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Blog Break !

Thursday 26 April 2007 @ 7:06 pm

I may not be “here” for few days as I need to go for my thryoid operation tomorrow. I’m quite nervous now even though I has been told by doctor that this is a minor surgery. It’s my first time and I hope this is the last time I go for surgery.

I didn’t go to work today as I have no mood, somemore need to pack my stuffs before go to hospital tomorrow. Hubby knows that I’m very scare and worry for the operation, he didn’t go out to entertain customers these few nights and stayed at home with me. He also arranged not to travel outstation and try to be back home early last few days.

I hope I can blogging right after I back home from hospital. But I don’t think I can blogging as hubby, my parents sure will scold me and ask me to rest more. Hopefully I can recover soon as I can’t live without blogging nowadays :-)

Just See What He’s Doing

Monday 23 April 2007 @ 11:46 pm

Hubby went out to entertain his customers and I stayed at home have my dinner with my PIL. While I’m washing plates after dinner, my MIL called me to come and see what Marcus doing.

I was so surprised to see him opened a drawer himself. He’s a strong boy, sometimes I even can’t carry him because of his active movement. My MIL and I just stand aside to see what he will do next. Haha, he took out clothes one by one from the drawer.

I quickly ran up to take my camera and managed to shot down some photos. Marcus still don’t know that his mother and grandmother standing behind him. He’s enjoyed taking out all clothes and throw on the floor. I let him did it without disturbing. My PIL were amazed that he can open the drawer as it was quite heavy inside.

I showed these photos to hubby when he came back from entertainment, he was surprised too and felt happy to see his improvement. Even though it’s slower than other baby, but he still can do it. I love you, boy!!! 

Mosquitoes Like Him

Monday 23 April 2007 @ 10:40 am

Marcus can’t sleep well last night. He cried in the midnight and we thought he wanted milk, but he’s not. He crying and yelling, scratching his ears and hair. I knew that mosquitoes came and bite him again.

 I didn’t opened light and watched it as I knew that he got bite by mosquitoes again. He needed me to nurse and pat him. If I stopped, he will turn here and there, then started crying. It’s quite tired that I just sit there and pat him. I didn’t know when can I stop it. Hubby asked me to let Marcus slept with us. Luckily he can sleep well after putting him on my bed. I just pat him for a while then myself already fall slept.

This morning when I woke up from bed, I can see his ears turn red, now more worst. So pity to see him being bite by mosquitoes again. They just love to bit him, no all babies. May be their skin so smooth and sweet???

I’ve Leave Out All Comments

Monday 23 April 2007 @ 10:00 am

First of all, I want to say SORRY for those who leave comments in my blog before? As I didn’t replied all comments until today. I’m so blur, I thought nobody place a comment on my blog, but I’m wrong. I have bloggers who did visited my blog and leave comments.

I saw 31 comments in my “awaiting moderation comments” this morning, and I only know that I’m really blur. I was so excited and glad that there are bloggers who visited my blogs before. They are Jessie, Desperate Mummy, Laundryamah, MW, Shooi, Angeleyes, Jacelyn….thank you so much for dropping by my blog.

This blog is about 2 months old only, and I still learning how to use it. Anyway, thanks a lot, my fellow bloggers!!! I’ll link you all in my blog and of coz I will drop by yours more often !!! LOL!!!

Attended Birthday Party Again

Sunday 22 April 2007 @ 10:50 pm


Marcus attended another birthday party again this morning. We attended Shoppingmum’s daughter 1st birthday at Mcdonald at 9.30am. It’s so early but we were not late. Hubby brought Marcus played slide while waiting others.


We enjoyed our breakfast especially all those little kids. Marcus ate a lot even though he has taken his milk and bread at home before we go out.   After having breakfast, it’s time for children to play games. Marcus was extremely happy today, he laughed non stop from the beginning till the end of the game. He liked to see all those Jie Jie and Kor Kor playing the game.


After the game, all kids sing a birthday song to Isabelle, the birthday girl. All kids can’t wait for the birthday cake. They received a small gift from Mcdonald too, actually it was included in the birthday package, but it’s enough to make all those kids happy. The party ended around 12pm and we went to my parents’ house as Marcus started fall asleep.

My List

Friday 20 April 2007 @ 2:42 pm

My List stands for the giving hearted and goodwill of Malaysians to help one another and also most definitely for the Malaysian Boleh! spirit in the great big world of blogsphere.

I’m Malaysian too with 4 blogs now. So, I think it’s good for me to join the MY List. You can join MY List as long as you are Malaysia Blogger. For non-Malaysian you also can join as well if you host a blog talking all about Malaysia.

There have many reasons that you need to join this community. You can promote your blog to the world and meet others Malaysian Blogger. Besides that, you can have more traffic and thus improve your page rank in your blog.

So, write a post and get the code and you are on the list.

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Outdoor Fun

Thursday 19 April 2007 @ 3:11 pm

Today is Perak Sultan’s Birthday and also a holiday for Perak state only. Hubby and I didn’t go to work, we supposed to bring Marcus to go Taiping zoo this morning. But we have to cancel it because my PIL and my mother also want to go with us. How can 5 adults and a kid squeeze into a car? Others may say no problem, but it really cannot, my FIL is a fat guy, ok. Somemore I want to let Marcus to sit in car seat all the way to Taiping. Just imagine the car seat has occupied one seat. How can 3 adults and a kid sit behind? Too bad, my FIL don’t want to drive another car, so we decided not to go at this moment :-(

We then went to Parkson after breakfast. We thought to buy another new walker for Marcus, but we have run out of time as Marcus wanted to have nap and started yelling. Back to my parents’ house and let Marcus to have a nap. Of coz I’m being a pig each time I come to my parents’ house as my mother will take care of Marcus. I’m the queen throughout the day.

I decided to bring Marcus to go swimming this evening, it’s been a long time that we didn’t bring him for this outdoor fun. It’’s really crowded as what I’ve expected before coz today’s a holiday. We reached at ICC Club at 5pm and people started to come in. Marcus was so excited and enjoyed with his swimming. After about half and hour, we deicided to go home as we have dinner afterwards. Guess what? Marcus didn’t want to go up and crying once he’s up from the pool till we leave the club. But hubby and I were very happy and enjoyed every moment with our lovely son – Marcus. 

Jealous With Each Other

Tuesday 17 April 2007 @ 11:38 pm

Hubby went to KL for meeting this afternoon and will be back tomorrow. Since we have nothing to do and my MIL asked me to fetch her to visit her granddaughter after dinner. Marcus was quite and happy on the way to visit his cousin. But once we stepped in to the house, Marcus started to cry when he saw his grandmother carried his cousin, Noel. He’s jealous with his cousin.


Then, my MIL carried back Marcus and leave Noel to her mother. She seemed jealous and screamed like hell. Not to say my MIL carried both together finally. We taught they will stop crying and screaming, but not. They pushed each other and don’t want my MIL carried either one.


After few minutes of pushing here and there, they seemed tired and stop crying and screaming. Finally they good to each other and I can take a nice photo to them.

Birthday Party

Friday 13 April 2007 @ 10:52 am

Hubby and I brought Marcus to attend my friend son’s birthday party at Left Shore Cafe yesterday. It was the first time that Marcus attended such a birthday party. He was so excited and enjoyed throughout the night because he can play with those little kids too.

Look, he quite scared for his friends that would like to play together with him. May be because he’s the only kid at home and no other kids play with him. But after he warmed up, he seemed can join them for a while.

All those kids wanted to touch the cake, coz it’s too nice and they really hungry with it !!! No, actually they wanted to get the Barney cartoon….

Nothing To Do

Wednesday 11 April 2007 @ 11:31 pm

Hubby didn’t go out to entertain his customers just now. He brought Marcus and I out after dinner, we thought to go Jusco to buy a gift as we will attend my friend son’s birthday party.

One of my friend told me this afternoon that Jusco was closed, only Jusco area and not all shops. We’re not going as it was about 9pm, hubby brought us to have a drink – chinese herbs in town. After that, we travel around the city while waiting my parents to back home from Silibin.

Hubby then drove to Mcdonald in Gunung Rapat, it’s a drive in service and of coz you can dine in too. It’s the first staion for drive in servce in Ipoh. Since hubby and I didin’t come here before and we decided to drive in to buy Mcdonald even though our stomach have full of food. We’re nothing to do and curious to know their drive in service. We have bought bugger, nuggests, and french fries.

It’s almost 9.30pm and we reached my parents’ house. My mother played with Marcus while hubby and I eating our bugger, nuggests and french fries. I didn’t eat much as I’m having sore throat. We back home after we finished our delicious meal, see, hubby and I such a big eater now….

Like To Make Himself Vomit

Monday 9 April 2007 @ 3:50 pm

Vomit, Vomit, Vomit!!! Not because he’s having medicine or sick but he likes to use his fingers to put it into his mouth and play until vomit. This is not the first time Marcus did it, but a few times. It made me angry anywhere not a dirty clothes or pants, I’m angry because of his behaviour. He doesn’t seemed scared at all and smiled with us.

This happened again when we attended an anual charity dinner last night. When I was feeding him some eggs, he put his fingers into his mouth, moved up and down, and finally vomit all the eggs he ate before on his clothes and pants. I didn’t change for him as I’m not bring any spare clothes, just clean it off and wiped with water only.  

When everything finished and hubby and I thought can eat something before we leave early, but then Marcus vomit again on his clothes, oh, this time I’m really angry but still can control my temper. What to do, cleaned again….I think you can imagine how dirty my son at that time. Somemore the floor was full of his dirt and tissue papers that he tore before. I thought to take some photos on it, but I really busy with my boy, so forget about it. Better don’t look at the photo if I taken :p

We forced to go home since Marcus’s clothes was full of good smell. We just managed to eat until the 4th dishes and we just leave from the Restaurant.   

Night Outing On Cheng Beng

Friday 6 April 2007 @ 3:47 pm

It was Cheng Beng (Ching Meng) yesterday, mey mother keep on telling me that don’t bring Marcus out during night time. I just listened but I didn’t keep my promise and brought Marcus out last night :P

Hubby wanted to bring Marcus along to Jusco as we need to buy midnight movie tickets. Geee…..hubby and I went for a movie called “Forest of Death” during the night of Cheng Beng. After we have bought the tickets, we decided not to go home and brought Marcus to have a walk in Jusco.

We went to children play station, it was the first time that we came here. Marcus was very excited when he saw many colourful cartoon. I’ve changed some token for him to play, but he seemed doesn’t like it. We just let him sat on a “children car” for a while. Hubby then used the balance of the token to play others. I can’t take any photos as I forgot to bring my camera out.

Then, we proceed to see other youngsters played games, and Marcus seemed very interesting on it, may be he can see all the movement for the games. Oh, hopefully he won’t addict to this when he grows up….

Marcus Down With Fever

Tuesday 3 April 2007 @ 11:56 am

Marcus was down with fever again last few days. He is getting better today and I can see his smiling face again, but he still very “lau kai” nowadays and needs my MIL a lot. He doesn’t want me or hubby except my MIL, but if my MIL not around, he then looking for us.

I didn’t bring Marcus to look for his paediatrician for the first two days as I still have paracetomol for him. I know this time he’s getting fever not because of his teething or others. It’s most probably for his feet where some poison insects bite him, and he felt very painful, itchy and having red spots over it, that’s why he has been crying a lot last few days.

I thought was an insect bite him and I just put on “Zam-Bak” and “Mopicol”, but seem no use at all.  Finally, I brought him to see his paediatrician yesterday. His paed also not sure whats kind of insects bit him and gave him a cream called “Elomet”. The paed doesn’t give any injection to Marcus as he is having fever at that moment.

I know that I won’t have a good sleep if Marcus’s having fever. I’m right and I woke up many times to test his temperature every night. I’m a bit worried as his temperature not down at all the whole night with 39 degree. Hubby used a wet handkerchief to put it on his forehead to cool down the temperature, but not really useful.  His temperature was down to 37.5 degree this morning and I can see him playing and smiling. His feet getting better if compare to days before. I tested his temperature just now and was back to normal at 36.6 degree. I’m happy to see him recovered from his fever and hoping that he is healthy always !!!

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