Outdoor Fun

Today is Perak Sultan’s Birthday and also a holiday for Perak state only. Hubby and I didn’t go to work, we supposed to bring Marcus to go Taiping zoo this morning. But we have to cancel it because my PIL and my mother also want to go with us. How can 5 adults and a kid squeeze into a car? Others may say no problem, but it really cannot, my FIL is a fat guy, ok. Somemore I want to let Marcus to sit in car seat all the way to Taiping. Just imagine the car seat has occupied one seat. How can 3 adults and a kid sit behind? Too bad, my FIL don’t want to drive another car, so we decided not to go at this moment :-(

We then went to Parkson after breakfast. We thought to buy another new walker for Marcus, but we have run out of time as Marcus wanted to have nap and started yelling. Back to my parents’ house and let Marcus to have a nap. Of coz I’m being a pig each time I come to my parents’ house as my mother will take care of Marcus. I’m the queen throughout the day.

I decided to bring Marcus to go swimming this evening, it’s been a long time that we didn’t bring him for this outdoor fun. It’’s really crowded as what I’ve expected before coz today’s a holiday. We reached at ICC Club at 5pm and people started to come in. Marcus was so excited and enjoyed with his swimming. After about half and hour, we deicided to go home as we have dinner afterwards. Guess what? Marcus didn’t want to go up and crying once he’s up from the pool till we leave the club. But hubby and I were very happy and enjoyed every moment with our lovely son – Marcus. 

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