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Raining night

Sunday 30 March 2008 @ 4:49 pm

We didn’t go out as it’s raining whole night yesterday. Hubby’s brother and his family came and visit us, kids were played around while we’re busy chit chatting. Marcus slept late as he woke up late from his nap. After changed into pyjamas, we’re sat on the bed and watched Barney movie together with Marcus.

Hubby and I felt bored, but what to do as we needed to entertain our little “king”. Hubby asked me to check online wheather I can find any live tv, live show or live broadcast to entertain him. By the time I found it, Marus started to feel asleep. Anyway, I have bookmarked the site and hubby can login and show off his talent when he’s free.

Kid’s education

Friday 28 March 2008 @ 11:50 am

I have made my final decision that I will only enroll Marcus to kindergarten few months later. Many people around me said that it’s too young for him, so pity and bla..bla…bla…The principle of the kindergarten told me that actually only kids above 30 months are accepted to join, but she lets Marcus join in after seeing him that day.

I know many kids are send to nursery school at his age even below 1 year old. That’s because no one taking care of them while their parents have to go to work. Since I have my mother in law and a maid with me to take care of him, so just let him free from school for another few more months. :P

The school fees are quite expensive too, if I let Marcus to start next month, I need to pay RM283 monthly, where other fees like musikgarten, books, uniforms are not included. It is worth if he can learn something there. I got to know the increasing school fees for some other kindergatens too. Geee….daddy and mummy have to work hard to earn more for kid’s education. I always hope that he can grow faster so that I can send him for music class, drawing class and computer class too. :) *kiasumum* ???  May be, but I just want my kid to be well developed and educated. LOL!!!

Early celebration

Thursday 27 March 2008 @ 5:00 pm

Hubby and I will go for vacation in May, but there are 2 special days on that month, my mother’s birthday and mother’s day. So, I will plan to have early celebration for my mother before hubby and I off to Gold Coast. This year, we have added another new member, that’s is my lovely niece. :)

My sister and I feel headache when dealing with gift for her every year. We really don’t know what to buy thought she has everything she wants. If very expensive, we can’t afford, if cheap feel bad. Luckily my mother has give us a hint that she wants a set of mineral makeup as birthday’s gift. She is clever too as she needs it for my brother’s wedding in June.

Chubby girl

Thursday 27 March 2008 @ 4:26 pm

Do you know who is this little chubby girl ? She is Marcus’s cousin sister and they meet each other at my parents house every Sunday. She is 4+ months with her weighs 7kg now.  Her mother, my sister always complain that she is overweight and worry she will become another Lydia Shum’s daughter. LOL!!!

Doesn’t she think to give her weight loss pills at this age? Of course my sister won’t do this silly thing to her lovely daughter. Sometimes, I really can’t control myself for not bite her chubby cheeks, hands and legs. Well, we will meet again this coming Sunday. Guess what, I have bought her a new toy. *sigh*

Special treat ?

Wednesday 26 March 2008 @ 5:25 pm

Hubby called me that he would like to go out for dinner with Marcus and I yesterday. I asked him why suddenly want to eat out, though it’s not our wedding annivesary, birthday or etc. He replied to me just a treat and he wants to spend more time with us. May be he realised that he is too busy with his business and seldom be with us lately ??? LOL!!!

Most of the time he will take his meals outside and without doing any exercises. That’s why everyone said that he is pregnant. He doesn’t like to take any daily supplements, but I forced him to take for his good. As for Hydroxycut diet supplement, I think he doesn’t need it at this moment.

Ferrari sport cars

Wednesday 26 March 2008 @ 5:03 pm

Ferrari cars from Shell

Hubby got these Ferrari cars for Marcus from Shell last night. He knows that our kid likes car very much, so he bought all for him. If you are a regular customer of Shell petrol, you can get it too. It’s very simple, one receipt can buy one ferrari car with only RM8.90. Actually there are seven cars in a set, but the other two are out of stock. :P

These cars are not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Even Marcus is 2 years +, but I think he won’t take the small parts and put in his mouth as I keep on telling him whenever he plays with his car toys. :)

Curious as to learn more

Tuesday 25 March 2008 @ 1:19 pm

Hubby brought Marcus and I went to Jusco before he goes out to meet his customers last night. While hubby brought Marcus to go for kids’ rides, I went to Popular bookstore to look for some magazines. I saw three elders standing at one corner to look for the same book and I was so curious and wanted to know about the book.

The book is about Tadalafil, I really don’t understand what is the word means until I took the book and read it. It is actually about viagra. May be they wanted to know more about the product and buy it to try later.

This & that playland

Tuesday 25 March 2008 @ 12:41 pm

After riding on the bike at Polo Ground last Sunday, I decided to bring him to another play station ~ amusement park at Jusco. I told hubby as to bring us there before he goes out to meet his customer last night. Since we will not go to Genting Highlands for the rides this few months, so a little playland made my boy felt excited and happy. I was surprised to see some new rides, but no others except us. :P

Mummy, faster take photo, I want to play the rides

That ride more exciting …….

Wow, my new bike

Turn left, turn right, turn left ???

Just be there for about 20 minutes, we spend RM10 for the rides. When we said it’s time to go home, he just waived goodbye to the rides and didn’t yell or scream like other kids. So, I promised to him that we will come again next time.

Potty training

Monday 24 March 2008 @ 4:07 pm

I started Marcus potty train in day time weeks ago. But it seems that no improvement for him. I let him on diaperless and wear short pants at home in the day time, but he likes to pee on the floor even though the potty is in front of or near him. He is just lazy to go and take the potty. Geee…he really makes me angry sometimes. Luckily I have a maid to help me clean up the mess each time.

I know it is not easy to go through this stage, I guess it’s a hard time for everyone goes through the battle of teaching their child to potty train too. I did asked some of my friends for tips or a better way to potty train, but looks like they are also in the same situation like me.

May be I should ask other mummies in this blogging world for help through mom chat. I want to see if anyones would like to share their grief and swap tips on the best way to potty train my kid. 

Getting rich, really?

Monday 24 March 2008 @ 3:45 pm

If you read my previous post, you know that my hubby and I went to visit friend’s house with our kid last weekend. Most of hubby friends are come from rich family, but not my hubby. But most of their friends said that he is the richest among them. They have their own family business, but hubby is not depends on his family. He works hard, earn money and invest into his business last year. Besides that, he is owning a shop lot now.

While we’re talking about kids, one of hubby’s friend noticed that hubby’s hair started going bald. I just have a look on it, it’s really!!! They laughed at hubby that he must be getting rich nowadays, as Chinese said 10 bald people and 9 of them are rich. What a good joke and of course I hope my hubby will become a millionaire too. But I worried about his hair as I don’t like bald men. So, I must think of a way to help him if, how about reverse hair loss effects with hair transplants?

Riding on the bike

Monday 24 March 2008 @ 8:45 am

It was a sunny day yesterday, so hubby and I decided to bring Marcus to go playground. I can’t remember when was the last time we have been here as it always raining in the evening these days. My boy was so excited when he saw others playing kites, and balls. We didn’t bring anything as we’re came out from my parents house. 

Daddy, mummy, when I can play kites like jie jies and kor kors

Don’t hold me, let me down

I tried to climb up this way :)

I’m the champion…. :P

This time I let my boy to ride for this rechargeable motorcycle. Each was charged RM2 for 7 minutes. Hubby and I chased after him once we switched on the button on the motorcycle. He still not familiar to control the handle, though this is his first time. Hubby and I felt extremely tired even just for few minutes.  

Let us rest for awhile before go home

We decided to go home earlier as we will go out for dinner to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  

Friends gathering

Sunday 23 March 2008 @ 5:19 pm

We have been invited to our friend’s house for a small gathering last night. We have a great time chit chat and enjoyed delicious food around while Marcus played happily with other kids. Too bad I forgot to bring my camera and kept it at home for charging.

I got to know one of the mother, she is 40 years old with 3 kids. She looks great and young with her fair skin. I wonder if she goes to see Dr Hilinski before. I told hubby that I’m interested to visit the Dr too. He scolded and told me not even to think about it. He likes me to be natural. May be he doesn’t want to pay for the fees. LOL!!!

Anyway, I also scare and worry to go for the surgery. I don’t want to end up like MJ though I like my look and shape now. If you are interested to have a new look, you can always visit to the site and get more information about Dr. Hilinski. 

Bad hurt

Saturday 22 March 2008 @ 5:48 pm

Since Marcus knows how to walk, run and jump, he always fall down just like other kids. My father in law always complain my mother in law and I that we didn’t take good care of him whenever he fell down badly. Huh, does he wants us to look at him for 24 hours per day? Sometimes we can’t protect him too much, as most Chinese said, kids must let them fall or else they won’t grow up.

I still remember Marcus fell down and hurt badly on his nose and lip at my parents house last month. His nose bleeding non stop and we were too scare and thought to bring him see doctor. Luckily it’s stopped after a minute. I checked on his nose and see whether got any scars, wounds or out of shape, else I might send him for nose reshaping surgery.

No night outing

Saturday 22 March 2008 @ 5:33 pm

Marcus slept late these days as he threw tantrums when hubby didn’t bring him out for a round. Most of the time when hubby doesn’t need to entertain his customers, he will fetch us to go shopping malls, go for supper or round the city at night. But no night outing for us these nights as hubby is busy dealing with his accountant after work.

I can fetch him to shopping mall or go supper, but I’m too scare to go out without hubby at night. Since there are many robbery and kidnapped cases nowadays, I better stay at home. Furthermore, my hubby and parents in law also not allow me to bring Marcus out.

The accountant causes hubby in trouble, need lots of documents. I wonder if he really a professional accountant. If we are staying in Los Angeles, I would ask hubby to look for San Diego accountant as they are more professional and experience.

More great events

Saturday 22 March 2008 @ 5:01 pm

I told Marcus that daddy and mummy will bring him to KL for Disney On Ice show next month. I wonder if he understands what I mean. Anyway, I’m sure he will very happy and excited that follow us anywhere we go. Besides that, we have to attend many wedding events once we back from our vacation next month. Well, the most great event that we will attend is my brother’s wedding which is about 2 months away.

My brother is looking for a nice wedding camera, but I will suggest to him about disposable wedding cameras. I can give one to Marcus and hope that he can snap some nice photos. Alright, I know he still don’t know how to use camera, but just for fun will make him happy for the whole day.

If I know about this product earlier, I will definitely use it during my wedding day. It’s one of the unique wedding idea and giving everyone the opportunity to relive on your wedding.

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