To Market

It was a sunny day, my mother brought us to go wet market as she wanted to buy fish, vege, fruits for Marcus this morning. Marcus never go to wet market before, and this is the first time that he went into it. For me, it almost few years that I never been to wet market. I hate the smell and it was so dirty everywhere.

I thought not to go in, but I wanted to let Marcus to experience and feel it, so no choice and I followed my mother. Almost every day my mother will come here to buy vegetables. So, she’s very familiar where is fish stall,  fruit stall, meat stall and fish stall. 

Too bad, Marcus also don’t like to go wet market, may be too crowded. He started to yell after we bought fruits. My mother then quickly bought some vege and fish, and we decided to go home. I hardly to show Marcus about the vege, fish and meat. Just managed to show him the red dragon fruit…. 

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