Mosquitoes Like Him

Marcus can’t sleep well last night. He cried in the midnight and we thought he wanted milk, but he’s not. He crying and yelling, scratching his ears and hair. I knew that mosquitoes came and bite him again.

 I didn’t opened light and watched it as I knew that he got bite by mosquitoes again. He needed me to nurse and pat him. If I stopped, he will turn here and there, then started crying. It’s quite tired that I just sit there and pat him. I didn’t know when can I stop it. Hubby asked me to let Marcus slept with us. Luckily he can sleep well after putting him on my bed. I just pat him for a while then myself already fall slept.

This morning when I woke up from bed, I can see his ears turn red, now more worst. So pity to see him being bite by mosquitoes again. They just love to bit him, no all babies. May be their skin so smooth and sweet???

2 Responses to 'Mosquitoes Like Him'

  1. shooi - April 25th, 2007 at 6:25 am

    ya mozzies love babies. I think it is because babies are warmer than us. Hubb’s skin is warmer than mine but Bryan is always warmer coz he’s busy running all over the place. So when it is just hubb and I, mozzy will go to hubb. But if ther are 3 of us in the room, poor Bryan will get it.

  2. Lovely Mummy - April 25th, 2007 at 10:28 am

    Oh, same situation like son always get first follow by hubby.

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