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New Car Seat

Saturday 31 March 2007 @ 11:18 am

Marcus is growing up day by day and his car seat can’t fit him anymore even though it’s stated to be used until 3 years old. It depends on the weight and height of a kid. I totally agree that kids should sit on a car seat whenever they travel in a car. It’s more safety to the kid, and we parents need not have to carry him all the way especially when we go for travel.

Hubby needs to buy him a new car seat week ago, but he really busy with his work and postponed until today. As today is a holiday and I no need to go back to my centre, somemore hubby came back early after work. We decided to go to BeBe shop and bought Marcus a new car seat.

Actually hubby has kept an eyes on the brand called “Halford”, it costs RM499. I didn’t like it coz it looked like a giant and not much space after put it in a car. Finally I chose another car seat whereby it looked nicer and Marcus felt more comfortable to sit on it compare to the giant car seat. May be it’s too high and cover with thick cushion.

Some of my relatives and friends told me that no need to buy car seat, carry him or just let him sit on the car cushion. Wasting money to buy car seat as they think that kids won’t sit long on it. I don’t think so because if we train him to sit on car seat each time we go out, I’m sure you won’t waste your money. Besides that,  this is another way to train him to be more independent.

Dealing With Sleeping

Thursday 29 March 2007 @ 3:06 pm

When Marcus was a newborn, I had to wake up and nurse whenever he’s cried. Besides that, I need to pump out my milk during midnight for every 3 hours. By the time I had finished pumped out my milk, Marcus was woke up for milk. And he fell asleep after fed.

Marcus won”t sleep thru the night even though he’s 14 months old now. He still wakes up a few times at night with comforting, given him a pacifier or even a night feed, and he will fall back to sleep. I’m still yet to have a night that I can sleep thru till morning, but I find that I have longer sleeping hours if compare when Marcus was few months old.

Not only that I need to comfort him during midnight, it’s also for each sleeping time. I have to sing a song and patting him for about 20 minutes each night before he falls asleep. Different baby will have different ways of dealing with sleeping.

I did heard from others that they will try everything to make their babies sleep thru the night like only feed water but no milk during night time, after few weeks they will not wake up for milk anymore during night time. Besides that, they will let the baby cry but not carry him until he’s tired and fall back to sleep again. Actually they want to try the baby that crying also no use as nobody will carry or nurse him. So, he might go back to sleep by himself and no crying after few times.

I didn’t follow any of those. I will give my son milk if he needs it and I will carry or nurse him if he cry. Not only I will do it but my hubby too. We both can’t stand for crying sound and feel pity to see Marcus crying but no one comfort him.  

Stand Up By Himself

Tuesday 27 March 2007 @ 9:01 pm

Marcus still dont know how to crawl till now. He’s only using his butt to move forward and backward to catch things. He can also turning himself on the floor round and round.

I’m quite worried at first as this is the first time I’m being a mother. I’m always let Marcus to stand, but he refused and need to sit on the floor. But after heard from other people that many babies also dont know how to crawl and they can stand up and walk directly by himself later.

When hubby and I came down from bedroom just now, my MIL told me that Marcus can stand by himself. He tried to pull up himself for the first two times, but failed. Then, my PIL just ignored him as they knew that he wanted them to carry him up. Suddenly, Marcus pulled my MIL’s clothes and finally he can stand up without us to support him. Of coz he still cant walk without support but we’re happy to see him standing up.

Hubby was happier than me when he heard that his son can stand up by himself.  We all hope that he can walk as soon as possible so that we need not have to carry him everywhere we go. Hubby and I can even bring him to go travel too. As for me, I do hope that my son can walk now as I like to see those little kids walk here and there, it’s really cute !!!

Marcus : 14 Months Old

Monday 26 March 2007 @ 3:29 pm

Weight : 9.5kg

Teeth : 4 at top, 4 at bottom

Marcus’s turning 14 months old tomorrow, time flies fast and now he’s more look like a toddler rather than a baby boy.  

1) Marcus still dont know how to crawl, he just sit on the floor and using his butt to move around to catch things that he wants. Most of my relatives told me that he won’t crawl and will walk directly later.

2) He likes to take bath very much and will kiss my MIL when she put him into bath basin. But no kiss for mummy when I take bath to him.

3) He understand what we are talking about and will look at us if we’re talking about him. Besides that, he knows that we’re scolding him about what he did, but he purposely do it again like throwing things everywhere.

4) He changed his sleeping pattern nowadays. He woke up late around 8.30am, sometimes 9am too. He will take his nap again in the afternoon at about 1pm. He can sleep for 2 hours then wake up for meal.

5) He likes to watch Barney cartoon VCD and I will open it for him every day. He’s so concentrate with the TV and he wont move anywhere but just sit on the floor, sometimes on highchair or walker. This is the best time that we can do our things for about half an hour.

6) He will use his fingers to show us what he wants, where he wants to go with some baby language – yayaaa, gagaaa, ohhgagaa, ahhhyaaa (I cant understand what he means).  

7) He can speak mum mum (he wants to eat, call mummy or ma ma), baaa baaaa (call daddy), yeahhh yea (his grandfather). 

8 ) He likes to play with fan remote control when he changes his clothes every time in my MIL’s bedroom. Pressing on and off the switch. Besides that, he likes to hold keys and bottle to bang on floor or table. He will laugh because of the sound he made.

9) He will hit his head with his hands sometimes, I dont know why but he’s look happy to do it. Oh…whats wrong with him? Is every baby will do that or may be other action to hurt himself? My friend’s kid like to bang his head to the wall….OMG!! 

10) He likes to eat rice, bread, biscuit, fruits rather than formula milk and porridge. But I still give porridge as dinner every day. My PIL always let him try out other food like noodles, fish ball, and etc.

11) Marcus doesn’t want to use milk bottle when having milk, he wants us to use spoon to feed him. He will only use milk bottle during midnight when he needs milk.

12) He is now having Enfagrow milk and Karihome goat milk. So fast so good and he’s look good after having these milk.

Now, I wonder when he will start to walk. His paed tole me that if he still cant walk at 18 months old, then we better take him to see doctor. I know some of the children may walk when they’re 1 year old, but some of them start to walk after 18 months old.    

Ways To Be A Confident Mummy

Tuesday 20 March 2007 @ 11:09 am

All mummies have moments about their doubt. They wonder if they’re doing the right thing or way for their children. Or they’re try their best to do better for their children. I also have moments of self doubt when after having Marcus. So, if you know that you’re not confidence with yourself to be a mummy, just look through the ways below :

1) Don’t compare – It’s hard to avoid comparing, every mummy will compare their children to others. In my opinion, I get to know more about different children’s behaviour and growth from my friends, but I just use it as reference. It doesn’t mean that I need to follow everything, it will make me nervous and worry.

2) Don’t be pressured to take advice – As a mother, I’m sure we will receive a lot of advice from parents, relatives or friends. Your mum will tell you that your baby crying because he or she needs you to carry him or her, not milk and bla bla bla. Or your relatives and friends tell you that give your baby pacifier or put him or her in a swing to ease you. Whoever the advice comes from, dont care about it if you feel right to you.

3) Trust Your Feeling – follow your own feeling whether you are bringing up your kids the right way. Try not to listen too much advice or opinions from others, because you know your children well than others, right?

4) Free Time For Yourself – Many mothers often busy with their children and families that they forget to take care of themselves. When you are too tired or exhausted, your child is not going get the best from you. So, find your ME time to recharge and enjoy what you like to do, like shopping, cooking, blogging…

5) Basic Knowledge – It’s useful to have basic knowledge such as on baby care and the behaviour of children in different age. Read more from magazines or books from time to time.  But these all just an advice or guide, remember follow your own sense as a mother always.

6) Take things easy – Stop complain to yourself for not managing everything well as before like cleaning up your house, cooking. For example, take it easy when you see your children dirty their clothes or face or even hands and legs, and he’’s not having a clean, shiny face all the time and you get angry with them. This is not showed that you’re not a good mummy if ur children with dirty face sometimes.  

7) Forgive yourself – I know some of my friends feel guity after scolding or screamed at their child or even with unkind words. Feel bad and apologise, but dont ever think that you’re the worst mother in the world, forgive yourself and leave it behind. Everyone does have their temper, try not to do it again, control your mood. Try again tomorrow if you can do it today.

8 ) Enjoy with your children – we cannot just think of bring up children is one of your job. We need to enjoy them every moment with our children. Enjoy every achievements instead of worrying over what he cant do yet. Be happy and laugh together. When your child make you in trouble, just think of the happiest moment that together with your child. 

I think it’s that all for me, any other points that I left out, please leave yourcomment and let me know :-)

Brushing Teeth

Saturday 17 March 2007 @ 3:42 pm

I think it’s time to let and help Marcus to brush his teeth as he has 6 teeth and another 2 will come out soon. I have bought him a Jordan toothbrush last two weeks and started to brush his teeth every morning. No tooth paste for him now as I want him to play and familiar with the tooth brush first.

I know there’re different types of tooth paste which are safe for kids and can be swallowed. May be I will buy for Marcus and try it later. He likes to brush his teeth, but he still don’t know hold it probably and brush his teeth, only playing with it. Before using this tooth brush, MIL and I hardly to wash his teeth or touge as we’re using handkerchief , but now we can easily clean his teeth.

Marcus having his fun time when I brushing his teeth, and I will sing a song to him :

” Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pakai baju, makan roti, minum susu, saya suka ha-hati”

I told my mother that I’ve started brushing Marcus’ teeth, she was shocked and said how come you brush his teeth now, he’s still yooung and not much teeth. Whatever my mother or others said to me, but I still think it’s the best time to teach him learn how to brush his teeth now. So, what do you think? 

Baby In A Basket

Thursday 15 March 2007 @ 4:09 pm

It’s another way that Marcus like to play in a basket. I will put him in the basket once a while when my MIL and I are busy doing something like cooking porridge, moppping floor, and etc. He likes to sit in the basket and play himself, but only for few minutes. Then, he will take all the things inside the basket and throw on the floor.

Unless, I push the basket round and round, he will be happy and screaming loudly (it means he’s happy). Oh, my back will be very painful and tired after pushing him few times.

I didn’t think of putting him in the basket until my FIL “ngam ngam cham cham” to us that we can’t just leave Marcus sit on the floor alone by himself. He scared that he will knock his head badly on the floor one day. Usually I will place him in a baby cot or walker if we’re not with him, and now he has another new place – basket!!!

Looking Daddy Like A Stranger

Wednesday 14 March 2007 @ 5:31 pm

Hubby came back from outstation just now. He’s so happy when he saw Marcus sitting on the floor and played by himself. Hubby quickily took off his shoes and socks and joined with Marcus.

Below is the “conversation” between hubby and Marcus while I’m resting on sofa :

Hubby : Boy, daddy’s coming back.

Marcus : *look at daddy and say nothing*

Hubby : Hello, you want daddy play with you?

Marcus : *look at hubby as a stranger*

Hubby : Why he looks like me as a stranger ger?

Me : Ya lah, he seldom see you mah. So, bring him go “kai kai” tonight loh.

Hubby :  *feel a bit sad that his son didn’t give any response to him*

I Hit Marcus

Tuesday 13 March 2007 @ 11:36 am

How come this will happen to me? What I did last night to my boy? I hit him on his butt with my hand quite a lot of times. Actually it was not painful coz he’s wearing diaper but I felt sad and ”painful” after hitting him.

As usual I will put on Mozart music and nurse him to sleep every night. I only will sing “twinkle twinkle little star” if he really dont want to sleep after I’ve nursed him more than 30 minutes. But he’s not feel sleepy at all after I put him on his bed for an hour. He wanted me to be with him, he cried and kicked the bed badly when I went to toilet or went downstairs to take something. 

Somemore hubby was not around as he went outstation, I almost get crazy because of my boy at that moment. Ha, he “buli” mummy when daddy not around??? I didn’t bothered him anymore and let him sleep, may be he was too tired after playing hard and crying loud. He just slept in few minutes time. By the time he slept, it was 12am. I”m also very tired and sleep together. 

I’m still thinking why I hit him because he dont want go to sleep? How come I cant control my mood? Hopefully it will not happen again for such a small matter.

My boy slept till 9am the next day and not woke up for milk during midnight. May be he knew that mummy was angry with him? Or because he was too tired? Whatever it is, I still love him very much.

Does He Looks Like A Boss?

Sunday 11 March 2007 @ 11:26 pm

I brought Marcus for an evening walk outside my house this evening as hubby and MIL went to hospital visit hubby’s grandfather who admitted to hospital on saturday night. He has heart attack and felt very painful even though taken medicine.

The weather was good today and Marcus was very happy to sit in his stroller. Watched all cars passing around, cats walked here and there, somemore flowers falling down from tree. Just see how he sat when enjoying all the “shows”. He likes to sit in this way, always put his legs up. Even though I’ve put down his legs many times, but he won’t care and put up again. He thought that I was playing with him, smiling with me when he saw my face turned “black”.

My MIL told me that most of his friends – all aunties and uncles said him looked like a big boss, as he always act like the boss style each time he sat in the stroller. Or may be because the stroller not suitable for him anymore, make him difficult to sit properly? Oh, if it’s truth, I need to buy another new one for him.

Marcus Got Flu Again !

Thursday 8 March 2007 @ 11:07 am

Marcus got flu again two days ago, I didn’t send him to see his paed nor give him medicine as it’s a small matter, and normally he will recover few days later. Hubby “ngam ngam cham cham” to me and said why I didn’t bring his son to see paed. I’ve explained to him that no need to see paed just because of flu.

Hubby and I let him to play in a mini pool few times in car porch during evening, and went to bath after that. I think this is the reason how he got flu again. He likes flash water very much every time he’s taking bath and don’t want us to carry him up.

My MIL heard from her friends that it’s good to put on some vicks on clothes. But I’m not agreed to do it as instruction stated it should be used for childrenabove 2 years old. My son only 13 months. My MIL and my mother also said never mind to put on some, so he can feel better and recover soon.

 Marcus felt better today and he’s back to his active style, playing and screaming. I don’t know whether the vicks is good to my son, but I think little bit won’t cause anything.


Wednesday 7 March 2007 @ 5:22 am

I have bought a Barney VCD for Marcus days ago. I didn’t want to buy more as I’m worried that he doesn’t like to see. I thought to buy it few months later, but seem he likes to watch advertisements each time we opened TV, so I think i’t’s better o let him see the Barney VCD instead of the advertisements in TV.

I’m so curious about my son as he can differentiate which is an advertisement and tv show, he will watch all the advertisements concentrate but once it’s turn to the show, he will stop and shout for us to play with him.

I’ve opened the Barney vcd for him to watch, but he just only concentrate to the show about 5 minutes only, then he started to play around by himself. I thought he will like it much, but not really. I will open and let him watch again when he wakes up later.

Meet New Friend!

Monday 5 March 2007 @ 8:40 am

Marcus has another new friend, he’s 9 months old, but he looks stronger than Marcus. Marcus should called him “ko ko” instead of “di di”. They knew each other at an open house in my parents friend’s house. It’s been almost 2 years that I didn’t came there.

After we have our meal, we went into the living room as it’s raining outside and we can’t go home. Hubby met his friend who has a child with 9 months old. I put them to sit together and played with each other. The boy called Alvin started to crawl towards Marcus and want to “KISS” him. Marcus was too shocked for the kiss and cried.

Marcus was shocked but he wanted to hit back his friend, he looked so angry but his friend just crawl to other side. So, he cant do anything and needed me. He felt tired after played too hard with his new friend, we then all decided to go home.

5 Wishes For My Son

Monday 5 March 2007 @ 5:06 am

I received another tag again. This time Samm tagged me on this -

5 wishes for my son this year :
1) know how to walk

2) call mummy & daddy 3) no need pacifier when sleeping

4) healthy always

5) can feed by himself

Wow, now is tagging time…..

Mummy In Vain

Dragon Mummy

Oscar Mummy

Tear Papers

Sunday 4 March 2007 @ 9:23 am


We went for dinner with my PIL and parents at Restaurant Koh Samui last night. It was my 3rd wedding anniversary, supposed hubby and I celebrated together with Marcus. But I did asked my PIL and parents to join us as it’s only for a dinner, no big deal.

 I didn’t want to let my PIL to eat outside by themselves, quite pity. Somemore quite a long time that I didn’t have dinner with my parents since Chinese New Year. That’s why I decided to ask them to join us along.

Just see what my little boy doing there while we having our dinner? He likes to tear the serviettes or papers on the table. He will sit down quietly to tear it, and threw on the floor later each time we went out for dine. If he finished his “job”, I need to give him another one else he will scream, and everyone in that restaurant will look at us. Unless he has something to eat, so he will forget about it.

My friend told me that it’s good to let him learn how to tear papers. I know it’s good, but mummy needs to clean all the papers on the floor before we leave.

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