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Hot and dry weather

Thursday 31 July 2008 @ 5:59 pm

Marcus’s temperature up and down these two days. At first I thought he’s having fever, but after gave him drink a lot of water and tested his temperature, it’s back to normal. He supposed to go music class last night, but I let him skipped the class as he’s having slight fever.

Well, we went out as to buy some stuffs in Jusco after dinner. Before we go out, I tested again his temperature and it’s normal. Gosh, I’m a bit worried, is it because of the hot and dry weather nowadays or something else? Anyway, he is fine till now, just that don’t have much appetite to take his normal meal.

When we’re in Jusco, he pulled and asked me to go to Pizza Hut while hubby is busy talking with his friend who is a commercial real estate agent. Finally, I ordered a pizza for my little cheeky boy.

Problem brushing teeth

Tuesday 29 July 2008 @ 9:21 pm

I have problem brushing my kid’s teeth, so I only use handkerchief to wipe his teeth when he is taking bath. Because he didn’t brush his teeth well, he has few teeth with minor decay. Even If I bring him to see dentist, I don’t think the dentist can check his teeth. I’m sure he will cry and scream then run out from the room. Besided that, I do not hope to remove his teeth just because he has tooth decay. It is too scary for him.

I did taught him to brush teeth without toothpaste himself, but he just use his toothbrush as one of his toy. I don’t want to let him stand on a stool and look for mirror to brush his teeth as I worry he will knock on those bathroom faucets.

Anyway, are you facing the same problem like me too? Or your kids are so cooperate to brush their teeth? Any good idea to encourage kids to brush their teeth?


Tuesday 29 July 2008 @ 5:27 pm

I went to perm my hair this morning. It’s my first try and I still can’t accept with my permed hair. :-P It took about 3 hours to complete. Luckily my friend also went with me and chit chatted with the hairdressers. We talked about fashion, parenting, gossips and etc. I got to know that one of the hairdresser yet to buy a life insurance. I told her to get a life insurance quote and compare with others as a coverage for herself.

When I reached home, my kid looked at me in confusion and said “Oh Oooo, mummy’s hair”. He may think what happened to his mummy’s hair. He was shocked and ran to his grandmother. LOL!!! But few minutes later, he got back to me.

30 months old

Monday 28 July 2008 @ 6:04 pm

Marcus turned 30 months old yesterday. I seldom update his milestones and I think I need to jot down some of his achievement before I forget. Here are the summary :

1) He can recognise all the alphabet from A to Z.  Besides that, he knows most of the name of each colours.
2) Diaperless during day time. He will take potty whenever he wants to pee or poo.
3) Can speak in simple sentenses like : mummy read book, I drink milk, don’t run fall down and knock head and etc….(some not in complete sentense.)
4) More understand on what we are talking to him.
5) Will clean up his toys after played. (depends on his mood)

Anyway, he is getting more naughtier than before. He refuses or dislikes to sit in the car seat nowadays. Besides that, he likes to pull kakak’s hair and asks her to go away. Not only that, sometimes he will drink the bath water for fun. *headache*heachache*

He likes to watch his favourite cartoon programme like Barney and Thomas & Friends every now and then. He will fussy if we stop him. So, I decided to send him to preschool next week. Not because to avoid him to spend too much time on tv, but also let him to expose and mix around with others.

Well, he’s going to skip one week class in September as we will travel to Bangkok to visit my friends. They ask to help them to bring some of their stuffs. Actually they have moved many stuffs to Bangkok. I wonder if they still need any moving trucks again, so that I don’t have to carry things for them. LOL!!!

Rare coins investment

Friday 25 July 2008 @ 3:36 pm

It is very common to see people invest in coins nowadays. So, are you the one who invest in coins too? My kid likes to play coins. I will get him a piggy bank and teach him how to save money in it. Well, back to investment, I won’t invest something which I’m not confident of.

Some of my hubby friends likes to invest in all sort of plans like rare coins. If I have rare coins with me, I will keep them as collectible and sell them off at the highest rate. If you want to know more about invest in coins, do check out at ZoomCoin.

As for me, my plan is to invest in my kid’s education funds. Other than that, I don’t have much interest.

“Rehearsal” time

Friday 25 July 2008 @ 3:11 pm

I brought Marcus to the school again yesterday. By the time we reached, the class dismissed and the children were playing toys on the floor while waiting for their parents to pick them up.  Marcus started to familiar with the place, but still a bit scared to join with his “future” classmates.

Mummy, you stay here, don’t go ok ?

Mummy, I like to play toys here only….but not go to study wor


I told him to stay with teacher as I want to go wash room. He behaved well and didn’t cry and look for me. When I came out I see him run here and there played happily with the flag.

I’m not sure if he can behave well without me around when he starts school. Anyway, I will bring him to school for “rehearsal” next week before he really join in the class with others.

Wake up late

Friday 25 July 2008 @ 1:30 pm

The most headache thing that I will face is how I wake Marcus up to school next month? The school starts at 8.30am, but he wakes up around 9am every day. I have trained him to sleep early at night, but still the same. I’m sure he will late for the first two weeks. :-P

He takes about 2 hours nap in the afternoon, but if I wake him up earlier, he will yell and cry. Gosh, what should I do to make him wake up earlier in the morning? Give and say something that attract him? No way, I tried already.  

Anyway, it will be a challenge to me to prepare him to school next month.

Free drug reference

Friday 25 July 2008 @ 1:24 pm

My niece is having cold and visited a doctor days ago. Her mother, my sister in law called me to ask about the medicine name that my kid had when he’s having cold. Well, I bought it from a pharmacy and not too sure if it’s suitable for her daughter. Only doctors know which is the best to subscribe.

May be she can look for free drug reference for Blackberry devices from Epocrates. Epocrates is working with Apple to develop a downloadable drug guide for iPhone devices. Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, I don’t need a drug reference at this moment. I can always ask my friend who is a doctor for guide.

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

Ireland visitors

Friday 25 July 2008 @ 1:02 pm

We went out for dinner as to meet my parents’ friends who are migrated to Ireland 9 years ago. I still remembered my parents liked to bring us to his house to play with their kids almost every weekend. Too bad that his kids can’t remember much though they are too young that time.

They are in Malaysia more than a month and will back to Ireland early next month. Well, they will back to Malaysia again 2 years later. Looking forward to meet them again…..

Preschool in August ?

Thursday 24 July 2008 @ 3:50 pm

Marcus likes to watch cartoons every now and then except he goes to sleep. I hate that he has this bad habit. Sometimes he watches TV while taking his meal. He has nothing to do at home. Most of the time he will play his toys and watch tv. I will teach him colouring, reading books, play puzzles if I’m free.

After discussed with hubby, we decided to send him to preschool next month. At first I thought of send him to preschool next year, but I changed my mind. LOL!!! I brought him for enquiry again and paid for the enrolment fees yesterday.

He seemed likes this school well. May be there is toys for him to play. Of course he scared when seeing all his “future” classmates, and I pulled him to join the crowd. The principle told me to bring him to school these few days for him to adapt the environment until he really starts the class next month.

Some may say he is too young to go preschool, but I think it’s better than staying at home watching tv every day and do nothing. Actually I want him to mix around with other kids and hope that he won’t be so scary each time meet with people.

Reward with sweets

Wednesday 23 July 2008 @ 9:40 pm

Marcus very scare to go hair salon and cries when he see the hairdresser. I have problem whenever bring him for hair cut.  I brought him for home hair cut near my parents’ house recently. He looked scare at first, but sat quietly and let the hairdresser trimmed his hair. Of course he behaved well as he has sweets on his hands from the hairdresser.

If I were attended any beauty schools in arizona, I can be a hairdresser for my kid and even my family members. LOL!!! Too bad that I don’t have such interest now or else I might attend the course.

Anyway, I’m glad that my kid doesn’t scare to go for hair cut anymore. He even asks the aunty gives him sweets after trimming his hair. Clever boy !!!

Night fun park

Tuesday 22 July 2008 @ 11:27 am

I can’t remember well when was the last time I brought Marcus to night amusement park. Anyway, we went again after dinner with my family members last Saturday. I really don’t like to step into the park, but because of my son wanted to play those mini rides, so I have no choice to be there with him.

Huh, daddy also doesn’t like this place too…..

Force himself to like this place….. LOL!!!

Mummy, can I go for another round ?

I asked hubby and my mother to accompany Marcus for the rides as I’m busy taking photos. He’s so excited and happy, but just don’t like to show off his happy face to us. :-P Hubby felt dizzy after the mini aeroplane ride with Marcus. Aiyo, he is old already…..LOL!!!

We spent RM20 for the rides. Each ride costs us RM3, expensive huh? Anyway, it’s worth as Marcus likes to go for kids’ rides very much. I should plan a trip to Genting Highlands one day since there are many rides to play.   

My sister, brother in law and niece

I’m glad that Marcus didn’t cry and yell when we want to go home. He even said “goodbye” to all the rides. Since he’s so good boy and I promised him that mummy and daddy will bring him come again next time. 

Bento kits from PediaSure Complete

Friday 18 July 2008 @ 5:29 pm

Marcus is having PediaSure milk powder few months ago. It comes in yummy chocolate and vanilla flavours. I let him try the vanilla flavours and he likes the taste much. With this milk, his daily nutrition can still be complete even when he doesn’t eat the way I want him to.

I got these bento kits free when I purchse PediaSure. I’m yet to try it until today. I got to know that some of the blogger mummies are into bento fun recently, so I also would like to try too for my kid. LOL!!!  

Egg shapers, cheese/bread cutters

This is the result what I prepared for Marcus as breakfast this morning. Gosh, not attractive, huh? He was shocked to see bread turned into bear shape, cheese turned into fish and bird shape. Another one is an egg, but I can’t mould it out as bear shape as the egg (kampung egg) is too small. I’m glad that he ate what I prepared for him. 

I’m thinking to buy more bento kits and books to learn if I have time. :-P It is fun to prepare the kid’s meal even though it takes time. I want to make sure that he eat healthily every day.

Looking for a new house

Wednesday 16 July 2008 @ 5:12 pm

Hubby and I went to look for some show houses near our housing area last week. I like to visit to those show houses to get some ideas about their home decoration and design. Of course we hope to get a bigger house with a garden as soon as possible so that Marcus can play with his tricycle in the garden and not at home. LOL!!!  

It is our plan and yet to a conclusion. Though buying and reselling houses is not an easy task. Since hubby’s business is just started, I think we have to save more money before decide to buy a new house again. If possible, we don’t need help from any mortgage lenders.

August in Langkawi ?

Wednesday 16 July 2008 @ 4:30 pm

Hubby planned to go for a vacation in Langkawi next month. I stopped him as we will go to Bangkok in September. Even though we like travel, but I don’t hope at that time. Well, it is fun travel with family and friends as we can have the precious moment to get together. Besides visit to those tourist attractions, we can enjoy those delicious local food.

Just like we went to Penang last Sunday, we can’t pay much attention to our kid as hubby and I were busy craving the lovely dish at Gurney Drive hawker stalls. Hubby ate quite a lot that day. It was unusually good appetite for him. I better let him take Phentermine without prescription.

Well, there are many delicious Thai food in Bangkok which my friend planned to take us. I guess we will gain weight for that few days tour in Bangkok. LOL!!!

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