Night Outing On Cheng Beng

It was Cheng Beng (Ching Meng) yesterday, mey mother keep on telling me that don’t bring Marcus out during night time. I just listened but I didn’t keep my promise and brought Marcus out last night :P

Hubby wanted to bring Marcus along to Jusco as we need to buy midnight movie tickets. Geee…..hubby and I went for a movie called “Forest of Death” during the night of Cheng Beng. After we have bought the tickets, we decided not to go home and brought Marcus to have a walk in Jusco.

We went to children play station, it was the first time that we came here. Marcus was very excited when he saw many colourful cartoon. I’ve changed some token for him to play, but he seemed doesn’t like it. We just let him sat on a “children car” for a while. Hubby then used the balance of the token to play others. I can’t take any photos as I forgot to bring my camera out.

Then, we proceed to see other youngsters played games, and Marcus seemed very interesting on it, may be he can see all the movement for the games. Oh, hopefully he won’t addict to this when he grows up….

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