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Bento Fun #15

Saturday 29 November 2008 @ 5:00 pm

It’s a long school holidays for Marcus till next year. I let him enjoy it even his school is having holiday programme for students in December. Nowadays, he always ask me to make bento for him, with or without decoration he is happy too. He wants to be like his father, brings bento and goes to work every day. Well, he will put his bento in his kiddie car and pretend to go work. LOL!!! Hopefully I can make great bentos for him during this school holiday if he doesn’t disturb me while I’m fixing the bentos.

Yesterday, I decided to ask my maid to have fried mee hoon for our lunch. I’m not good in fried noodles, so I just steamed other ingredients like carrot, mushrooms and filament sticks for decoration. :-P

Fried mee hoon with white mushroom as hair, flower shaped carrot as eyes, fish ball as nose, filament sticks as mouth and little hands

There are some green vege and bean sprouts hidden under the fried mee hoon. Marcus can’t finish all the fried mee hoon and mushroom only. Yes, I know it’s too much for him. So I ate the leftover. Don’t waste!

Mummy’s birthday celebration

Friday 28 November 2008 @ 5:53 pm

Yes, as predicted I went to have a dinner with hubby. We went to a romantic place for dinner without kid. At first, we’re thinking whether we should bring him along. We are not bad to leave him with his po po, but as I mentioned in my earlier post, he is scare to go in any restaurants and shops these days. He will cry and jump as not to step in. I really don’t know why and can’t understand. He told me nothing when I ask him why he is so scare to go in.  

We celebrated birthday with Mummyinvain and her family as her husband is same birth date with me. Hubby thought we can have time to “pak toh”, but ended with our friends together. LOL!!! 

Not ’shiok’ without our kid around :(

Birthday cake from Mummyinvain to her husband, but they ask me to take a photo first…

Hubby doesn’t want to buy me a birthday cake first as he wants to bring Marcus to choose a cake for me after the dinner. So, we went to Secret Recipes but too bad it closed at 10pm sharp. I said never mind without a birthday cake, but hubby dare to get it at Yeolde English. Of course the cake not as delicious as secret recipes, but I still very happy.  

Marcus very excited when he sees the cake. Oh, the cake was not chose by him as he’s scare to get down from the car. What happened to him ??? He was so keen wanted to open it to see the cake, but actually he wanted to blow candles and cut the cake only.

Getting ready to blow the candles

Must have a family photo first


You might wonder what my hubby gave me as my birthday gift this year. Hubby told me that he will give me a “huge & heavy” present soon. Well, it’s not a Coach bag or Rolex watch even I hope so, but it’s something that we can’t carry in hands. Actually I know what is the gift, but don’t want say it here first. *secret* :-P I let you all guess it first, will announce it once I really get the present.

To my hubby, thank you for the fabulous birthday gift for me. I know actually you also want it too….

Mummy turns 31 today

Thursday 27 November 2008 @ 5:58 pm

Mummy turns 31 today. Of course Marcus doesn’t know my birthday unless daddy shows him a birthday cake (hopefully) later. I’m still thinking whether my hubby will buy me a birthday cake. You might ask me if my hubby has given me any surprises. No, till now I yet to receive anything. *getting angry liao* LOL!!!

A wish, a kiss and a big hug only. Is that enough for me? Emmmm, still ok but it is good if I can receive a birthday cake and surprise gift from him.

Actually we have to attend hubby cousin’s wedding dinner today, but hubby doesn’t want to go. He said he wants to have a candle light dinner (hopefully) with me. Let see if my dream will come true tonight. :-P

Curtain fever

Wednesday 26 November 2008 @ 5:49 pm

Who’s kid doesn’t like to pull curtain ? My kid is a terrible two and drive me nuts almost every day. I know he makes something as to get my attention like pulling and hiding behind curtain in my bedroom. I did used soft and hard method, but not work at all.

So, I’m thinking to change my curtain to bamboo shades before Chinese New Year. But after discussed with hubby, he asked me to wait till we buy another new house. Huh, how long do I need to wait? I still think it’s better to change it first before the whole rod falls down. LOL!!!

Bento Fun #14

Tuesday 25 November 2008 @ 11:36 am

I woke up earlier than usual as to prepare bentos for my kid and hubby yesterday. Both bentos look slightly different from what I do for them every day. My hubby always go outstation, sometimes he will skip his breakfast or lunch if he is very busy. Gosh, he will only have his meal once he finished his work. It’s not good for his health. So, I think I have to make bento for him every day except Saturday and Sunday.

Left (Marcus): cherry tomatoes, milk biscuits and banana cake

Right (hubby): cherry tomatoes, corn and banana cake with flower cheese on top, a banana (not shown)

I know my kid can’t finish his bento in the school. Most of the time I will ask him to finish it before reach home. My hubby is a big eater, but I think it’s enough for him as his breakfast. I can add two slices of bread, but how to lose weighs if he eats too much? LOL!!!

Hubby called me after he saw the bento. He laughed because of the flower cheese, look so cute. He told me it is great to have a cup of espresso too. I told him to buy two espresso machines, so that he can enjoy it while at home and when we’re at my parents’ house too.  

Bento Fun #13 : Not finish bento

Sunday 23 November 2008 @ 6:07 pm

I thought not to post this bento at first as I haven’t finish fix it. But this bento is quite different from others I made, so I decided to post it finally. Too bad it’s not well decorate. :-(

While I prepare the bento yesterday, Marcus and his cousin sister see me took out the food. They run towards me and grabbed the food. I just simply fix it and have a quick snap before they grab all the food out. *fainted* (very messy and noisy that time) LOL!!!

Bento for tea time

Corn with cheese bear on top, cherry tomatoes, bear shaped biscuits and marshmallows (for one person only), another set not even manage to fix it.

His daddy bought those marshmallows in Jusco. I really don’t like my kid eats those junk food. Once in a while it’s fine, but not always. I scolded hubby even though it’s his first time bought for Marcus.

His achievement, my excitement

Sunday 23 November 2008 @ 5:20 pm

I admit that I’m quite worried about my kid when he was 1 year old. He didn’t crawl like other toddlers that time, don’t say about walk. He used his buttock to move most of the time. He only knows how to walk when he was 18 months old. Quite slow, right? I thought to bring him to see doctor too that time. But many elders told me that those who walk slow at his age has good fortune. Do you believe it ? I’m not too believe that. 

Well, his speech development improved a lot after he goes to school. He is very ‘talkative’ now. His talk really make me happy and excited. I told my hubby not to drive fast as Marcus is eating biscuits last week. Since then, he tells his daddy whenever he eats something in the car :

Daddy, don’t drive fast, Marcus wants to eat raisins/drink water.

I really can’t believe that he follows what I have said before. Kids really can follow well what their parents did and spoke.

I read story books to him whenever he goes to sleep. He likes Tom and Kate story books after Peter and Jane nowadays.  I have to read few books to him. Very tiring and sore throat after the reading. I feel very boring to read as he takes the same books to me every time. I even can close my eyes and read out. LOL!!! I don’t know why he likes the books very much, though the story quite boring too. :-P

There are questions on the last page of each book, and to my surprise, he can answer them. Of course he still can’t recognise the words, but through pictures I think.   

Questions from one of the story book

I don’t know what other kids at such age, may be they can answer the questions earlier than my kid. But for me, I’m really proud of him now. 

One week to go

Saturday 22 November 2008 @ 5:20 pm

Marcus will only start his long school holidays after next week, but he is more like enjoying his holidays now. At first I thought to let him join holiday programme in school, but I changed my mind. He is still very young, I can let him join the programme next year too, right? 

If I let him go to school during school holidays, he can’t play much with his friends, our neighbour’s kids. It’s been quite sometimes that he didn’t meet up with his cousin sister, so I can bring him to my parents’ house and hopefully they can have fun like take bath and watch Barney together. 

I still thinking if hubby is free to go travel next month, of course we are not going to enjoy Las Vegas Shows, may be one day will do. If we don’t go anywhere, I’m sure my kid will still happy staying at home too.

“Somebody” disturbing Marcus

Friday 21 November 2008 @ 11:42 am

My kid is a shy boy when he is outside but not at home. He cried for the first two weeks when he goes to school in August, but after that he never cry at all in the school. He is a quiet boy in front of his teachers, but very talkative since last month. He seldom want to talk but observe whatever the teachers doing or teaching in the school. He sings song and dance when he is back home. He told me that his teacher taught him like that. I’m really glad to hear that.

But things not go well recently. He cries when I fetch him to school. Teacher told me that he cried and didn’t want to go in the computer class. I was shocked as he likes to play computer. Besides that, he cries to ask us go home whenever we bring him out. He cries and doesn’t want to go in to restaurants and shops. We really headache when bring him out nowadays. He even cries and doesn’t want to go in to my parents’ house. What’s wrong with him ??? Any parents facing this problem before ???

Last night, my parents came and brought us to Kopitiam. Of course he cried and didn’t want to go in. We ended having our meal along the corridor. My father said must be ”something” disturbing him. My parents decided to bring my grandmother to look for a famous “shen poh” (those who knows what happened between human and spirit) this morning.

Guess what, my mother called and told me that our ancestors (hubby’s grandparents) came and looked for my boy. Gosh., so scary, huh??? That’s why my kid cries whenever he goes out. Kids can easily see those “things” than adults. I’m not sure, do you believe it or not? So, my mother told me to say to “them” not to touch my kid if “they” want to see their greatgrandson when my kid is sleeping. Of course I talk to the air, hope “they” can listen. Aiyo, very scare lah, ”they” really come to my house? May be my kid saw “them” in school, so he didn’t want to go in the computer class?? So many question marks in my mind now.

Besides that, I have been warned not to let him play water by himself this two months. I never ever let him play or swim by himself. So, I’m not worried about it. I can’t let pregnant women touched him. How ?Somemore my kid is not allow to attend fullmoon party this two months. *fainted*

The “shen poh” said that my kid is a good boy. I’m glad to hear that. LOL!!! So, should I bring him go travel as a reward for him ?  Where to go? Let me discuss with hubby tonight, so I can arrange it and buy travel insurance together.

Bento Fun #12

Tuesday 18 November 2008 @ 4:54 pm

Marcus didn’t want to get up and he cried when reached school this morning. I should just pass him to his teacher. But I don’t know what’s wrong with me and fetch him home. I thought to buy some fresh vegetables at Tesco, but ended went home for breakfast.

My mother in law asked me what to prepare for him as lunch. I know he is bored with rice, porridge and pasta. Since there is some drumsticks in the fridge, so I just prepared something different for his lunch today.

 Fried drumstick with soya sauce, egg bread in bear shape and mix vegetables

I also have the same set for my lunch too. LOL!!! It’s the first time I used the seaweed puncher to play in the bento. I like the leaf baran as decoration in the bento. It makes the food look “lively”.

Marcus can’t finish the mix vegetables in the food cup, but the whole drumstick and egg bread. I think it’s more than enough for him as he took a chocolate biscuit and a bottle of Yakult before he takes his lunch. 

Our weekend to Genting Highlands

Monday 17 November 2008 @ 5:48 pm

A surprised trip brought us to Genting Highlands last Saturday. Hubby got two free VIP tickets of Hacken Lee’s concert from his friend.  I can’t believe it when hubby asked me to pack luggage until I saw the tickets. LOL!!!

Hubby asked my parents and mother in law to go along with us as to take care of Marcus while we enjoyed the concert. Too bad huh? No, we don’t have extra tickets, kids above two years old have to pay. Somemore my kid will bored and do nothing during the concert.

My brother also bought tickets and enjoyed the concert with his wife too. What a coincidence! We went together and reached the hall on time.

Hacken Lee’s concert


Nice show

Hacken Lee’s son at 4 months old ~ now 1 year old

We’re sitting at the sixth row from the stage. I can’t believe that I could see Hacken Lee so close, but I can’t snap nice photos on him as he dance, run, jump here and there.

Hubby and I left 10 minutes earlier before the concert ends as Marcus is crying for sleep. Since it was a last minute trip and all hotels are fully booked, we decided to stay a night at Hotel Eastin in KL. Luckily hubby booked the hotel earlier. Yes, we drove down the hill during midnight. :-P

We went for our lunch at 1 Utama. Marcus started to play tantrum until he took his lunch. I can’t shop much, just managed to buy some new clothes for him.

With Thomas train

So concentrate navigate the boat

Before leaving the shopping mall

It was a heavy rain. We started our journey back to Ipoh at 4.30pm and stopped by Gopeng to have dinner. Even though it was a rush trip for us, but we have a wonderful weekend in Genting Highlands and KL.

More photos of Hacken Lee’s concert HERE……

Bento Fun #11

Friday 14 November 2008 @ 5:55 pm

Many mummies are into bento-ing nowadays. My friend asked me where to get all the bento gadgets. She wants to get some for her kid. LOL!!! Welcome to Bento World, Siew. 

She told me that most Japanese, Koreans and Thais are more value with the food’s aesthetic. Of course as they are all expert in making bento than us. But for me the food itself most important. Kids will happy and excited even just a little of decoration.

I have slow down to do bento for my kid for the past two weeks. Actually I make a VERY simple bento for my kid to bring school every day, but I think no need to snap photo and post it at this blog.  

Sweet corn bun, chocolate cookies, cube cheeses, a banana and half orange.

I fix this bento for Marcus as after school snack. I know he will eat the junk food which brought back from school. It’s Children Day today. Well, he just finish the banana and orange only. After that, he enjoyed those chocolate, raisins and sweets with his cousin sister. Fine, just let me spoilt him one day, afterall, today is his day ~ Children’s Day.  

So, I will let hubby to finish the rest of the food once he comes back from work. Gosh, no use to do sit up every night though he still eat a lot. He really wants to keep fit, may be he needs to check out with some Lipovox reviews for losing weights.

First Children Day

Friday 14 November 2008 @ 1:15 pm

Today is the last day to school before a long holiday starts. But Marcus will start his holiday only by end of this month. Well, he celebrated his first Children Day in school this morning. Parents have to prepare or cook food to let their kids to bring and share with friends.

I think most parents will prepare cakes, sandwiches, fried sausages or nuggests, jelly , most common food. I don’t want to repeat it, so I just buy few types of snacks and pack it for twenty paxes.

Oh, kids sure like them much…..

Snack bags for Marcus’s classmates

I thought to let him help me to pack the stuffs at first, but I know he will more concentrate on the snacks than helping me. So, I pack them when he is taking his nap. I explained to him what is Children’s Day, and showed him the snacks bags. I’m not sure if he understand but he screamed when he saw the snacks and of course asking for it. 

Doesn’t want to let go

He brought back lots of junk food. I thought he will back with those cake, sandwiches and sausages, but I was wrong. All parents included me bought snacks for their kids’ Children Day. It’s easy and simple. LOL!!! Each student gave one item to share with their friends, but my kid shared five items in a pack with them. Mummy was so generous on it though it’s only once in a year. :-P

My mother in law brought Noel, Marcus’s cousin sister came to our house as to share those snacks together. Gosh, I gave most of them for my maid. She likes to eat snacks much. She keeps telling us that she is very fat now and hope to take fat burner pills, but she still can’t stop taking snacks and eat every now and then.  

I dare not to give my kid eat too much junk food especially those colourful jelly and crispy snacks. If my maid doesn’t want to eat, then I will throw it in the dustbin.

Precious words from teacher

Wednesday 12 November 2008 @ 5:23 pm

I’m glad to know that Marcus learnt lots of things after he goes to school for almost 4 months. Even though I’m sad and worried to see him got flu, cough or fever for the past few months, but I have no regret. I can see his immune system is getting stronger nowadays as I always give him take more vege and fruits besides drink water and juices.

I got my kid’s teachers and principal comments these days that he starts to join his friends and become very talkative. LOL!!! Today when I fetch him from school, one of the teacher told me that he came and talked to her when she is asking questions, most of the time he just listen, saying that “I also have this”, “my mummy buy for me one” and bla bla bla….the teacher felt surprised but can’t fully understand what he talked about. Then, he turned his head left and right (he is thinking why teacher doesn’t understand what I said? ) and back to his seat. :-D

I’m so happy to hear that even just few sentences out from the teacher. It’s more precious for me than receive one of the Movado watches. Don’t you think so ?

After discussed with hubby, we decided not to send him to school for holiday programme in December. Let him rest for a month, me too. LOL!!! He has more time to play with his friends, our neighbours’ kids and cousin sisters. Actually they are not many students joining the programme, most of them will go travel instead of going to school.  

My bento tools

Wednesday 12 November 2008 @ 4:38 pm

I was so excited to see my new bento tools arrived after I’m back from my yoga class this morning. I ordered two packs of picks, smiling seaweed punchers and animals rice mold from Chooi Peng’s webstore. I didn’t get Marcus any bento lunch boxes this time as he has a lot with him. But if I can find some cute lunch boxes, I might grab it too again. LOL!!!

Here are my bento tools….but I still think not enough for me.

I haven’t start to use the new bento tools as I’m busy packing some stuffs for my kid’s Children Day on this coming Friday.  I can’t wait to prepare a bento for him. Let see if I’m free tomorrow.

Nowadays, my kid will ask for his bento before he goes to school. It’s a very simple bento that I fix for him every morning.  He is so happy to put his bento in his school bag but he always can’t finish the food. :-P

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