Like To Make Himself Vomit

Vomit, Vomit, Vomit!!! Not because he’s having medicine or sick but he likes to use his fingers to put it into his mouth and play until vomit. This is not the first time Marcus did it, but a few times. It made me angry anywhere not a dirty clothes or pants, I’m angry because of his behaviour. He doesn’t seemed scared at all and smiled with us.

This happened again when we attended an anual charity dinner last night. When I was feeding him some eggs, he put his fingers into his mouth, moved up and down, and finally vomit all the eggs he ate before on his clothes and pants. I didn’t change for him as I’m not bring any spare clothes, just clean it off and wiped with water only.  

When everything finished and hubby and I thought can eat something before we leave early, but then Marcus vomit again on his clothes, oh, this time I’m really angry but still can control my temper. What to do, cleaned again….I think you can imagine how dirty my son at that time. Somemore the floor was full of his dirt and tissue papers that he tore before. I thought to take some photos on it, but I really busy with my boy, so forget about it. Better don’t look at the photo if I taken :p

We forced to go home since Marcus’s clothes was full of good smell. We just managed to eat until the 4th dishes and we just leave from the Restaurant.   

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