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An evening with friends

Thursday 28 August 2008 @ 5:09 pm

After woke up from nap, Marcus wanted to look for his friends, our neighbour’s kids. He likes to play with kids who are older than him. That is why he has no interest to play with those little kids. LOL!!! He was very excited and happy when his friends came to his house. He took out all his toys and played together with them.

It’s dinner time but my little boy didn’t let them to go home. So, my mother in law suggested that they eat together with us too. :-)

Having their yummy dinner……

Marcus ate a lot that night, may be too hungry after the play time. They went home for bath after dinner, and my boy waiting them to come back till he goes to sleep. LOL!!!

Most humorous vacation

Wednesday 27 August 2008 @ 5:25 pm

Even though I will go for a vacation in Bangkok next month, but I can’t stop my mind to think and plan my next family trip. I always hope to go to Orlando to visit my friend who migrated there for almost 10 years.

If I were to go there one day with hubby and kid, I will join one of the Orlando tours as I don’t want to stay at my friend’s house even she is kind to welcome us and be our tour guide. May be I should check on online travel guides to get more information before I really plan the trip.

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First letter from preschool

Wednesday 27 August 2008 @ 4:19 pm

I received a letter from Marcus’s principal this morning. It’s about fees payment for next month. LOL!!! Time flies and my kid had attended preschool for a month.  Besides that, I got to know that the school will have an annual concert at Ipoh Parade in October. No wonder I always see teachers train students singing and dancing before school dismiss.

Marcus won’t be joined for the coming concert as he is a new student and just adapted well at school. Actually I like my kid join such activity. It’s fun and can get experience which can’t find in the book. Too bad that he needs to wait for another year.

Bath time shots

Monday 25 August 2008 @ 5:33 pm

My sister and I went to my parents’ house last Saturday. Of course our little kids came along. We have a great time every time we meet each other. Same goes to our kids, my boy doesn’t scare of his cousin sister and even shares his toy cars.

They had a great time enjoyed bath together and didn’t want to get up. My sister helped to bath for them while I’m busy taking photos. LOL!!!

Mummy, please let me cover with bath towel before snap any photos….

Mei mei, I give you play this small blue car, okay ?

No worries…I got the big truck…. 

Isn’t she looks adorable ? :-)

They are “talked” to each other while bathing. My sister and I hope that they can talk in fluent like those Chicago personal injury lawyers when they grow up. LOL!!! We really messed up their po po’s bathroom. Luckily she hasn’t back from work.   

Marcus’s coloring papers

Friday 22 August 2008 @ 6:18 pm

I found some coloring papers in Marcus’s school bag today. I thought the principal will let students bring back their exercise papers and books end of the year. Anyway, I didn’t get to see any books in his school bag so far except few pieces of coloring papers.  

I won’t expect too much from him though he still a kid now. At least he willing to sit down and do whatever his teacher asks, it will be more than enough for me. :-)

Gosh, why just colored the girl in green ?

This one more better, at least the clock looks more colorful. Hehe…

I was so happy and surprised to see how well he did so far. I heard him singing (with tunes) some nursery rhymes where he didn’t hear before. So surprising !!! Besides that, he knows how to count one to ten well. Before he goes to school, he will count like two, three, one even though I corrected him many times.

Emmm….this paper sure with teacher’s help. :-P

Even if he still can’t color well or do all the papers given by teacher himself, to me, he is the best. I will keep all his paperworks in a nice file and show them to his grandparents one day.   

Multi language

Tuesday 19 August 2008 @ 5:57 pm

Marcus’s speech development has improve a lot recently. I wonder if it because after he goes to preschool? He can answer some of my questions in full sentences now. Besides that, he seems understand other languages while conversate with us too.  :-)

Me : Boy, we go downstairs to see daddy, ok? (In English)

Marcus : Yesss…(walking to open the door), mummy, I can’t open the door.

Ma Ma (his grandmother) :  Ai he gong yuan mo ?  (in Hakka)

Marcus :  Ai……

Po Po : Ni yau her Yakult mah ? (In Mandarin)

Marcus : Yauuuu….

Maid : Kakak bagi nasi, mahu tak ? (In Malay)

Marcus : Takkkkk…..I want mummy.

I don’t think and won’t send my kid to any language centres now even though my friend highly recommended to me. He can always learn those multi language from us, right? I want him to enjoy while learning in his childhood life, but not to let him learn too much things just like what my friends did to their kids.

I might stop him to attend music class as his preschool is having the class once a week. Besides that, hubby and I are very busy to setup our home business, and really no time to attend class with him. Anyway, I will enrol him to JMC next year as music is good for kids’ brain development.

Happy ending

Monday 18 August 2008 @ 5:18 pm

Nice post for mummy to snap :-)

It’s school term holiday, but no holiday for Marcus and me as I let him to join for school holiday program at his preschool.  He just started to adapt well at school, if I let him rest for a week, then I might have problem when send him to school next week.

I thought I might have trouble getting him to school again after the weekends. I was surprised that he didn’t cry when we reached school. I drove my car into the school’s car porch as it’s heavy rain this morning. His teacher came out to take him down from the car. Surprise, he followed the teacher and waved goodbye to me. LOL!!!

He looked at my car when I was ready to move. He knows that I will come and pick him up after some times. He really grown up and more independent after goes to school for 2 weeks. I’m glad that my decision to send him to preschool is right.

No Olympic Gold

Monday 18 August 2008 @ 4:34 pm

Go…go…go, I support you, CW Lee

After having dinner at my parents’ house, we rushed back home as to catch up with the final badminton men’s single. Marcus was very excited and watched it with us. He shouted and said “Hooray” when he hear people in the TV screamed. LOL!!!

Too bad that CW Lee can’t break the record and get the ever first Malaysia’s Olympic Gold.  He really not in good condition yesterday, too pressure I think. Hubby and I were so down when China won the first round. We have no mood to watch and enjoyed our dessert with Marcus. LOL!!!

Careless driver

Friday 15 August 2008 @ 11:20 am

I always careless on the road, that is why I drive very slow since the last incident. Recently, my kid doesn’t want to sit on his car seat even if I scold him. He likes to stand or sit on the car cushion which I don’t like. I’m worried if he gets hurt as I always careless on the road. :-P

I did bump my car for few times. Thank god, it’s just a minor case, but I was so heartbreak to see my car with scratches. Too bad that these minor “injured” didn’t covered by insurance. I should go for online car insurance and check whether they have such benefits. Hubby even called me as reckless driver. LOL!!!

Trouble in changing school uniform

Thursday 14 August 2008 @ 4:20 pm

My kid was playing smart these days. He refused to take off his pyjamas, because he knew that he has to go to school after that. It’s so difficult to get him dressed up, luckily my mother in law is helping me. But once he gets into my car, he is fine.

He starts to cry when we almost reach the school. He knows the way to school every well. I left him with teacher once we reached. I told him that mummy has to go work and would be back later. He doesn’t cry but I could see his tears falling down from his eyes.

I went for breakfast before I go to a computer network company to help hubby gets information about business performance management software this morning. I went back to school as to check on him since today the principal arranged kids to have swimming session using plastic mini pool at school compound. My kid didn’t join, I don’t know why, may be because he is having cough. I saw him sat aside with some other students who also not join in the activity, watching others playing happily. Gosh, I didn’t bring him for swimming quite some times.

Now, whenever I asked him the same question again on whether to go to school the next day, he will cry and said “NO”…Alamak!!! I think he needs more time to adapt to the environment as he is still feel insecure without me around him. 

No homework and exam

Tuesday 12 August 2008 @ 5:42 pm

I like schools which don’t have much homework and exam. That is why I chose Montessori preschool for my kid. Of course teachers won’t give him any homework and exam now, he is too young for that and still can’t hold pencil probably. LOL!!! But how if he has tonnes of homework and exam in year 5 and 6 ? I’m the first one who “pengsan”… :-)  

When I running my kindergarten 2 years ago, some parents complaint that teachers gave not much homework to their children. Well, our aim is playing while learning. What for do so much homework where their parents, sister or brother help out. No point and they won’t learn. I prefer finish their work at school. I know those parents worried if their children can’t catch up when they reach Standard one. This is very understood as fantastic school more concentrate on homework and exam.

I do hope that my kid can get many trophies when he grows up, but more on activities like sports, story telling, singing, dancing and etc rather than just study hard to get them. So, what do you think about your kids’ education ?

Our Sunday

Monday 11 August 2008 @ 8:17 pm

We woke up late for breakfast yesterday. After breakfast, we went to Tesco for some groceries shop as we will have steamboat for dinner at my parents’ house. LOL!!! I like steamboat and this is hubby’s idea.

This is carrot, daddy…

Mummy, I also got a mini trolley like others :-)

After that, we went to my parents’ house for rest. Geee…we have another appointement then. Marcus got very excited when my father takes out a dog’s piggy bank. He wanted to help his grandfather to put all the coins inside it, but not for long. He enjoyed to play with the coins, and getting his hands dirty and smelly.

I’m a good helper

After taking porridge for lunch, we headed to Ipoh Parade as to meet up friends – Shoppingmum and Mummyinvain. Oh ya, Shoppingmum and her family just back from Bangkok and will stay for a week in Ipoh. We discussed about our trip to Bangkok next month. LOL!!!

Family Friends gathering at Starbucks

I brought Marcus out too even though he is having slight fever and took medicine. He didn’t join the crowd with other kids, but his eyes kept looking at them. Well, our gathering took more than an hour.

At night, we have home made steamboat with my family and parents in law.  It’s so enjoyable and great dining at home than outside.  

Montessori preschool

Saturday 9 August 2008 @ 5:52 pm

All students (aged 2-6) doing exercises with Mrs Ong (Principal)

Marcus woke up at 7.30am yesterday. Since Friday morning will be a PE session before start class, so I quickily get him prepare and send him to school. Daddy also followed us to school as to know more. LOL!!! We reached the school at 8.35am, still have many students on their way. The teacher carried him from me and went away. Gosh, he cried but stopped after a while. He really improve a lot. I saw him followed the teacher wherever she goes. :-) I hide aside as to look at him. He is holding the teacher’s hand and did nothing but looking at the principal doing exercises.

My parents came and visited their grandson before the school dismiss. Once he saw us, he cried pity like didn’t see me for days. LOL!!! Oh, did I tell you that this school is using montessori method? Parents with montessori knowledge will know what I mean. I don’t like those academic fantastic preschool, primary and secondary. But with our Malaysia education, most primary and secondary school are based on academically fantastic except International school.

I hope my kid will enjoy his preschool life now, so that he has a better interest in learning when he enters to real school. In my opinion, it is not so important to enter to a famous school, but to enjoy their study life. Most famous school got a lot of homework and exam, I know it well as I also came from one of the most famous school in Ipoh. I don’t hope that my kid will live in fear daily just to complete his homework. Parents also feel stress and help out to finish their kids’ homework. Gosh, I have lot of examples from my previous tuition centre.

This montessori preschool arrange to have music class (more than 10 students) from MusikGarten once a week. Anyway, he is joined the music class (6 students) months ago near my housing area. I wonder if I should stop him after this term.

Three hours nap

Friday 8 August 2008 @ 5:05 pm

Marcus takes about 3 hours nap every day since he starts school. He wakes up an hour earlier than before, so it is not surprise to see him take long hour nap. Besides that, he wants me to wake him up or else I think he can sleep for 4 hours. LOL!!! 

May be you may think that it is good for kids to have such long nap time so that we can do our things. Yes, I do agree like I can complete my tasks before the expire date. Now, I have more time to think what to write about car cover as he is taking his sweet nap. :-)

But the most headache when he goes to sleep at night. He still open his eyes “big” even it comes to midnight. That is why he will wake up late the next day.  I want to change his time or else I will be in trouble when wakes him up to school.

Importance of insurance

Thursday 7 August 2008 @ 5:17 pm

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