Just See What He’s Doing

Hubby went out to entertain his customers and I stayed at home have my dinner with my PIL. While I’m washing plates after dinner, my MIL called me to come and see what Marcus doing.

I was so surprised to see him opened a drawer himself. He’s a strong boy, sometimes I even can’t carry him because of his active movement. My MIL and I just stand aside to see what he will do next. Haha, he took out clothes one by one from the drawer.

I quickly ran up to take my camera and managed to shot down some photos. Marcus still don’t know that his mother and grandmother standing behind him. He’s enjoyed taking out all clothes and throw on the floor. I let him did it without disturbing. My PIL were amazed that he can open the drawer as it was quite heavy inside.

I showed these photos to hubby when he came back from entertainment, he was surprised too and felt happy to see his improvement. Even though it’s slower than other baby, but he still can do it. I love you, boy!!! 

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