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Tuesday 31 July 2007 @ 11:36 pm

Hubby’s brother hardly to get his loan approve lately. He was rejected by banks few times as he has bad credit history before. Nowadays, most of the banker has stricter on approving cheap loans due to the increasing of the bad debts. With the latest personal loans, it’s help those people who has financially problem or needs cash as an emergency use. But it also limit from the bank for the approval unless you have a good credit record. They believe that those who have bad credit history might create another bad debt for them.

They don’t want to take the risk without any collateral. But, secured loans are becoming very popular as people seek to take advantage of the increasing value in their properties to borrow money at the lower interest mortgage loans can provide and the longer repayment periods. Check out for more information regarding loans at if you have any doubt of it.

Tag : Creatures Mummy Hates Most

Tuesday 31 July 2007 @ 11:08 pm

Thanks for tagging me again, Mummy In Vain. Both of us need this kind of tag very much as to increase our page rank. And we always tag to each other when we receive tags from other mummies !!! :-)

Anyway, back to the tag, wow, creatures I hate most….many and I can’t even list it out.

The two most creatures that I hate are :

1) WORMS - I’m very scare and hate it evem though it is small and they don’t bite me, but my body will start to shiver if I see one crawling here and there, I’m sure I will faint if a pail of worms throw to me like what happen in Fear Factor. They are so ugly and dirty to me!!!  

2) LIZARDS – They look horrible and I’m now even more scare of it. Why? I still remember when I flipped through newspaper, and the lizard was on my hand, I thought it’s just a rubber pen, but I shaked my hand and looked at it, it’s a lizard without tail. I jumped from the sofa and screamed non stop until hubby came and threw it. 

So far no worm crawl on my hands or body….ooopppsss, “touch wood”, I dare not happen to me forever…

Time to pass this on…..

Pei Mun
Everyday Healy
Giddy Tigers
Judy Chow

Favourite Game With Air Pistol

Tuesday 31 July 2007 @ 9:49 am

Hubby told me that he liked to play air pistols or airsoft gun with his friends when he was a teenager.  He still likes to play it now even though he’s so busy with his work. He will arrange his time and went for the game with his friends in Kuala Lumpur.

Since hubby’s birthday is coming soon, I thought to buy him a special gift this year. How about an air pistol at They offer a wide variety of pellet guns, air rifles, air pistols, BB guns and bb gun accessories, as well as a great selection of airsoft guns, blank guns, and paintball. Their guns are top quality and are perfect for target practice, plinking, hunting and games. I’m sure my hubby will surprise and happy with his birthday’s gift this year….

New “Play Station”

Tuesday 31 July 2007 @ 9:31 am

I was back to my parents house with Marcus yesterday, feeling want to go there. So, I just told hubby that I will bring Marcus to my mother’s place and back after dinner. Then, my MIL has time for herself. My mother was very happy when she heard that I will go and visit her. She has prepared everything and just wait us to come. She didn’t worked yesterday too.

My father came back early yesterday as to play with his grandson. Now, Marcus has his new “play station”, he wants my parents switch on and off the light for him to see. At home, he will call my MIL to switch it for him. Don’t know why he likes this kinda of “play station” lately :-)

Nice Sofa

Tuesday 31 July 2007 @ 9:13 am

How nice if I can enjoy reading my books on this kind of luxury sofa. Now, you can design your own Sofas in any shape, size, fabric and color through They will built it for you and delivery straight in front your home.

Do hop to the site and you can look for some ideas for their custom sofas that they’ve made for their great clients like The Playboy Mansion, Google Inc, eBay, The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas and many other more. There are also many selection of sofa and furniture for Nightclub Furniture, Hotel Furniture, Lobby Furniture, Modern Sofa and Funky Sofa. You will be amazed when you look all of it !!!

Fun Time At Teluk Batik

Monday 30 July 2007 @ 9:35 am

After breakfast with hubby’s relatives yesterday morning, we then went to my parents house as usual. I told hubby that I want to buy something at Cold Storage, Ipoh Parade. While we’re in the market, hubby received a call from mummyinvain’s hubby, they asked us to go to Teluk Batik.

Hubby asked me whether I want to join them. I didn’t bring anything for it except some clothes and diapers. Since hubby’s free, so I agreed with that. This is also one of my idea as I want to bring Marcus to the beach long time ago. We quickily paid for the bill and back to my parents house. I packed some clothes and food while my mother fed Marcus porridge before we set off.

We started our journey around 2pm, and Marcus was having his nap on the way to Teluk Batik for almost an hour. We all having fun at the seaside. Just see my lovely son, he was happy and excited to sit on the sand and played with the water. He’s never been to the beach before and he felt curious with the sand :-)

So…..cute to see him sitting on the sand and playing with sand and water….. :-P

Happy family…… :-)

Never bother where’s the camera, just looked down to play with the sand…. :-)


Sunday 29 July 2007 @ 11:20 pm

As I said before that hubby’s grandfather is in critical illness, he can’t eat for the past few days and even walked. So, everyone from outstation came back last night and get together to see him. We all thought that he can’t live anymore longer. We’re so sad and prayed hard for him.

But he looked fine this morning, he ate 2 bowl of noodles and even can walk as normal. I was surprised and happy, but is it a good or bad condition? I heard before that when a person nearly to heaven, he or she may looks even more healthy than before. As Chinese said “wui kong fan jiu”….is that true?

From left : hubby’s uncle, grandfather and aunty

3rd aunty and uncle from KL and their children

Hubby uncle’s wife, daughter and son with my MIL (in yellow clothes)

Bad News From MIL

Saturday 28 July 2007 @ 12:25 am

My MIL will visit her father at least once every day now. He’s 90 years old and having illness, very bad one. My MIL told me that her father (hubby’s grandfather) will die anytime from now. I was so shocked and sad when I hear that. But I can’t do anything as he’s old and having lots of health problem. Doctor said that he can’t do any operation and most of his organs are not function well anymore.

I heard from hubby that most of our relatives will come back from KL tomorrow as to see him. Everyone was so down and looks like waiting for the day come. Oh, please, not so fast…..Hubby’s grandfather told that it is good to leave as he no need have to surfer for the pain. 

I need to take care of Marcus and blog less nowadays. Thinking to go to my parents house for day time next week and back at night. So that my MIL has more time to stay with her father when I go to work.  

Headshot Studio

Saturday 28 July 2007 @ 12:18 am

It is very important to have great headshots look, not even for artors, but also important for online dating, social networking and even for normal people like us. It is not easy to have a nice headshot if we are not a prefessional Headshot Photographer.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can get the best headshot photographer called Doug Hac. This month she will opening Headshot Studio because she wants to help launch the careers of Hollywood’s next biggest stars. Check out more for the site and you can have a snap on nice headshots photo on online dating profiles or other business event which need great portraits of it.

18 Months Old

Friday 27 July 2007 @ 11:08 pm


Marcus turned 18th months today. Is a bit hard for me to track his development milestones, but i will try to recap what I remember in my mind…..

Physical : weight : not sure, but I hardly to carry him nowadays, hubby also feel tired after carry him for few minutes. Will update when I bring him for 18 months injection.
height : update later
teeth : 10

Language :maa-maaa (mummy)
daaa-daa (daddy)
kakk….kakkk (when he see any indo maid)
caat (cat)
mum-mummm-mumm (eat)
yeahhh (his grandfather)
maaa-mmaaaa (his grandmother – same like when he calls mummy) :-)

There’re other words where I’m not sure what he means at this moment…..he will make his own sound when he wants to talk or show us something.

Emotions & characteristic :Huh, he’s a non patient toddler, if he can’t catch the things he wants, he will scream. If he’s not happy with something, he will show us his fierce face and voice. But he will always smile when he gets up from bed. This is what I like to see him every day. When he wants something like food, he will look for my MIL and show the way to kitchen. If go “kai kai”, he will come to me or daddy, and doesn’t want his grandmother liao. He will follow what you do and make you laugh non stop. Sometimes, he will pull, cry, roll to get your attention.

If I say “where is pao pao(full) ?”, he will put his hand on his lung, don’t know why, I keep on telling him to show his stomach, but he still put his hand up.

Diet :Morning – milk, cereal, oatmeal, milo, cheese or bread (mix and match)
lunch – porridge or rice
night – porridge or rice
supper – milk, bread or biscuits

In between, I will give him fruit juices, fresh fruits, milk, or bread….I thought to start to give him fish oil soon.

Rug For Living Room

Friday 27 July 2007 @ 3:50 pm

Before Marcus’s born, I have decorated my living room with a rug. It made my living room looked more comfortable and luxuty after putting it on the floor. Too bad, the color of the rug not sharp anymore after vacuum and wash it many times.

Now, I decided to buy a new one to put it on the floor. It’s not only for the home decoration, it’s goof for my son as he can play his toys on the rug. Doesn’t it feel more comfortable when we sit or walk through it?

I came across a website at where they have excellent selection of area rugs.  They provide wide variety of affordable Traditional, Southwestern, Animal and Theme/Fantasy styles which are the most popular patterns in the most popular colors. I like the below rug, it’s so colorful with creative design. I hope to get one, but I need to discuss with my hubby first as he is the one who pay for it.

8 Things About Lovelymummy

Thursday 26 July 2007 @ 11:57 pm

I have so many tags need to do, actually I have did this tag before in my Personal’s blog, but I would like to do it again here as I want you all to know more about me – Lovely Mummy :-)

So happy to be tagged, thanks my blogger’s friend – Kiasumum

Here’s the 8 things about Lovely Mummy :

1) My name is Soo Sook Fung

2) I’m 30 years old

3) I was born in Ipoh and staying here too now

4) I’m happily married to Mr Teng Soon Kin in the year of 2004 with an adorable kid – Teng Lit Ean in the following year.

5) I love shopping much, I will go shopping at least once per week with my shopperholic gang, if not I will go by myself :-)

6) Start blogging like hell since I can write for paid posts :-) , of coz after I have my lovely son too.

7) I like to sleep, before I deliver my son, I can eat, sleep, watch tv and sleep again every day, but it’s hardly for me now..

8 ) I’m an emotional person sometimes, only in front of hubby, don’t know why, but it goes fast like wind.

A Watch For Hubby

Thursday 26 July 2007 @ 11:17 pm

Hubby’s birthday is coming soon, I thought to buy him a gift, but I’m still thinking what I should buy for him this year. Since I like to shop online, I have look through many websites as to get me some ideas. It gave me a good idea when I came across this website at They offer many styles including a black, bracelet, chronograph, diamond, digital and gold from a variety of manufacturers such as Casio, Invicta, Skagen and more!

Since hubby’s watch isn’t function anymore, I think it’s the best time for me to buy him a new watch. How about this Skagen watch? It looks so cool and luxury. Hubby should get one new watch now as he always late for his business appointment. I’m sure he will like what I buy for him as his birthday gift.


Baby Boy Again !!!

Thursday 26 July 2007 @ 10:21 pm

It’s a backdated post actually. I should be posted it last month :-P My childhood friend has gave birth to a baby boy last month and he’s almost 5 weeks now. Hehehe….My friend is breastfeeding and she called herself as a “cow”, aiya, too many milk produce for her son. She told me that now she can pump out 10ozs milk each time. Quite a lot lah !!!! Last time I only managed to pump out 5ozs each time….

I asked my friend to send me her baby boy’s photo to me as I need to post it in my blog. But she sent me the above photo which I do not want lah. His mother showed me her “finger” in MSN why I only want her baby boy’s photo only. So, finally, I also posted both photos that she sent to me….I think she’s happy enough now, right?

I have two childhood friends and we’re having boy for our first kid…. :-)

Cat Carrier For The Birthday Girl

Thursday 26 July 2007 @ 12:56 am

Hubby and I will bring Marcus to attend a birthday party next Saturday. The birthday girl actually is my cousin and she is a stewardess. We hardly to meet each other as she always travel here and there.

I’m thinking what to buy for her as birthday gift now. Is quite headache sometimes as we do not know what actually she likes. Her mother told me before that she is a cat lover, so I think I will buy something about cat items for her.

I found a website at which is an online pet boutique offering luxury items for dog and cat. I have keep my eyes on the airline approved cat carriers, how about the below one? I’m sure she will love it much as she can bring along her cat when she travels.

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