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Bento Fun #9

Friday 31 October 2008 @ 4:53 pm

Since my niece is staying with us, I thought of prepare a bento and give her a surprise. I don’t think her mother makes any bentos for her so far.  Her eyes turned big when I showed her the bento. Actually it’s so simple, the most difficult part is cook the dishes. :-P

It took me an hour again in the kitchen. If I want to prepare bento, I will cook all the dishes myself. I don’t like other people to help me unless I don’t know. Oppsss, become a “cooking wife” already.

This is for Marcus

Rice with carrot flower shape on top, asparagus, japanese tau fu with chicken

This is for Noel

I need my FIL to cook this time as I’m not good in cooking the japanese tau fu with chicken. LOL!!! Well, they can’t finish their own bento as they took some snacks before. But I did served them a bowl of corn soup each. Think they’re enough for their lunch.    

Two toddlers at home

Friday 31 October 2008 @ 4:16 pm

Marcus’s cousin sister, Noel is staying at our house for few days. My MIL helps to take care of her while her parents went back to Malacca to settle something. Her brother, Keith is staying with po po.

I realised Marcus has grown up a lot these days in term of speak and behaviour. Something that I can’t expect. He shares his toys and food with Noel if he is in the right mood, but he hits her when he gets angry. :-P He treats Noel as his sister and hugs her whenever he likes.  They even want to bath together. *slap head*

So sweet of them…..

Oppsss, bath together huh….

He will tell her like “this is kor kor one, cannot play, okie? ” , “Noel, come and eat”, “Noel, don’t sit there, sit here”, “Noel, go to sleep, kor kor also goes to sleep” and etc…..Even though they are same age, Marcus is older than her 6 months only, but he seems know a lot of things than her. May be because he goes to school and she is not ?  

Eat together….

My boy even helped to comb her hair after bath

My MIL, Noel and Marcus

My MIL and I have to entertain them every now and then unless they go to sleep. They don’t want the maid at all. Sometimes we feel “kepala pusing” with two toddlers at home. I mean really “pusing”. But if they don’t throw tantrum, they are sweet and cute !!!

Bento Fun #8 : Travel to Penang

Thursday 30 October 2008 @ 11:32 am

I have to pack my luggage again once we’re back from Bangkok last week. We went to Penang with my parents, my uncle and his family on Sunday. They have to attend a wedding dinner at Hai Lee Restaurant on 59th floor of Komtar Tower. We have no other choices but to stay in Cititel Hotel as most of the hotels are fully booked. Well, it’s a last minute booking for us. LOL!!!

Since we ate outside food most of the time in Bangkok, so I decided to prepare noodles as breakfast at home before we start our journey. Besides that, I also prepare a snack bento for Marcus. Actually I thought of post a bento which prepared by shoppingmum for my kid in Bangkok, but I changed my mind as the bento was not prepared by me.

Here is a bento for my kid to enjoy on the way to Penang. LOL!!!

New lunch box and bag at Daiso, Bangkok

Fried egg bread in bear shape, organic corn and cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, some kiwi and pear

This is what he likes to do when taking photos nowadays

After checked in the hotel, we took our lunch before back to hotel again for rest. Hubby and I brought my uncle’s kids to Gurney Plaza at night while they having wedding dinner. Nothing much to shop around as I have bought many stuffs in Bangkok. Somemore the stuffs here very expensive compare to Bangkok.

Baskin Robins ice cream, yummy!

This trip is more for food hunting than shopping. We have lot of outside food lately, so I better eat more at home. Since I bought many bento stuffs for my boy, so it’s time for me to show off !!! Wait for my updates, okie ?

I missed those shoppig days in Bangkok. All the clothes are so cheap there and the material is acceptable. I didn’t get any Classic UGGs boots as I don’t know where I should wear it to.  May be I will get a pair when I go for holiday in four season country next time.  

Our Bangkok trip : Part III

Wednesday 29 October 2008 @ 6:12 pm

It’s a public holiday in Thailand last Thursday, so my friends didn’t go to work, same with their kids didn’t go to school. My friend prepared noodles for their kids, and I asked for some for Marcus too. Thanks to shoppingmum !!!

She asked me to wake up at 6am and prepare bento for my kid. Gosh, I really can’t get up as I’m really tired. So, she prepared the food first and I will decorate the bento myself. But she has done for me as well when I woke up. LOL!!! Her kids seemed don’t like to share their bento box for my boy at first, but after some time they willing to share. Are most kids like that? Doesn’t like to share their things with others ??? Anyway, I got him many bento stuffs in Daiso since Marcus likes them much.  

Shoppingmum’s kids and Marcus

We actually planned to bring kids to DreamWorld, but we cancelled at last. So, my friends and I went shopping in Platinum Fashion Mall while men take care of kids.

The last day we went to Future Park as to get more bento stuffs for kids. After lunch, we shopped for a while and headed to airport. Since shoppingmum’s hubby is working, so we have to take taxi. It costs us 600 bahts.

A family photo before leaving Bangkok…..

Holding his new lunch bag all the way……

We enjoyed much but 5 days are too short in Bangkok especially if you want to go shopping. Make sure you bring many cash when you go shopping and don’t be like us shop till we broke, really broke !!!  

Our Bangkok trip : Part II

Wednesday 29 October 2008 @ 11:55 am

Again, my friends didn’t join us on the third day. It’s fine as they have to work. After breakfast we headed to one of the temple in Ayutthaya. It’s a sunny day again and all of us sweating non stop. LOL!!! We went there for praying and donation, that is why Marcus felt a bit bored. But Mummy in vain’s hubby like the temple much.

Photo of The King & The Queen

Marcus no mood to take photo, the weather is so hot !!!  

Fish feeding

Luckily we found a place where Marcus got back his mood, fish feeding. He was so concentrated to feed the fishes with bread. Anyway, he said goodbye to the fish before he leaves and didn’t do any grumpy face. :-D

Elephant rides

We told the driver to bring us for elephant rides. Since we didn’t know Thai language, so I just showed him an elephant photo which I took at Safari World. LOL!!! He understood and brought us for the ride. The elephant ride is 200 bahts per adult and free for kids.

Grand Pearl Cruise

In the cruise

At night, my friends brought us to go for a night cruise on Chao Phraya River for dinner which we have planned. We were trapped in a bad traffic. We got lost and my friends asked for the help from Thai people. Anyway, we managed to board on time.

Dining hall

Enjoy night views while having dinner 

It’s more suitable for couples instead of family. But it’s good to have such experince once. The dinner is simple, but the night view on Chao Phraya River is awesome. I didn’t snap nice photos because I’m not using those professional camera. LOL!!! More photos at my travel’s blog.  

My kid enjoyed much even he is very sleepy that time. He jumped and run here and there. We went on the upper deck after dinner for night view. If we make reservation early, we might enjoy our dinner on it while seeing the night view.

Our Bangkok trip : Part I

Tuesday 28 October 2008 @ 4:19 pm

5 days in Bangkok really too short for us especially me who wants to go shopping. Anyway, we are back home safely last Friday night. Everyone talking about the safety in Bangkok. Well, I tell you it’s nothing happen and everyone lives normal. So, Bangkok is safe for travelling. Don’t believe those bullshit news in newspapers. This is what my friend told us. :-D

We’re ready to board…..

In air plane

Too tired and sleep on the luggage bags

Marcus felt very excited when flying in the aeroplane. He didn’t have any ear pressure problem.  But he threw a tantrum when we arrived on the first day as he didn’t have enough sleep. Overall, he was a good boy throughout the trip.

Since everyone is tired on the first day, we didn’t go any other places except shopping for a while in Platinum fashion mall.  

Applying sun block himself…..

Our friends didn’t join us to go Safari World the next day as they are busy with their work. We rent a van and it costs 2800 bahts per day. Quite expensive, right? Luckily we needed it for 2 days. Thanks to Shoppingmum and her hubby be our tour guide for rest of the days.

Here are some photos taken in the Safari World…..

It’s a sunny day and everyone of us sweating non stop, but really have fun. We took about an hour to reach there from our friend’s house. Even though the park will close at 5.30pm, but many people left by 4pm.

Me and Marcus

He knows how to pose for mummy..but not smile 

Hip hop dance

My family, mummy in vain and her hubby, shoppingmum and her family

The driver fetched us to shoppingmum’s office before they take us for dinner. Our friends brought us to have Thai food, of course there are non spicy food for kids. We really ate a lot during the trip and it’s time for hubby and I to go for detox. I need to check out orovo detox reviews to get more information about detoxification.

Getting Ready To Fly

Saturday 18 October 2008 @ 6:31 pm

We will go to Bangkok just 3 of us. I don’t know about my friends, they are still considering as their kids yet to recover. Anyway, I understand their situation as they won’t have fun while their kids still suffering at home.

Yeah, I will go Bangkok soon

While I pack my luggage this afternoon, Marcus jumped in and said Go Bangkok, fly in the aeroplane. I told him that we will bring him to Bangkok for fun last week. Since then, he always ask hubby and I to bring him go Bangkok. :-P Yes, this is the first time he will see and fly in the real aeroplane. 

I know he just think that Bangkok is the place like Jusco where he can shop around to buy his toys. Recently he likes to use sticks act like baseball bats. He got this idea from Barney. LOL!!! I will try to look for baseball bats toy in Bangkok since there are more cheaper.

Mr. Beer

Saturday 18 October 2008 @ 6:08 pm

My hubby is a wonderful man. He loves his family much especially his son. He doesn’t has any bad habits like smoking or gambling except drink beer and wine. Sometimes he needs to drink every night if entertain his customers. But I advised him try to cut it down if possible. Compare to the days before married, he drinks less now. But still he has a big and rounded tummy!

Most of his friends like to drink, once they gather together, they can end up order a dozen of wine. May be I should ask them to join wine of the month club. I bet they can be the winner. As for me, I totally don’t like it because of the smell and taste.

No luck to go Bangkok

Thursday 16 October 2008 @ 1:39 pm

I should be happy that I will go for a holiday with my family and friends next week. But I’m not. My friend told me that her kids are having serious skin problem and might not join us to Bangkok. Gosh, why so many things happened and make us can’t go to Bangkok?

We have been postponed our trip once and thought we can go this time, but got to know there was a protest again in front of the Parliament house days ago. This time more serious. Most of us are worried but my friend staying there said nothing happened.

I told my friend she still can bring her kids there. We can take short distance tourist spots and go shopping malls since Bangkok is a shopping heaven too. I won’t postpone the trip again. So, what should I do now? Pack our luggage and go without thinking too much? Or not to go ? 

Anyway, I will discuss with my friend and hubby again. May be we really don’t have luck to go Bangkok! Sorry to my cousin as I can’t get you a playstation 3 if I’m not go to Bangkok.

Bento Fun #7

Wednesday 15 October 2008 @ 6:26 pm

Since hubby is away on his business trip to KL, so I asked my mother in law to have fried rice for our dinner yesterday. Not much decoration as I’m hungry and can’t wait to have my dinner with my kid too.

Top : kiwi cut into flower shape

Bottom : fried rice with mix vege, “char siew”, egg and some organic raisins on top and lettuce.

I thought Marcus won’t eat the lettuce and I’m the one who wallop it, surprisingly he ate it but not all. Better than he didn’t eat it at all.

I can’t wait to go to Bangkok for my bento stuffs shopping. My friend told me that there are many choices with cheap price. Hopefully I can grab as much as poosible.

Butterly Award

Wednesday 15 October 2008 @ 6:11 pm

Thanks to Mummy Gwen given me this wonderful award. 

Here are the rules to go with the award:-
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

I would like to pass this award to :
Mummy In Vain
Siew Ting
Mama Pumpkin
Health Freak Mommy
Pei Mun
Family First

No music class

Monday 13 October 2008 @ 6:25 pm

Hubby and I having a hard time to bring Marcus for his music class since two weeks ago. He refused to go into the class, crying and screaming “I want to go home”. All of the kids and parents looked at us. We brought him outside and explained to him, he is fine, but once we bring him in again, he started to cry. Even I gave him his favourite ribena sweets, he pushed it away. We have no choice but to leave the class earlier. He asked for the ribena sweet when we’re on the way back home.

I asked him why, he just tell me “don’t want to go music class”. I really can’t understand as he behave well all the time. Suddenly he’s so scare to join the class. We still have about 4 lessons to go before end of the term. I think I will waste the money.

Actually I will stop him once he complete his 2nd term as he is learning it in school too, also from MusikGarten. I will try to bring him again this week, let see if he still the same.

Bento Fun #6

Monday 13 October 2008 @ 5:27 pm

Saturday meant no school for Marcus, so I let him wake up a bit late. I prepared a snack bento for him as to bring it to my parents’ house. It’s a simple bento as I’m busy with house chores, somemore there were not much food left in the kitchen. I have to go Jusco for my grocery shopping later. Guess what, he walloped all as his breakfast when he sees the food.  

Cheese biscuits, chicken floss and bread with cheese

While having his breakfast, he pointed me the baran and said “Kung Fu Panda”. I wonder who taught him, may be his schoolmate? Then I remembered that he watched this movie in cinema before. :-P

Thumb up !!!

I didn’t prepare another bento for him, just cut an apple for him to eat at my parents’ house before take his lunch.

Fun time with puzzles

Friday 10 October 2008 @ 6:16 pm

I bought this 2 sets of puzzle from Jusco last year. It’s suitable for kids above 3+ years old, but I bought it because Marcus like those toy vehicles model especially car, train and aeroplane. :-P There are 6 sets of puzzle in it with 4 to 6 pieces for each puzzle.

He seems no interest after played for some times. So, I just keep it in the bookself.  I did showed him few times, but many months ago. LO!!! Well, he took it out and try to solve the puzzle step by step since last month if I’m not mistaken.  

Now, he can solve all by himself even I mix all the 30 pieces of puzzle together. He will get angry if he can’t put the puzzle nicely in the frame.  He is very expert to it, I think he don’t find them challenging anymore, so I got to find those puzzle with more pieces for him. Thinking to get him Thomas The Tank puzzle set. Oh, this is his latest lover after Barney. :-D

Bento Fun #5

Thursday 9 October 2008 @ 5:22 pm

The last few days we have been eating outside food a lot and I decided to prepare this healthy bento for Marcus today. I went to buy some vegetables and potatoes in the market. Normally my parents in law will do the job. :-P

After an hour in the kitchen, this was what Marcus has for lunch. :-D

Left : fried potatoes and minced pork with red capsicum on top

Right : star shape rice with broccoli and flower carrot.

He finished all the food but just can’t finish the broccoli. :-P I know I put too much broccoli in the lunch box. I also served him a bowl of ABC soup which was not in the photo. 

Anyway, can you see some new bento stuffs in the lunch box? Yes, it was my 2nd batch order from NST. LOL!!! I think I’m getting crazy into bentoing nowadays. :-D  

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