Nothing To Do

Hubby didn’t go out to entertain his customers just now. He brought Marcus and I out after dinner, we thought to go Jusco to buy a gift as we will attend my friend son’s birthday party.

One of my friend told me this afternoon that Jusco was closed, only Jusco area and not all shops. We’re not going as it was about 9pm, hubby brought us to have a drink – chinese herbs in town. After that, we travel around the city while waiting my parents to back home from Silibin.

Hubby then drove to Mcdonald in Gunung Rapat, it’s a drive in service and of coz you can dine in too. It’s the first staion for drive in servce in Ipoh. Since hubby and I didin’t come here before and we decided to drive in to buy Mcdonald even though our stomach have full of food. We’re nothing to do and curious to know their drive in service. We have bought bugger, nuggests, and french fries.

It’s almost 9.30pm and we reached my parents’ house. My mother played with Marcus while hubby and I eating our bugger, nuggests and french fries. I didn’t eat much as I’m having sore throat. We back home after we finished our delicious meal, see, hubby and I such a big eater now….

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