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Indian Or Malay Wife ?

Thursday 31 May 2007 @ 8:49 pm

Marcus doesn’t like my relatives or friends to carry or play with him. He will cry if you try to carry or cuddle him. I dont know why he so scare when someone carry him. So, if someone try to near Marcus, hubby and I will stop and tell them not to carry or play with him first, let him warm up for few minutes before you can even touch him.

Everyone scare of him even my parents. But you cant believe when an Indian or Malay girl play with him, he will smile and also want them to carry him. You see, angry or not???? He likes those “black” girl even a fat and ugly Indian woman came and played with him. He laughed and kept on looking the Indian woman.

There’s an Indian maid who come to my house for house keeping every week, not to said that Marcus likes her much. The maid also likes to play with him. You will be surprised cause Marcus can call the maid “Kaaa…Kaakk”… but too bad he still dont know how to call Daddy…Emmm, Mummy ah, he call me “Mummm….mummm”. Dont know he really want me or want to eat sometimes…. :-P

My parents and PIL told me that I should be careful because Marcus likes those “black” ladies….may be next time he will marry with Indian or Malay girl… OMG, I will pengsan lah….. :-(

To Market

Tuesday 29 May 2007 @ 7:40 pm

It was a sunny day, my mother brought us to go wet market as she wanted to buy fish, vege, fruits for Marcus this morning. Marcus never go to wet market before, and this is the first time that he went into it. For me, it almost few years that I never been to wet market. I hate the smell and it was so dirty everywhere.

I thought not to go in, but I wanted to let Marcus to experience and feel it, so no choice and I followed my mother. Almost every day my mother will come here to buy vegetables. So, she’s very familiar where is fish stall,  fruit stall, meat stall and fish stall. 

Too bad, Marcus also don’t like to go wet market, may be too crowded. He started to yell after we bought fruits. My mother then quickly bought some vege and fish, and we decided to go home. I hardly to show Marcus about the vege, fish and meat. Just managed to show him the red dragon fruit…. 

The Meaning Of My Son’s Name

Friday 25 May 2007 @ 6:39 pm

Got this tag from Xilly two weeks ago. I promised her that I will do the tag after my operation. I love this tag anyway. So, here it is :

My Lovely Son : Marcus Teng Lit Ean

This name was given by me. I like the name – Marcus. I dont really know what it’s mean, but I feel nice and easy to pronoun. Besides, the name let me feel that this person is very strong and gentle.

About the chinese name, my FIL did gave me lots of the name to choose, but I dont like all of them… I gave the name for my son. I want it special, so my son’s chinese name pronounced different with his english name – Lit Ean…

Aiya, I cant type my son’s chinese name here, coz now i know i dont have chinese star software lah…*&$%^&@# Need to download or buy the installer :P

3 Seaters In Front

Thursday 24 May 2007 @ 6:36 pm


Normally I will place Marcus sit on car seat whenever we go out. It is safe to place kids on the car seat rather than carry or cuddle him. I totally agreed to place kids on the car seat. Some older people may think it is waste money to buy a car seat or it is easier to carry kids rather than put him in the car seat.

I didn’t let Marcus to sit in his car seat these few days as we’re staying in my parents’ house, and my father fetch us when we go out. We went to market to have breakfast and bought some fresh vegetables and fish this morning, but my parents insisted to let Marcus to sit in front with them. They said it’s nothing and only for short distance.

I was so worried and ngam ngam cham cham on the way back. Luckily we didn’t caught by police.


Wednesday 23 May 2007 @ 5:55 pm

Just see carefully what’s on the floor???? It’s all RM50…….

I was shocked to see Marcus playing with MONEY when I came down last night. My brother just took money from ATM to give to my father to pay for the reminser as he bought two shares last two days.

I scolded my brother that he let Marcus to play with $$$, it’s dirty and I worried if Marcus takes and eat it. Just see how serious Marcus with all those $$$ in front of him. I wonder if he knows that it’’s all MONEY!!!

Get Along With Po Po & Ye Ye

Tuesday 22 May 2007 @ 10:24 pm

It’s almost the fifth day that Marcus staying in his po po’s house. I think everything is fine until today as Marcus can get along with his po po and ye ye nowadays. Before that, he will cry or doesn’t want po po or ye ye carry him . But now I can see that Marcus was happy to be with them.

Marcus didn’t boring all the while as he has his po po and ye ye to play with him. My sister didn’t go to work today and she came and played with Marcus this evening. My sister likes Marcus a lot and now she’s pregnant. She told me that she wants a baby boy just like Marcus.

Sister : Sister, you always smile when you pregnant? You see so many cute babies photos during pregnant? Why Marcus so strong, what he eat???

Me : what? I cant remember. But must always smile and happy lah when you pregnant. Why????

Sister : Why Marcus always like to smile??? He looks so cute when he smile….

Me : I dont know lah, good mah, he likes to smile…

Sister : I hope that my baby always smile just like him next time….

Me : hehehe…..then you must smile always and see more babies photos loh…..

Daddy’s A Good Helper

Sunday 20 May 2007 @ 10:48 am

I’m back home on friday but staying at my parents’ house now with hubby and Marcus for a week as my MIL went to Shanghai. I’m happy to stay with my parents again as I will be a queen.  My mother will take care of Marcus and I have more time to rest. My grandmother also came and helped my mother to cook for us. I can have healthy meals every day.

My parents kept on telling me that I can’t cuddle or carry Marcus as they worry if Marcus will hurt my wound when I carry him. Not to say I also cannot take bath to Marcus. Hubby is a good helper as he helped to take bath to Marcus yesterday. What I can do is just to help to take shampoo and change clothes with him. Not only that, he will wake up during midnight to fed milk to Marcus. Good hubby and daddy!!!

I’m glad and bless that I have many people to help me out, so that I can have more time to rest and relax. I enjoy every minutes staying with my parents, hubby and Marcus.

Me……Back Home

Saturday 19 May 2007 @ 2:15 pm

My Dear bloggers’ friends, I’m back home yesterday after my operation. I’m fine now but I have to rest more and eat healthy to recover. I’ve stayed 2 nights at Hospital, slept, ate and do nothing, quite boring. Luckily my mother accompanied with me these days. I also need to thanks my hubby as he needed to rush to work and stayed the nights with me in hospital.

Hubby, Marcus and I now staying in my parents house for a week as my MIL went to Shanghai, no one take care Marcus and me. My mother take care of Marcus and my grandmother also came to help out like cook for us. My parents asked me not to carry Marcus and no need to do anything, just rest and eat as many as possible.

Back to my operation day, I didn’t cried that day when I being pushed into the operation room. Just feel a bit scared and hoping to come out from it as soon as possible. I can recognize the anaesthetist that gave me anaesthetic last time and so was he.

Now, I started having my hormone medicine, is a very small pill and I treat it as vitamin pill. Next week I need to see my doctor again for my report. Then, I need to go to KL or Nilai for my radioactive iodine whole body scan and theraphy. Hopefully after all these treament, I will be fine.

Blog Break Again !!

Tuesday 15 May 2007 @ 1:59 pm

Tomorrow I will go for my 2nd operation to remove my entire thyroid. I’m still scared and worried even though I have gone through the 1st operation last two weeks.

I need to stay in the hospital for 2 nights this time as to check my condition. The operation will take 2 hours long !!! I hope I can have speedy recover so that I can updates it to you all. But I think it’s a bit difficult this time as I will stay at my parents house with hubby and Marcus too. My parents won’t let me blogging and need me to rest more.

I still keep on thinking how’s my 2nd operation, more painful ?? My family pray hard for me that I will be alright tomorrow. Thanks for those who also pray for me. You all so kind and may god bless all of us too……

Happy Mother’s Day !

Sunday 13 May 2007 @ 3:00 pm

Today is Mother’s Day and I wish all mummies HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! :-)

I will celebrate with my mother next few days together with her birthday too. How I hope that Marcus will celebrate it with me when he grows up. I knew some of my friends that her kid gave a kiss and cards to their mother. Marcus was too small and he didn’t know what Mother’s Day means and of coz he doesn’t know how to do a card for me yet.

But all these not important to me, as long as Marcus always be with me as he’s my big supporter to me beside hubby…..This is the 2nd year of Mother’s Day that Marcus be with me. I’m glad and bless that I have Marcus and hope that he will have a healthy and happy life!!!

I didn’t bring him to go anywhere today as it must be very crowded with people. We went to my parents house and my mother helped me to take care of Marcus. So, I can have more time to rest. But me using my ME time blogging :-P   

I spend some time with Marcus this morning before he taking his afternoon nap. I’m played flash cards with him but he liked to play and threw all my mother’s stuff on the floor.

Don’t know why I can feel that Marcus likes to stay with me more compare other days, may be he knows that today is MOTHER’S DAY??? :-P

Scary Hair Cut Moment

Thursday 10 May 2007 @ 10:08 pm

My MIL and I brought Marcus to go for barber shop this evening. This was the fifth time that I brought him to cut his hair. I hope to keep his hair look like “mushroom head”, but too bad as his hair look likes his father, so hard and straight. 

He’s so clever that we haven’t stepped in to the barber shop, he started crying like hell. So pity to see him crying and we thought to go home. But not, we went to another barber shop which he’s been here before. Still the same, he cried before my MIL manged to sit on a chair. Just see his pity crying look, I don’t care, just took his photos :P


Before he cut his hair, we went to a minimarket just beside this barber shop to buy something to nurse him. He has choice a bottle of 100 plus, he likes it very much, but not for him to drink. He hold it tight but when he knew that someone will cut his hair, he didn’t want the 100 plus and threw on the floor.

Since he cried like hell, I asked the barber simply cut for his hair, not nice after all but nevermind he’s still young, don’t even know what is called handsome. Hubby told me that Marcus looks more cute after his hair cut. My mother said before hair cut, he looks like a girl, after hair cut, looks more like boy already! Ya meh? Not really, all the while Marcus looks like a boy. Most of my friends told me he’s so “MAN”…. :P

Before his hair cut

After his hair cut

Big Supporter

Wednesday 9 May 2007 @ 11:33 am

I’m not happy lately if you know my situation, but I feel more better now after my family and hubby gave me a big support. The most important person who gave me such support and light up my life is my lovely son – Marcus. I love him so much.

When I heard my report, my heart totally dropped to zero. I cried and cried, my mind thinking how and why it happen to me. Not only that, the person kept me thinking in my mind was my son besides hubby. That time I really want to hug him but too bad he’s not with me.

When I reached home from hospital, I couldn’t see my son as my PIL brought him out. I was so sad at that time, luckily my hubby stayed with me. I was happy when I saw my son came back from outside. Hubby told everything to my PIL and my MIL asked Marcus to hug me. He then smiled and tried to hug me but too shy to do that. I cuddle and hug him back, it was so sweet and I release all my tension at that moment.

Every time when I sad or worry thinking about my condition, I will cuddle and play with Marcus. I feel very comfortable and blessed that I have my son.  Of coz my hubby also my big supporter too, thank you dear always be with me!! I love you both…..

First Trip To Taiping Zoo

Sunday 6 May 2007 @ 10:30 pm

I wanted to bring Marcus to Taiping Zoo long time ago. Finally we went to Taiping Zoo this morning. This is the first trip that we bring Marcus to Taiping Zoo. Hubby decided to bring Marcus for a walk at Taiping Zoo. So, I’m quickily get prepared some stuffsfor Marcus and went off around 11.30am.

My parents joined us as they have nothing to do at home as today’s Sunday. At first, I thought Marcus wasn’t want to sit on car seat and needed me to carry him. But not, he’s so good boy today. He slept on the way to Taiping, Geee….it’s good for him to have a nap, if not later he will cry for sleep when we reach Taiping. We’re not go to Zoo directly as Marcus was still sleeping. So, hubby fetched us to visit to Spritzer factory before proceed to Zoo.

It’s a sunny day, but we all enjoyed for it. My parents asked me not to carry Marcus too much after my thyroid operation. They worried if Marcus hurt my wound. At first, he was fine to let my parents carried him but soon he started crying, wanted me. It’s because he’s very hot and hungry!

It’s about 1.30pm, then we decided to go for lunch since everyone feel hungry and hot. While on the way out, my father asked hubby to stop car beside, he then took some langsats and feed those little monkeys. See, Marcus was so curious to look at those monkeys eating langsats! There’s a monkey jumped up to our car, so I quickily asked hubby to go off. Marcus didn’t want to leave and cried when hubby drove off…..but stopped crying when  fed him bread!LOL!


There are not much animals in Taiping Zoo. I just managed to capture some of these photos. My father bought tickets to round the Zoo, so we just sat on the train for side seeing. After that, we just walked for a while before we leave….It’s nice and enjoy to bring Marcus for travel. I’m planning to bring Marucs for our next trip to either Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Genting…..



Learning Time

Friday 4 May 2007 @ 8:32 am

I bought a box of flash cards for Marcus few months ago. He likes to take all the cards out and throw everywhere. My MIL, hubby or I will have to keep it after he played. My hubby started ngam ngam cham cham why I bought this and let him play often.

I scolded him if he lazy to keep all these cards or toys, then let me do it. Then, he kept his mouth shout. I told him it’s good to let him play with cards, and if we keep on saying to him about those words on the cards. I’m sure he will understand and know it one day. 

Last few days, my MIL and I were surprised when we asked him to pick up which one is flower, he can pick the card to us. Good boy! Now, he can unserstand few words from the cards like FLOWER (he likes the most), DOG(coz he likes to see when dogs passing by him), GRAPES (he likes to eat), BANANAS (my mother always gave him to eat), FISH(I always showed him where ever they’re fish). That’s why heknew these few words very fast.

I think I will let him to learn other words start from tomorrow. I dont mind he throw the cards everywhere and I keep it always. The most important thing is he’s learnt!

Fun Time With Gong Gong

Tuesday 1 May 2007 @ 8:58 pm

It’s a holiday today, I think most of us need not go to work. I asked hubby to buy breakfast for me as I didn’t want to go out. Not nice to let other people see me coz I have a plaster on my neck after my thyroid operation. But hubby wanted me to go out for breakfast, actually wanted me to have a walk outside instead of staying at home.

We went for Dim Sum with my PIL and parents too. It’s really crowded with people though today is Labour’s Day. We hardly to find a seat and we shared a table with other people.

After breakfast, we went to y parents’ house as hubby needed to go toilet each time he have Dim Sum :P Hahaha…it’s time for my mother to clean up her house. Marcus likes to play with those oranges and kuih on the floor for “Dek Che Gong”. My mother lets him play without ngam ngam cham cham.

Hey, can you see that, my father was coming along to play with his grandson. Aiya, he lets him eat watermelon, no dad….but he can’t hear that and just give Marcus to bite for it. Huh….after eating watermelon, then my father took out his rain coat and played with Marcus – oooosssss….

Emmmm, Marcus can stand and walked by himself???? No lah, my father pull him up and let him have a walk only. But after a while, this lazy Marcus wanted to sit on the floor and continued to play with those oranges…..

We didn’t go anywhere and stayed at my parents’ house for an hour then we went home as Marcus started fall asleep after playing so much with gong gong.

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