Heart shaped homemade wholemeal bread with ham and cheese, and some heart shapes of colorful decoration sugar on top. Since it’s a valentine’s bento, so I try to make it all in red. Others are strawberries, cherry tomatoes, heart shape chocolates too.

I’m not quite satisfy with the bento I made actually, because hubby is waiting it to go work. I’m in a rush to prepare it. Hubby tells me it’s so nice and cute when he opens it in the car. He walloped it all before reach his office.  

For my kis’s bento, I have more time for the decoration. Too bad that he is not feeling well yesterday. He can’t finish all but only ham, strawberries and heart shape chocolates.

It’s almost the same with his daddy’s bento. I mean the food, but I added some seedless grapes instead of cherry tomatoes. He doesn’t like to eat nowadays. Two heart shape wholemeal bread with a teddy bear girl and a teddy bear boy ham on top, along with their seedless grapes friends. :-P

Well, I didn’t make it for myself, but I received my valentine’s gift from hubby. I was not happy with the gift as I told him not to buy anything for me. Somemore the gift is not worth at all. Actually he got me a new Celcom broadband last week. 

At night, we went to David’s Diner restaurant for our dinner. All are couples except us with a kid along. LOL!!! The environment quite nice with songs but Marcus sings loud while having our valentine’s set dinner dessert, ice cream. So you can imagine our romantic dinner with everyone looking at us. LOL!!!

After the dinner, we went to my parents house. Yeah, we had another part, we went for a midnight movie. That’s all for our Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Friday 13 February 2009 @ 5:21 pm

When I picked up Marcus today, he gave me a card. It’s a Valentine card for daddy and mummy. Marcus did the coloring and other done by his teacher. LOL!!! Ok lah, he is just 3 years old, I can’t expect too much.

Tomorrow will be Valentine’s day. Hubby and I won’t have a big celebration on this day normally. We might go out for a dinner with Marcus as well. So, I can image it’s not a romantic dinner, but an “aeroplane” dinner. Well, I told hubby not to buy anything for me, so do I. But I will give them a surprise. It’s simple, but meaningful, warm and priceless.

 A Valentine’s card for daddy and mummy !!!

Can you see the lipstick on below right ??? It’s Marcus’s lip….so cute! :-P

This card is not for sale. It’s priceless….

Here, we wish all of you “Happy Valentine’s Day” !!!

Cycling at the park

Wednesday 11 February 2009 @ 6:18 pm

Marcus loves cycling. He got a new bicycle as birthday present from his grandparents weeks ago. We decided to bring him cycling at the park near our house yesterday. It was the first time that he cycled out from the house, most of the time, he will just cycle in car porch or living room only. We managed to wake him up from his afternoon nap though he is still blur on the way to the park.

A lot of people will come here for jogging, but not yesterday as it’s going to rain when we reached. The weather didn’t spoil our mood, we can have some fresh air and walked for fun while Marcus is happily cycling on his own.

Here is the best place for him to cycle than at home. See, he is so happy and enjoy. Hubby said he will bring his bicycle and cycling with Marcus next time. Let see when is the “next time”…. :-P

Hubby met his friend who come for jogging. He told hubby that Marcus is very look alike with him even when looking from their back. Huh, really ? Many people said that they are very look alike, of course though they are father and son. Afterall, no paternity test needed to prove them. LOL!!!

Bento fun #23 : I’m back

Tuesday 10 February 2009 @ 6:26 pm

Chinese New Year ended yesterday and I’m back to preparing bentos again after a long break. I have stopped myself from buying bento gadgets again as I’m not the one who prepare bentos every day. Since the current economy is so bad, it is better not to spend on unnecessary things. I really hope that I can control myself. :-P

It takes time unless I fix it with fruits only, without decoration. I have to prepare all by myself, no maid to help me anymore. Luckily my MIL helped me to fry chicken today, not always of course. LOL!!!

My boy’s bento with rice, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, baby corn, lettuce and fried chicken with soya sauce.

When Marcus hears that there’s chicken for his lunch, he run to me. He walloped all except the lettuce though it’s quite bitter. He must be very hungry after school. I also had all these for my lunch too, but without decoration. LOL!!!

Lion dance performance in school

Friday 6 February 2009 @ 12:44 pm

Marcus and I woke up early today as we need to reach school before 9am. There is a lion dance performance for all children and parents. When we reach school, I thought to go in with him, but he refused. I hid myself just like other parents. Before the performance start, they had a group singing and dancing. I noticed that he is not concentrate but looking at other children who are crying at the back. *slap forehead*

Until he hear the sound of drum, his soul is back. LOL!!! He is so excited and showing action just like he is performing the lion dance. All parents are invited to go in and I stood behind the children. Finally Marcus saw me, he didn’t cry or smile when see me but continue enjoy the lion dance.

Everyone is getting ready to see the lion dance, can you see where is Marcus ???

He is sitting in the first row with his schoolmates. He can see and touch the “lions” too. I surprised that he was not scared with them, I thought he will cry. I guess I think too much non sense. :-P After the performance, the principal arranged group photos with the “lions”.

I saw newspapers that lots of people invite lion dance to be performed at their home, office or factory even though economy is bad nowadays. Since Marcus likes lion dance so much, I wonder if there is lion dance franchise, so that hubby can invest as a investor. LOL!!!

Light performance

Thursday 5 February 2009 @ 5:16 pm

Hubby was busy on the eve of the eve of Chinese New Year, as he had to attend his company annual lunch and my parents’ friend’s company annual dinner. Hubby received a box of KFC and some promotional items from his company. He is bored with that thought it’s the same every year. I told him not to complain much, afterall he has something back home, right?

At night, we had a company annual dinner with my family. This time Marcus wasn’t sit quietly like before. After the second dish, he wanted to get down and play. Since we were sitting near the stage, he run, jumped and played around. My father even gave him a mircophone to show off, but he just say something that we didn’t understand at all. :-P

Show time with his Kong Kong

I’m glad that Marcus no more scare when facing the crowd, but also depend on his mood too. We rushed home as we had another gathering with friends after Marcus went to bed.

CNY celebration

Tuesday 3 February 2009 @ 10:34 pm

I thought I will update my blog during CNY, but I really busy during that time until I don’t have time to meet up with some of my relatives too. :-P Well, I’m still in the CNY mood, how about you all? I hope you have a great celebration this year.  

Gosh, I forgot to snap photos on the first day of CNY, quite busy stucked in the kitchen and prepared myself before visit to my parents house. Nothing special on that day thought I can only meet up with my relatives and friends the next day onwards.

It was Marcus 3rd birthday on the second day of CNY, which is 27th. I supposed not to throw him a birthday party, but since we met up for dinner gathering with all hubby’s relatives and my family, so I decided to give my kid a surprise, a Thomas tank engine birthday cake. More pics HERE…

Thomas tank engine birthday cake for Lit Ean (Marcus)

He likes the cake so much and we had a great celebration that night. Hubby and I bought him a Thomas train toy and a new bicycle from his Kong Kong and Po Po.

Too many cameras in front of us, Marcus is looking at his Suk Suk’s camera…..

Hubby’s cousins, brother, sister, brother in law and sister in law…

Marcus likes his new bicycle much as you can see in the photos. Just less than an hour, he knows how to ride on it.  You might be surprised why his Kong Kong got him the bicycle in pink color, is it because he is giving me a hint to get a baby girl? Of course he is not. Actually there are pink and black bicycles, since he doesn’t like black, that is why he got Marcus the pink one.

With his cousin, Noel

With hubby’s cousin


With my cousins, Zi Zi and Chu Chu

The next day, another cake for Marcus from his Po Po. Actually my mother bought it as to give to my relative, but since Marcus likes to blow candles and cake cutting, just let him have fun.

Another birthday celebration at home

I had a great time to meet up with my ex-school mates. Again, I forgot to snap photos. Too enjoy with the chit chatting section. Some of my relatives and friends carried their Delsey luggage back home on the 4th day of CNY. I wonder when can I meet them up again?

Oh, hubby and I slept late during CNY. We went to friends’ house for gathering and of course gambling too, just for men, ok. Now, both of us having pairs of panda eyes. LOL!!!

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