Indian Or Malay Wife ?

Marcus doesn’t like my relatives or friends to carry or play with him. He will cry if you try to carry or cuddle him. I dont know why he so scare when someone carry him. So, if someone try to near Marcus, hubby and I will stop and tell them not to carry or play with him first, let him warm up for few minutes before you can even touch him.

Everyone scare of him even my parents. But you cant believe when an Indian or Malay girl play with him, he will smile and also want them to carry him. You see, angry or not???? He likes those “black” girl even a fat and ugly Indian woman came and played with him. He laughed and kept on looking the Indian woman.

There’s an Indian maid who come to my house for house keeping every week, not to said that Marcus likes her much. The maid also likes to play with him. You will be surprised cause Marcus can call the maid “Kaaa…Kaakk”… but too bad he still dont know how to call Daddy…Emmm, Mummy ah, he call me “Mummm….mummm”. Dont know he really want me or want to eat sometimes…. :-P

My parents and PIL told me that I should be careful because Marcus likes those “black” ladies….may be next time he will marry with Indian or Malay girl… OMG, I will pengsan lah….. :-(

2 Responses to 'Indian Or Malay Wife ?'

  1. shooi - June 5th, 2007 at 11:48 pm

    Chinese + Indian = Chindian…Not too bad. Lots of chindian are really gorgeous people, just looks at Bernard & Amy Chandran. LOL

  2. Lovely Mummy - June 7th, 2007 at 12:40 am

    Shooi, still cant accept lor….hopefully my son doesnt marry indian or malay wife next time. but we really dun know what will happen next…pray hard lor

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